History’s Best Sports Betting Wins

Sports Betting upsets!

Sometimes you want to make a game a little more exciting or show your faith in your home team. In times like this, putting a little money on the table can be a good way to make a great game even greater. Now and then, you might even take home a nice little pot for your troubles.

But what about those who swing for the fences, and take home huge wins off of terrible odds? That’s where we want to take a look today.

The Ballard of Vegas Dave

At the start of the 2015 MLB season, Kansas City Royals fan Dave Oancea already had a team pegged to win. Problem was, the Royals were on a streak, which made it difficult for Dangerous Dave to put down his bet. His solution? Go around to 15 different casinos and cut his $140’000 bet into portions.

With a lot riding on the line, Oancea must have been incredibly relieved when the Royals took out the Mets to win the World Series. For his troubles and faith, Oancea pocketed a cool $2.5 million.

Kansas City Royals vs. Detroit Tigers” (CC BY-ND 2.0) by jpowers65

Funny thing is, with a little research he might have had an even easier time had he turned to online casinos. For example, you can play live at many of these digital establishments with sports being just one component among slots, poker, and additional bonuses. Still, we’re betting with the money he took home, he probably didn’t need a little extra effort.

Racing Ahead

Back in 1998, Richard Hopkins was doing his fatherhood thing as he attended his son’s go-karting race. Perhaps not focusing as much as he should have (no judgments), a young driver couldn’t help but catch his eye.

So impressed was Hopkins by this driver that he placed a series of bets on the young man. The first was $270 on him winning Formula 1 before he was 23. The second was a $135 bet he would be world champion by age 25. Not done yet, he placed his final $65 on a bet that the kid would manage both.

You might have guessed at this point, but that young man was Lewis Hamilton. All told, just less than $500 of bets ended up netting Hopkins around $211k.

Parenthood really does pay off.

Who Cares About the Odds?

Former roofer Mick Gibbs worked hard to build up his reputation as a reliable tradesman. Dedicating years of his life to this job taught him many things, including some degree of foresight.

In 1999 Gibbs placed a tiny £2.50 bet on the outcome of nine different soccer games. Impossible? Apparently not, as this string of matches brought him home a solid £157,000. Of course, this would only whet Gibb’s insatiable hunger for destroying the law of averages.

Two years later, Gibbs placed an even sillier bet. This time he went for a mere 30 pence, which was placed on predicting the winners of 15 individual games. After Gibbs threaded that particular needle he took home a rather astonishing £500,000. Now retired, we’d have to wonder if he’d consider taking up a job in soothsaying.

These may not be the biggest wins in sports betting history, but for our money, they’re some of the best. It just goes to show, keep an eye out and you never know what opportunity might come knocking.

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