Bingo is a hugely popular game throughout the UK but there is a variation of the game that is on the increase in its popularity too. It is known as Slingo and it is a combination game of Bingo and slots gaming which are the two most popular games played by gamers online at Put these two much-loved games together and you get Slingo.

What is Slingo?

Slingo is the combination of the most popular style of Bingo, 75 ball Bingo, and the most popular online game, slots. You are able to play this game in many different online casinos and it is very easy to follow. You use a 5×5 grid and there is a reel for you to use as well. This is where you are able to see how Slingo mimics the combination of slots and Bingo, with the reel replicating slots and the 5×5 grid replicating the Bingo card. 

The original idea behind Slingo was not to be a cash winning game but this has changed as the years have gone on and the popularity of the game has increased. It did not take long for the developers of the game to realize that the players of online Slingo were wanting to play a financially advantageous game of Slingo so this style of game was created pretty quickly. 

Slingo is a great alternative for anyone who loves playing Bingo or slots as there are many ways in which prior knowledge of either of these can be applied. It is a really exciting game to play but what makes it so much fun and so loved by so many? 

How to Play Slingo

It is really quite simple to play Slingo and if you have any experience of playing Bingo or slots games then you are already halfway there. Although, if you have never played slots or Bingo before, do not be put off by this as Slingo is really easy to pick up and fast to learn. It really is a game that’s great for anyone to learn to play. 

Slingo begins when you spin the slot associated reel which is usually located at the bottom of the screen. Generally, there are 20 spins per game of Slingo but be sure to check this out before you start playing. The concept is that you are spinning the reel and the numbers that appear on the reel are the numbers you can check off your Bingo style card. As you need to be able to cross different variations of numbers off on when you play Slingo, this is the reason why many Bingo and slots game lovers have so much fun with this game because it is both of their favorite games combined and they feel more in control. It is sometimes possible for your 20 spins of the reel to correlate to all 20 numbers on your card and this can lead to a significant cash prize. This is rare but nevertheless possible and hugely exciting when it happens! 

Increase your Chances of Winning Slingo

As there are 20 numbers on your Slingo card, you want to get as many of them marked off as possible. Sometimes, it is a nail-biting finish as you are so close to completing your card. But then your spins run out! What do you do then? There is usually the possibility for you to buy yourself extra spins. This can become quite costly so make sure that you think that this is a worthwhile expense for you to incur but if you are only one number away from winning a significant prize then it is usually advised that you do this. If you are only having to pay out less than £1 but are able to win £20, for example, then this would be a very worthwhile sacrifice. There is sadly no guarantee that purchasing extra spins will ensure that you are able to win, but it will definitely increase your chances. 

As an alternative way to buying more spins of the reel, you can also look out for games where you can use multipliers to increase the number of points you are able to accumulate. Not only will this increase your overall point score but this is often the way that the larger cash prizes are won, too. This can be achieved through direct multipliers, using power up’s and through playing mini-games contained within many different Slingo online sites. 

Winning Slingo

The aim of the game when you are playing Slingo is actually very simple despite the fact that it is a combination of two different games. The whole point is to get as many points as you possibly can and accumulate them as quickly as possible. This can be done in multiple different ways, though they are also based on the correlation between the slots reel and the Bingo card. Being aware of the different ways and the number of possibilities in which you are able to win and increase your chances is advised before you start playing so that you are in the best position to be able to win. Even if you have played Slingo before but have chosen to play a different style or are playing Slingo on a different online casino site, it is still a good idea to check the winnings ways because there are some ways in which games differ and you don’t want to get caught out! 

There are some more common ways in which Slingo players can win which the majority of Slingo games use as general rules. Take a look at the list below for an overall point score strategy scheme:


  • Clear a line either horizontally, diagonally, or vertically = 200 points
  • Clear a line either horizontally, diagonally, or vertically = 1,000 points
  • Coin symbol appearing = 1,000 points
  • 3 Jokers in one spin = 1,000 points
  • 4 Jokers in one spin = 2.500 points
  • 5 Jokers in one spin = 10,000 points
  • Clear your card = 6,000 to 11,000 points