Matched Betting Risks - How PromoGuy can help

Is Matched Betting Risky?

Hello and welcome to the guide you didn’t know you needed until now. You may have heard about a matched betting strategy, but did you also know about the risks this type of strategy brings with it?

Our guide to matched betting risks takes you through all of the notable hurdles you may encounter when using a matched betting strategy. Plus, given that matched betting is not currently available in the US, PromoGuy offers a lucrative alternative to matched betting that can really take your online sports betting to the next level.

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Matched betting – a simple breakdown

Matched betting has been in the world of online sports betting for some time now. It is a quick and easy way for bettors to make the most of the free bet offers they can claim with online sportsbooks. A matched betting USA strategy can be very fruitful when used correctly.

It is actually all very straightforward in essence. Firstly, you need to sign up for an online sportsbook that is offering you a free bet offer. You then make your first deposit and place a qualifying wager on the sportsbook. You need to do this in order to unlock your free bet bonus. Once your qualifying bet has been settled, you will then have access to your free bet offer which you put down as a back bet on a team of your choosing.

Once you have finished placing your back bet, you will then sign up to an online betting exchange where you will place a bet on the same team to lose. This means you have now placed 1 bet on Team A to win and another bet on Team A to lose. You are covering every possible outcome by doing this which eliminates the risk of your bets. You are either going to win with your free bet or win with the money you put down on the betting exchange. If you feel like you want to have matched betting explained to you in more detail, we have a detailed guide you can follow on our site.


The benefits of matched betting

There are a number of reasons why bettors enjoy using a matched betting strategy. Its a betting strategy that gives you plenty of opportunities to build up a bankroll and make some risk-free bets using free bet bonuses. There is more to it than that though, as you can see below:

Great rewards for minimal effort

The best part about a matching betting strategy is that it gives you easy access to profits while requiring very little time and effort. You can start to cash in on the profits from your free bet bonuses and it takes you hardly any time at all to put your bets together. There aren’t many other sports betting strategies that you can say the same thing about.

Great potential for further growth

In reality, your potential for monetary growth using a matched betting strategy is limitless. It will still require some effort on your part to pick the right bets with the right odds though. With that said, the more you bet and win, the more you can continue to bet and win. It really is a cycle that is only made stronger the more you grow your bankroll with the free bet offers you claim.

No risk

The best part about it all is that there are hardly any matched betting risks. This is obviously only true if you make sure that you follow the process correctly every time. This is why we suggested using a matched betting calculator in our matched betting football guide. If you stick to our tips and use our guide to your advantage, the matched betting risks you face are minimal at best.

Matched betting risks

While it may be called a no risk matched betting that is not strictly speaking true. Sure the betting strategy itself comes with next to no risks but there are still a few issues you can have. Here are a couple of factors to keep in mind:

It can take time to build your bankroll

You can start your matched betting experience with as little as $10 but that means that it’s going to take you many free bet offers and many sportsbooks to build your bankroll. If you have more money, you can claim bigger free bet offers and make more money quickly. That is just the nature of the matched betting strategy.

Bookies can restrict your account

Sportsbooks are not appreciative of bettors using a matched betting strategy on their sites. They have closed or restricted many accounts that use this kind of betting strategy on their platforms and they are well within their rights to have done so. It may be legal but sportsbooks are very averse to allowing it on their sites.

A minor mistake can cost you

A matched betting strategy is heavily reliant on the bettor getting all the details right. That means betting on the right set of odds and entering in the right value of both bets. If you misjudge your matched betting strategy, it can potentially cost you instead of benefit you.

A solid alternative to matched betting

While a matched betting strategy is easy to use and potentially very profitable, you cannot use this kind of strategy in the US right now. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to bet across state lines in the US according to federal law. Betting exchanges need far more liquidity to stay afloat than your average online sportsbook because it is the bettors and not the operator that sets the available odds for matches. This means there simply aren’t enough people in one state to help a betting exchange thrive.

That is why we recommend using an EV betting strategy instead. It is the process by which bettors try to find value bets on sportsbook platforms. It does require more effort than a matched betting strategy but it can be a fantastic way to get an edge over the sportsbooks and grow your bankroll.

Conclusion to our guide

We come to the end of our guide, knowing the risks but also knowing that you can’t use a matched betting strategy in the US at the moment. We know that is definitely a letdown, it was for us as well but at least you know that there are ample quality betting strategies to use instead. Our particular favorite is the positive EV betting but you can always find others to utilize and see what works best for you.


Matched betting risks FAQ

❓How does matched betting work?

There are plenty of new sports betting fans who don’t know how matched betting works but there are also veterans of the game that didn’t even get around to finding out what it was all about either. That is why our guide is the perfect place for all of you, as it caters to every kind of online sports bettor that wants to learn more about matched betting. Check out our guide to see how you can start implementing this exciting betting strategy into your everyday sports betting pursuits.

📌Are there any notable risks to using a matched betting strategy?

Online sports betting will always come with risks, that is just the nature of the beast. However, these risks can be negated a lot of the time if you use the correct betting strategy. Our guide to matched betting risks sheds some light on what the risks are of using this kind of betting strategy and how they can be dealt with.  

💎What are the advantages to using a matched betting strategy?

Just as there are risks to using a betting strategy, there will naturally be an overflow of advantages to it as well. A matched betting strategy comes with many notable benefits for your betting pursuits. We touch on all the different ways that using this kind of strategy can improve your overall online sports betting endeavors.   

💲Do I need a lot of money to use matched betting?

If you are keen on trying your hand at online sports betting then you will obviously need to invest at least some cash to get the ball rolling. However, there are some online betting strategies that don’t require much in the way of capital investment on your part. Our guide to using a matched betting strategy will let you know what kind of funding you will need to truly make the strategy work to your advantage.  

🏈Does matched betting cover all sports?

If you want to use a betting strategy, you will obviously want to make sure that you can at least use it on your favorite sports. Our guide to using a matched betting strategy will cover what sports are typically bet on the most with this kind of strategy and how effective it is for each of the sports. 

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