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How to Calculate Potential Profits with Matched Betting Calculators

Sometimes, knowing how to use a quality betting strategy isn’t enough. Sometimes, you need that extra bit of assistance to help you make the right betting decisions. That is what a matched betting calculator is for.

Our guide to using a matched betting calculator will show you exactly how this type of tool comes in handy for matched bettors. We will also explain that whilst matched betting is not available in the US, if you sign up to PromoGuy you can take advantage of an exciting alternative to matched betting that provides you with free betting tips and odds boost picks.

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A brief rundown of matched betting

Before we get into why you will need a matched betting calculator, we first need to touch on the basics of what no risk matched betting actually is.

Matched betting might seem like a strange thing at face value but it’s not all that difficult to grasp once you have seen it in action. In a nutshell, matched betting is when a bettor makes use of a free bet offer on one site while betting against his/her initial bet on another site.

A bettor will sign up to an online sportsbook, claim a free bet offer, and then make their qualifying bet. Once the qualifying bet has settled, you will then be able to use your free bet offer on a sporting event of your choosing. You will then place your free bet bonus on a team to win, also known as a back bet.

While you are doing that, you also need to sign up for an online betting exchange where you will then place a bet of equal size to your back bet but on the same team to lose the match. This is known as a lay bet. Make sure that the bet is of equal size and on odds that closely resemble that of your back bet. Once both your bets have been placed, you have then covered all possible outcomes of the match. This is largely why so many bettors enjoy using matched betting as there are very few risks involved.


Why you need a matched betting calculator

Now that you have an idea of how matched betting actually works, why would you need a calculator to help you? Well, you will still need to pick sporting events with decent odds to make the use of your free bet bonus worthwhile. So, what are the main benefits of using a matched betting calculator?

Saving you time

First and foremost, a matched betting calculator is saving you time and energy. You can hypothetically work everything out yourself but why go through all of that when you can simply use a matched betting calculator? You can then use your additional time to look for other valuable sports betting opportunities.

Understand what you need to lay

There are a few matched betting risks to consider and one of them is making sure you get your bets right. If you lay the wrong value of your bet, you may not come away with a worthwhile profit. A matched betting calculator can show you exactly what your lay bet amount needs to be.

Know your profits

Lastly, a matched betting calculator can help you see exactly what you stand to win from your bets. It will show you the outcome of your back bet being successful or of your lay bet being successful. It’s a useful tool to see exactly where your bet stands before you have even placed your wager.

Alternative betting strategies to use

Unfortunately at the time of writing our guide, matched betting USA is still not a viable strategy for sports bettors. This is down to the fact that the federal law still prohibits cross-state wagering. This means that it is still not worthwhile for betting exchanges to operate in individual states as their player base will be too small. That is why we want to at the very least, suggest a couple of other notable betting strategies for you to use.

Expected value betting

EV betting is, simply put, the difference in expected probability between a bettor and a sportsbook. A sportsbook will give you odds on a sporting event well in advance of the match itself. These sportsbooks take every external factor that influences these matches into consideration when they draw up their odds. However, they can at times overvalue a team when these odds are laid out early enough. Expected value betting is largely about jumping on these early overvaluations from the sportsbook to find the most valuable bets possible.

Early cashouts

An early cash-out betting strategy is a fairly specific one. That is because you want to find cash-out features on every single match available on these sportsbook platforms. You can use these cashout featured matches to your advantage though. If you have placed a bet that is doing well but you think might topple in the last few minutes of a match, you can cash your bet out early and take your winnings right then and there. Your winning won’t be as fruitful as they might have been if you saw the match out but a cash-out feature can often be the difference between some winnings and no winning at all. The trick is to know when you should use this feature for your sports betting strategy.

Conclusion to our guide

And that brings our guide to using a matched betting calculator to a close. You may not be able to get much use out of a matched betting calculator right now but there may come a time when you will need one when the gambling environment in the US allows for matched betting strategies to thrive. For now, though, we would recommend sticking with an expected value betting calculator. This is the ideal tool to use for one of the most effective betting strategies in the EV betting strategy.


Matched betting calculators FAQ

❓How does matched betting work?

Matched betting is a very interesting betting concept that has actually been around for some time now. However, those of you who are new to the world of online sports betting may not yet be familiar with how it works. Our guide sheds some light on the ins and outs of a matched betting strategy and how you can start using it to your advantage today.

💻 Why would you need a matched betting calculator?

There are a number of reasons why you would need a matched betting calculator. Just like any other kind of betting strategy, having a calculator to lean on can be a big help. Our guide to matched betting calculators will give you insight into all the different ways that a matched betting calculator can help you with your betting endeavors.  

🏉What kind of sports can I bet on with a matched betting strategy?

It’s Important to know that you can bet on your favorite sports when using any sports betting strategy. It will obviously be a letdown when you think you have found a perfect approach to sports betting only to find out that it doesn’t really apply to your sport of choice. Our guide to matched betting calculators will let you know what kind of sports you can use with this particular betting strategy and where a calculator will help you with your betting decisions as well.   

🔑Is matched betting safe?

The number one concern for most online sports bettors is whether or not certain betting strategies and sportsbooks are safe to use. In our guide, we give you a clear breakdown of what the benefits and risks are (if any) of using a matched betting strategy. Check out our guide to see exactly where you stand with a betting strategy like this.  

📱Can I use a matched betting strategy with a mobile device?

Having the ability to be able to implement your betting strategies while on the go can not be overstated. The convenience you get from using a mobile app is such a pleasure which is why we let you know how viable using a matched betting strategy is for a mobile sports betting app. We have reviewed plenty of these mobile sports betting apps so we have all the information you need on the subject in our guide.  

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