Pokies explained in relation to slot games

The difference between Pokies and Slots?

All around the world people tend to invent new nouns, spelling and word pronunciation.

The reason why this behavior is simple, every one of us wants to show dexterity when it comes to managing particular topics.

This way of acting makes us appear confident and more comfortable, in a way even more reliable and cooler.

Nothing is wrong with this attitude, actually, it makes things even more interesting.

Indeed, this peculiarity shows how people like to show familiarity with things to feel each topic closer.

Americans, for example, started changing the way how they spell English words.

The process of word customization is inevitable. It comes with the experience and lets us understand the level of granular distribution that a specific thing has in that country.

There are many countries where English is the first language, and for each of them, there is a word or a slang for something, which is different from all the others.

Australia and New Zeeland, for example, are two countries where you can find a unique way of pronouncing English words. People, who come from those two countries have their dialects and this can be considered a real language.

As a consequence of this divergence in pronouncing words, a sort of unconventional dictionary has developed.

Here it is explained the reason why, sometimes, even people who come from two countries where English is the main language, refer to the same thing using two distinct words.

Slot machines land on Australia 

The very first slot machine made its appearance worldwide in 1900. It was an American guy named Charles Fey, who launched the Liberty Bell, the game which would have changed the destiny of this game at Wizard Slots forever.

We have to wait for half a century to see the first slot in Australia. It was a company called Aristocrat which brought it from America.

At that time, they were allowed only in casinos. In 1953, Aristocrat started its business with slots. Their product was named the Clubman, subsequently replaced with Clubmaster.

In three years, due to the enormous popularity of this game, the government declared legal gambling machines also in clubs. Then slots and poker machines started growing and they have never stopped since.

Although their primordial physical appearance, they did not take too much time to become one of the most played games in Australia. At that time, it was quite normal and common to see slot machines and poker machines close to one another in bars and clubs all over the country.

Those who are familiar with Australian culture probably know that Australian tend to use a short name for everything.

So, when poker and slot machines earned their place in society, Australians started calling them pokies, which, probably is short for poker.

It did not take long to become a common saying, and people today refer to slots using this term.

Slot machine today 

The first machine was introduced by a German guy who moved to America. His name was Charles August Fey, and we can identify him as the father of modern slots.

Although the very first “game” which can be considered the first slot machine was slightly different from the first machine launched by Fey, the one presented by Charles was the closest to the modern concept of gambling machine we know today.

It was the end of the nineteenth century when one-armed bandits earned their popularity around the world.

The game was simple and quite rudimental, notwithstanding, people fell in love with this machine, which has been called with various names, such as “the machine which eats money”, “the fruit machine” or the “coin machine”.

Today, after almost 150 years since it was born, very little of the original game has remained the same. For sure, their appeal has remained untouched.

People love gambling, especially since casinos became virtual. Online casinos allowed everyone to try at least once in life the thrill of betting.

Different kinds of slot games 

The Liberty Bell has its charm, no one can contest that, but it would have blushed compared to modern slots.

We can’t count how many different varieties of slots are available on the planet. If we consider both physical and virtual machines, probably a fair measurement unit would be similar to millions.

With three, five, 7, 9 or 12 reels, with 1 up to 200 pay lines, and giving the possibility to players to place a bet which can be a minimum of 1 penny to a maximum of hundreds of pounds, these video machines offer a superb variety and unbelievable rewards.

The name they are called with doesn’t matter, also which country they come from. When we talk about the most appreciated casino games ever existed, we are referring undoubtedly to the slot.

Although the very first poky which landed to Australia was very different from the versions of the game we can find today, it holds the same charm and the same appeal that it had 6 decades ago.

Below you can find a small list of the most appreciated slot machines currently available. These three, in particular, have gained the appreciation of many players worldwide.

Mega Moolah, the game which more than any other has made people screaming for joy. The set is the savannah with its animals. With one of the highest progressive jackpots available out there, this slot can make you rich.

100 Panda by IGT this slot has an animal as its main character too. With a very decent RTP of 96.52% and a max bet which can reach even 3000 coins for each spin, it is one of the most appreciated slots available. 100 pay lines complete the frame of a superb game.

Billyonaire is a 40 pay line that combines the charm of the old-style machines with the modern concept of the slots. Very easy to play and with quite high volatility, it is for sure one of the funniest and most rewarding games among a

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