Quick Guide to Starting a New Sport

Taking up a new sport!

Sometimes we just need to mix it up a bit and try something new. It’s often extremely daunting to try a new sport, but we need to remember we’ve all been the beginner at least once in our sporting journey. Much of making a success of trying something new is in your attitude, and this involves many aspects such as confidence, even the simple act of turning up requires this. It is also essential to show perseverance and persistence, and a few are going to excel immediately.

Finding a Club

It’s easier than ever to find a club to help you get into a new sport, you can search online and request what sport you would like to get into, and you’ll get a list of clubs that are nearest you. Finding out about the level they play and what the ethos of the organization is also simple. Most clubs have a website or at least a Facebook page, so finding out what they do is as easy as the swipe of a finger or a mouse click. You can even read Google reviews of what others think of them to find out what their reputation is like?

Getting the Right Tuition

Often the tuition you will have for a new sport will be the coaching offered by the club. However, if you are looking to take the sport to an elite level, then a dedicated coach is a must. It is essential to get a coach that is not only excellent at what they do but also works well with you. Not every coach and athlete combination will work well together. It is always beneficial to meet up with a coach before you commit to any training regime, take time to ask questions about their methods, both in physical training and sports psychology. If the vibe does not feel right, then you and they are probably not the right combination.


What equipment to buy when beginning a new sporting adventure is a tricky decision to nail. On the one hand, you can decide to buy cheap equipment, and there is plenty of this available online. The downside to this approach is that if you get serious about the sport, then you will have to re-buy the equipment very soon. Conversely, if you pay a premium for top-quality gear and your interest falls away, you will have wasted a lot of money. If you are into baseball, then checking out reviews at sites like iBatReviews can be really helpful. 

Competitive or Casual

Every person participating in sport can be considered to fall into one of two broad churches. That is casual participation and competitive participation. The majority of people begin their journey as a casual participant, usually as children, although adult beginner classes exist in most sports these days. Even when we talk about competitive sport, there are different levels of competition and achievement. Often it is assumed that we mean elite sport when using the term competitive, but there is also a huge occurrence of amateur and semi-pro competition. Take a sport such as golf, the handicap system even allows golfers of different levels to compete and have a chance of achieving victory.

Fitness Training

For any participant in a sport or activity getting your fitness level is important for so many reasons. Principally you want to avoid injury, and this can be done on two levels; one you need to make sure you warm up appropriately for the sport you are playing, this involves identifying the muscle groups used and ensuring they are stretched and warmed up. Secondly, you are going to want to ensure that you reach the level of fitness to perform physically at the desired level, and even then there are risks, should professional football players be discouraged from using their heads?

Social Aspect

Not everyone is an ultra-competitive athlete, or even is looking to make huge fitness gains. There are plenty of people who just enjoy being a little active, getting out and mixing with others. You get the guys who play touch rugby or five-a-side, and it’s a way of getting out the house for an hour each week, seeing some pals and getting a beer afterwards. Or those who are into climbing, but are not up for the time and effort it takes to plan a mountain expedition, go away and do it, but they are happy to do an hour or two at the local indoor wall.

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