Is Matched Betting Legal in USA?

Is Matched Betting available in the USA? PromoGuy has the answer!

Welcome to our guide to matched betting USA. In the following guide, we explain exactly what matched betting is and why it is not currently an option for gamblers in the United States.

Whilst that news may come as a disappointment, fear not. PromoGuy has news of an incredible alternative to matched betting. that is available in the United States. When you sign up, you’ll receive free betting tips and recommended odds boosts that can lead to fantastic returns and an exciting online betting experience. So read on to discover all about matched betting and how EV betting with PromoGuy can rock your betting world.

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Who should use a matched betting strategy?

If you have never used a matched betting strategy, you may be wondering if you are even qualified to do so. In all honesty, a matched betting strategy can appear to be tricky to use at first but this is not actually the case. After a little bit of time putting it into practice, you will come to find that the strategy is very manageable.

If you are new to online sports betting, a matched betting strategy is a great way to learn how to take advantage of free bet offers. These free bet offers are often used in ineffective ways because players think they can just take an unrealistic crack at improbable bets with free money. Instead, the matched betting strategy teaches you how to make the most of the offer. New players can quickly pick up the tips and tricks of a strategy like this after checking out our detailed matched betting explained guide.

For the experienced bettors out there, you may not have thought to use this kind of strategy yet. That is very possible as many veteran online sports bettors like to stick to what they know and what has worked for them in the past. However, a matched betting strategy is a great way to continue to build your bankroll. You can also go for a bigger matched betting strategy depending on the free bet offer you claim. We can show you where the biggest and best free bet offers are to use for matched betting USA right now.


Whether you are looking to use matched betting football or for any other sport, you won’t have any luck in the US right now. Matched betting USA is not illegal but is also not a viable betting strategy to use. This is because online sportsbooks are only allowed to operate within a single state at a time. This means there is no possibility for cross-border betting. This makes it far too difficult for a betting exchange to operate in the US as the player base in a single state is simply too small to warrant setting up an exchange in any state. As such, matched betting is simply not an option in the US right now.

The likelihood of change:

While it is not possible to use matched betting USA right now, it may not stay like this forever. Look, we want to stay positive but as things stand, it doesn’t seem incredibly likely that the federal laws on sports betting are going to change anytime soon. There have been no discussions about a potential change to the law or even so much as a whisper about allowing cross-border betting. The federal government has made amendments in the past but they don’t typically happen overnight. We will keep a close eye on any changes but for now, you’ll need to find a more suitable betting strategy that you can actually put into practice in the US right now.

Matched betting alternatives:

There are plenty of other betting strategies for you to use instead of no risk matched betting. We have a couple of favorites, and some of these may work well for you and some of them won’t. You will need to test some of them out to find one that you think suits the way you like to bet the best. Here are 2 of our current favorite ways to approach online sports betting in the US:

EV betting:

If there is one way to give yourself the best chance for longevity and profit in this business, it’s expected value. Expected value is essentially the difference in probability expectation between the bettor and the sportsbook when it comes to specific sporting events. What does that actually mean? Well, online sportsbooks can sometimes overvalue or undervalue teams when they first release their odds for a match. It is then up to the bettor to assess these odds and ascertain whether or not there is any additional value in a potential bet. While using matched betting in the US would be great, EV sports betting is certainly one of the best alternatives for you to use now.

The 1.2 strategy:

A 1.2 betting strategy is exactly what the name suggests, only going in on odds of 1.2. These odds would represent the favorite in each match. The strategy revolves around starting with a  set bankroll and then betting the full amount on the clear favorite every time. Naturally, you won’t see any major profits in your first few bets but after the 10th, 20th, 30th win, you will start to see some good returns. However, this strategy is risky, as all it takes is one loss to topple all of your progress so it’s important to know when you should cash in your chips after a good run of betting wins.

Conclusion to our guide

It’s certainly disappointing that you won’t be able to use a matched betting USA strategy right now but don’t fret, as there are plenty of other options for you to use instead. Our favorite is EV betting which is why we have created a detailed guide that answers the frequently asked question “is value betting profitable?”

If we had to go with any other betting strategy, we would go with expected value betting. It will take some getting used to but once you have the hang of it, you’ll be left wondering why you weren’t always approaching your online sports betting with this kind of strategy the whole time.

❓What is matched betting?

It is completely understandable if you are unfamiliar with a matched betting strategy as even some of the veteran online sports bettors still don’t really know what it entails. The premise is actually pretty straightforward to understand but you will still need to check out our guide to learn more about it. We touch on how this strategy works and how you can use it.

💯Is matched betting in the US legal?

What is true for some countries may not be true for others. What we mean by this, is that a matched betting strategy may be legal in other parts of the world but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is legal in the US right now. Our guide to using a matched betting strategy gives you clear insight into whether or not this type of betting strategy is legal for you to use.

🔑How do I get started with a matched betting strategy?

There are a couple of things you need to get in line before you can start using a matched betting strategy. We are here to show you exactly what you need to do, step by step when it comes to using a matched betting strategy. Just check out our guide if you want to learn more about using a matched betting strategy.

💳What kind of bankroll do I need for a matched betting strategy?

If you are looking to do any kind of online sports betting, you will naturally need to make a few deposits to bankroll your endeavors. However, some betting strategies may require very limited funding or they may require a lot more. It varies from strategy to strategy which is why our guide on using a matched betting strategy lets you know how much money you will realistically need to make the strategy work.

⚾Can I use a matched betting strategy on any sport?

Therein lies the main concern of any self respecting sports betting fan. A betting strategy is only as good as the variety that it provides you. If you can’t place bets on your favorite sports then a betting strategy is naturally not going to interest you. As such, we check to see what sports can feasibly be bet on with a matched betting strategy.

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