20 Must-Have Interactive Websites for Education

Must-haves for interactive education!

Interactive technologies in education improve collaboration and make lessons more interesting. Kids enjoy interactive learning much more than reading textbooks.

The more interactive the educational process, the better the students perform. This rule is valid for boys and girls of all ages, from elementary school to college. The readers of this article will get to know about the best interactive sites and apps for education. This software helps kids to understand the material and develop a positive attitude toward learning.


This platform was built for the youngest learners. The lessons that it features can take place either in a classroom or at home. To supervise kids’ progress, a grown-up does not need to be a teacher. Parents who lack pedagogical education will cope with the task effortlessly. 


Using this app, educators create exciting and informative videos. Students perceive complicated explanations much better when teachers accompany them with audio-visual content. Boys and girls become more active in the classroom. They do not only watch the videos but ask many questions.

Class Dojo

It was built to track students’ behavior. Teachers can reward those students who behaved well and attended all the classes. Plus, Class Dojo enables educators to send direct messages to kids’ parents. For instance, they might tell them that the child turned to an online paper writer on PaperWriter instead of doing homework themselves.

E-learning for Kids

It contains lesson plans for math, grammar, computer skills, EssayPro review and so on. Teachers can download the necessary content and prepare for classes without being connected to the Internet. Students can also access some parts of educational content offline.


It is a versatile communication tool between students and teachers. It has all the features that are necessary for remote learning.

  • Providing lesson materials
  • Creating online collaborative groups
  • Sharing digital tasks
  • Compiling quick questions
  • Analyzing student performance
  • Providing feedback to parents 

This piece of educational software contains Zoom video conferencing tools.


This interactive online whiteboard can be used for nearly any subject. With its help, teachers create custom videos and share them with students. Video content guarantees the highest level of engagement.

Google Classroom

This web app enables teachers to organize the daily activities of their students. Educators can carry out the following operations here.

  • Assign tasks
  • Distribute course materials
  • Track students’ progress
  • Give feedback

It is just as powerful and reliable as most Google products.


This one is based on gamification. Over 50% of US educators rely on it to host live games and create quizzes. Kahoot improves students’ engagement in the virtual classroom. Fun tasks and games help them to better memorize information and acquire skills faster.


This project is dedicated to game-based learning. Some games are educational, while others are purely entertaining. To use this platform, students need to create their virtual avatars. Parents can give real-time feedback on their child’s activity and watch the new games in development.


As the name of the project says, it is focused on maths. A team of dedicated professionals develops solutions for math problems and examines efficient teaching methods. Even those students who prefer essays to equations find Photomath very helpful. It allows them to better understand complicated concepts.


Presentations created on this platform are 25% more efficient than the ones made in PowerPoint. Prezi features stunning templates that help to structure information. Such an approach allows teachers to quickly grab the students’ attention. Girls and boys report that Prezi is one of the best software solutions for memorizing things.


With this app, teachers can create an interactive virtual classroom. It will contain the following functionality.

  • Gaming activities
  • Study reminders
  • Study modes
  • Study sets
  • Learning progress checkpoints

Quizlet increases students’ emotional involvement in the educational process.

ReadWriteThink Printing Press

It is not an educational site in pure form, but it is very useful for the process of studies. Here, students can create flyers, brochures, and newspapers. They can modify the color of the text and the font size. They develop their design skills and learn to structure information.


The content of this site is rich and diverse. It contains plenty of materials related to interactive whiteboard use. Thanks to the Storia service, students can get unlimited access to e-books. Kids love daily starters that boost their creativity and help them to escape the routine. 


The target audience of this one are kids aged 8-16. Here, they can showcase their artistic abilities. Students use Scratch to create slideshows, animations, and interactive games. This software allows them to combine photos, graphics, and music.

Smart Exchange

This is a global online community where educators can share their experiences. It is famous for its simple design and intuitive navigation. It features lesson plans, games, and virtual workspace templates. Smart Exchange offers free membership — to join it, a newbie just needs to sign up.


This is an excellent solution for distance learning. It was built to improve students’ engagement. Teachers can distribute quick tasks among participants, raise poll questions and launch mini-quizzes. To monitor kids’ performance, educators use an instant cloud-based response system.


This e-learning web app lets students create digitally interactive artistic books. Using a virtual classroom, teachers can distribute tasks between the participants. Storybird is great for improving kids’ reading and writing skills. It features in-built functionality for immediate feedback.

The mission of this project is to boost students’ curiosity. By using engaging content, teachers can experiment with learning methods. Kids become more enthusiastic about expanding their knowledge. They watch videos and photos, listen to music and go on virtual tours.

Zoom Education

It is a spot-on choice for remote learning. This cloud video conferencing web app enables teachers to communicate with multiple students simultaneously, share schedules, and conduct lessons. Digital whiteboarding and one-click content sharing are among the most popular Zoom features.

Final Thoughts

In this review, sites and apps were listed in alphabetical order. It is impossible to range them according to their importance because they are too different. The market for interactive educational software is developing rapidly. Teachers and students equally enjoy the opportunities that technologies open for them.

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