Trading pins are like insignias for teams by which they are recognized. They are emblems that team members carry on them and through which the public can easily pick them apart from the crowd. That being said, it becomes imperative how important designing custom trading pins are. Everything about the pin will represent the teams and what they stand for.


Therefore, today we will be discussing a few things that everyone should keep in mind while designing their custom trading pins. If you are ready to know, let’s get started!

Always go for the experience

When you are placing your order for your custom trading pins, you would not want it to be done by a manufacturer with no experience. After all, the image of your team is at stake here, and your trading pin will actively stand for it. That’s why you need the highest quality of trading pins that can only be provided by a pin maker with years of experience.

Always order beforehand

The last thing you would want to do with your trading pin is to have it made in a rush. The more rush, the worse the quality of the pins would be. Therefore, when you are placing an order for your trading pins, always do it with enough time on your hand. This ensures that your pins are made well and perfect. Also, some pin makers even offer good offers for early orders.

Recheck your designs

The most embarrassing thing is getting your pin designs or spelling wrong. Imagine finally getting your order for trading pins only to realize your grave mistake. Therefore, to avoid the entire hassle of correction and reordering, do a thorough check of the designs before you send them for production. Keep an eye out for design details, the spelling of the team members’ names, and their roster numbers.

Order a little extra

Indeed, there is always a budget to maintain, but it is always better to order a few extras just to be on the safe side. In fact, the more you buy, the less you will have to pay per pin. Also, let us be honest, no one can ever have enough pins, to begin with!

Work on a budget

Of course, there will be a budget, and you will need to plan it well. Usually, everything that goes into making a trading pin has its price and tags. For example, you need to consider the material that is being used, the designs, the extra add-ons, the size, and so on. Get in touch with the pin maker to ask for a definite price chart so that you can plan your budget well.


Designing trading pins can be a creative and fun activity for the team. Therefore, keep these things in mind while designing and work on your custom trading pins together. After all, these pins will represent the teams and will stand for them.