Popular Sports Betting Options For Beginners

Options for beginners?

Sports betting is an absolutely thrilling experience for many punters across the globe. For those who know how to bet, take fantastic advantage of this. They earn proper returns on the wagers they make. Not to mention, they even enjoy watching their favorite sport. 

However, anybody can learn the betting methods to successfully make wagers on their favorite sports. So, if you are new to the entire sports betting concept looking to learn the basics, this article will guide you on some of the popular bets in this line. Do check out bookmakers in betpack for the best online sportsbook sites for gambling. So let’s begin our article now!


Totals are also known as over/under. This bet serves you an opportunity to bet on either over or under a particular score of the game. So, options like total game score, game score in the first half, game score in the second half, total goals/runs, and several other aspects are considered here. 

Over or under-betting is made keeping a threshold score. This means you bet either over the threshold score or above it. 


Moneyline bets are one of the simplest sports betting options. All you do here is choose a team that you think might win and place your wager on it. This is not limited to the team. There will also be other events depending on the sport on which you can place the Moneyline bets.

Some of the events include a total score by a particular team in the first half of the game, the total score in the second half, the score of a particular player, etc.

Point Spread

This remains among the most popular betting options on sports booking sites. This bet is made on the margin of the win in the game. There are two terms included in this bet. One is my Favourite, and another is Underdog. 

The favorite is usually indicated by a minus (-) sign. It gives away points from its total score. On the other hand, Underdog is represented by a plus (+) sign. The underdog will have the same number of points included in its total score.


Props are the short form of Proposition bets. These bets are also known as Specials. Props wagers are placed on particular events of the game which do not have a direct influence on the final result of the game. 

Some of the instances of the props bets include the team to win the toss, the first team member to score a goal if any team gets a penalty, which team will score maximum goals, the first team to score a particular number of points, and so on.

As you can see, these bets do not directly affect the end result of the game. So many times, these bets are considered only for fun. 


As the name suggests, Futures are the bets placed on any event that is still to occur in the future. You basically are not betting on a live match. This bet could be placed on an event or any award or series or such a similar event. 

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