Can You Bet On The IPL?

Betting the IPL!

Yes. You can bet on the IPL {Indian Premier League}. This is a league founded in 2008 by the BCCI {Board of Control for Cricket in India}. The IPL marks the world’s highest attended cricket league and ranked sixth in attendance among sports leagues in 2014, according to an article in the Sydney Morning Herald. There have been 12 IPL tournament seasons so far, and the Mumbai Indians are the current titleholders.

As far as betting formats go, the IPL offers one of the widest betting format varieties. This means that you have higher odds of winning on the IPL than on other sporting leagues. The following are the types of betting formats you can choose in the IPL.

Match Betting

In match betting, your objective is to pick the winning team in a single match, such as the ODI {One Day International} or one game in the series tournament. The odds in match betting are weighted such that the payout for a favorite winning is less than that of an underdog winning. However, the markets in this betting format are declared invalid if there is a draw and sometimes if the match does not complete 20 overs. Match betting is sometimes called ‘’to win the match’’ or ‘’ match odds’’.

Tied Match

With a tied match, the bookmaker allows you to wager on the chances of a game ending in a draw. This betting format can be used together with match betting to cushion you in case there is slow play or poor weather conditions that cause the game to end in a draw. Some bookmakers even have a bet format known as a double chance that allows gamers to bet on a win or draw. You can also wager against a tied match when you take both the win and draw in a double chance.

Outright Winner

The outright winner is a type of futures bet used in tournaments like the ICC Champions Trophy, cricket world cup and the World Twenty20. In it, you pick a side that will win the tournament rather than one match. The odds in the outright winner bet are far higher than those in most IPL betting formats since picking the best team is not easy. A winning strategy you can use if you choose the outright winner format from the options in this article is to narrow your potential winners to the best two or three teams.

Win Toss

The win toss betting format is a proposition wager that does not involve the team that prevails when a series, match or tournament ends. The goal is to pick the team that wins the coin toss when the cricket match starts. The odds in the win toss are generally offered as 10/11 on either side. This guarantees the bookmaker a profit in balanced action.

Over/Under Scores

In the over/under score, the goal is to forecast how many runs players will have in a game. In this instance, you bet on the runs that both teams will score. The challenge in this betting format is correctly identifying if the ultimate total runs will be over or under the bookmaker’s benchmark. The payouts in this betting format are often quite close to the bookmaker’s commission.

Top Batsman

The goal in the top batsman format is to accurately predict the batman who will have the highest runs in a game. You can choose to bet on a single match or an entire series. The top batsman wager is quite challenging to predict, and the payouts are hence quite high. When picking this format, note that bets placed on players who will not form a part of the starting eleven are void as are those on players who will not bat.

Batsman Matches

The batsman matches wager pits players against each other. The goal is to predict which among the chosen players will score the higher number of runs, among other head-to-head propositions. You can even pair players from the same team in your batsman match.

Method of Dismissal

The method of dismissal format works best for gamers who love live cricket betting. In it, you choose how a batsman will be dismissed, such as through a run-out, bowled, stumped, or LBW. All you do is pick the dismissal method and hope that is what will happen for you to win your wager.

With the above and other betting formats, the IPL might be the best place for your bets. Even so, remember to be a responsible better. To prevent gambling addiction, you can follow these guidelines. This way, you can enjoy the rewards of your cricket betting for the longest time.

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