Placing a bet and having some fun has always been prevalent in the UK gaming industry. Since gambling’s inception, we have all always loved to put a few quid down for the footy or have a go at the fruit machines down the pub.

 As well as this, there is further testament to our love of gaming through looking at the arcade scene along our coastlines. Gaming has simply always been a part of our life.

 Then, everything goes online. This makes for good news for the most of us, as it is much better to go online and simply log in and play (at Cozino) rather than waiting for your favourite game to become free to play, or worry about getting to and from the physical casino or place of choice that you want to go and game in. 

How online gaming got mainstream 

In 1994 the first online casino launched and this new online casino was powered by a gaming software provider, now famous in the gaming industry, the gaming powerhouse Micro gaming.

 You will certainly have heard of the name if you are into gaming and playing slots in particular, and since Micro gaming was essentially the first online casino software provider, it makes sense to give them a mention in this article about the history of online casino.

 Then, Micro gaming was also first to introduce virtual games around the classics like roulette, blackjack and the all-time favourite slot machine games.

 Other software providers followed suit and began to introduce multiple games and online casinos began popping up in every corner of the internet you can think of just one year afterward. 

Online Casino in the UK 

Then, in 1996, something very interesting happened. The first online casino begun catering to the needs of players in the UK, and launched a brand new concept for us which we knew then and still know now as internet gambling, and this was met with great excitement in the UK as we are a nation that has always loved to game.

 In just over two decades, we have gotten very far in the world of online gaming, and online casinos are now not the be-all and end-all of gaming in our lives if we want to play a game that is virtual instead of going out to the arcade or somewhere similar to play a game.

 The gaming world is now also more diverse than ever, with hundreds and hundreds of gaming options available to us – back in 1995, there were only 18.

 Today, as well as being able to play on our desktops, we also have the choice to game on the go too, which is also great as we can play the best in online slots, table games, live casino games, mobile casino games and not forgetting those all-important progressive jackpot games.

 So, what started out as an idea is now a fully booming industry. What better way to play in a casino than online?