The Sunshine State and Pests – is Summertime Best for Pest Control?

Is Summertime best for pest control?

It’s easy enough to love the sunshine state. It boasts a coastline that simply cannot be beaten – irrespective of the opinions of those who call California home. The bright lights of Orlando have attracted tourists for a generation – and the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico continue to issue a siren call to those who want to spend some time in a place that has been called ‘America’s Playground’. But it is not only those waters that nip at the feet of those who want to enjoy Florida’s fabled climate, cuisine, and nightlife – some pests will also revel in the presence of those who both visit or call Florida home. 


The climate of South & Central Florida is tropical – it is really the only part of the United States that can lay claim to that crown – and with a tropical climate comes an entire menagerie of pests. Anything from bedbugs, cockroaches, silverfish and rodents will plague those who call Central/Southern Florida either home or apart of call for vacation purposes – and those pests become even more of a problem when the summer sun hits the glorious shores of this vacation paradise. 


So when summer rolls around and those wonderful warm days finally become a reality, and the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico become even more attractive, what does the householder do to ensure that family and friends -or, for that matter visitors will enjoy a pest-free time in the Sunshine State?


There is, of course, the option of treating bedding, the household contents and other possessions with over the counter pesticides for insect control and other remedies that will control rodents – however, not all of these will be effective in the face of pests that are also using the warm weather of the Florida climate to stake a claim to urban residential property. In the face of any sort of infestation that may become an issue when summer comes around, the Floridian homeowner might very well be best served by calling in the professionals. Orlando pests have a mind of their own and crawl out whenever they see fit, not necessarily following the schedule of pests around the country. 


It may be tempting for the average homeowner in this part of the United States to assume that they would be saving time and money by trying to deal with any pest infestation themselves – but the truth of the matter is that the average homeowner will only have access to over the counter remedies when it comes to pest control. These might be effective in many instances- like ants, mosquitoes etc. But when the early months of Summer start to greet those who call the Sunshine State home, insects and other pests will also be going into high gear when it comes to breeding and simply looking for new premises to fulfill their lifecycles. In cases like that, the average Southern Florida home is a place that is an ideal location to usher in a new generation.


Summer in Florida is the time to call in the professionals when it comes to pest control. It will save the homeowner money and time – and also the terrible feeling that the first ray of sunshine on that glorious morning might be accompanied by not only welcome guests – but also those who have not been issued an invitation – and who, if left unsupervised, will be less than welcome. Call a professional pest controller when the high season is around the corner – it will be best for your peace of mind. 


A professional pest control company will not only be beneficial for silverfish, mosquitoes, termites, and rodents, but they will also rid your property of gnats, also known as “no see-ems”. If you have lived in South Florida, you know that this bug is not only a MAJOR pest, they also can’t be scared away. Wherever you turn, these bugs get in your mouth, nose, hair, and even EYES. Yes, you heard that right. Forget running outside in the summer, these bugs will have you sprinting right back inside. What would solve this? Your neighborhood homeowner’s association needs to hire a company that can relieve the neighborhood of these bugs. Multiple sessions of gnat termination will lead to a much lower density of these atrocities. If you notice this problem near your home, contact your homeowner’s association and give them the suggestion of hiring a company who will solve this. Gnats are everywhere outside, while silverfish will line your home with its entire family. These creepy crawlers are simply looking for a cool, dark, and dry place to take cover and get away from the high heat and sunny weather that the outdoors protrudes. We recommend listing the top 5 pests you can’t get rid of and contacting a local company to get the low-down on what they can do for you. It’s always better to get in touch with a professional BEFORE the problem becomes much harder to manage!

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