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Passion To Profession- How To Make Money With Horse Racing

How to make money betting the horses!

If you are a horse lover, making money from races will be on your bucket list. Even if you start watching them for entertainment, you will end up exploring monetization eventually. The sooner you do it, the better because the opportunity is huge, and you shouldn’t miss out on it. But you need to understand that picking a winning horse is an art that you can master only over time.

You may win with sheer luck a couple of times, but chances mostly depend on choosing the right filly or colt. While it sounds more challenging than you imagine, you can switch from passion to profession and make money easily with some good advice and guidance. Here is a beginner’s guide that can get you on the right track.

Start by learning the terminology

Like any other sport, horse racing also has terms and phrases that may be perplexing for any beginner. You cannot expect to make a good start unless you are familiar with the terminology. Not knowing the essential words and phrases will make you feel like a novice, and there are good chances of putting your money where you shouldn’t. Learn the basic betting terms like win, place, show, and across the board before diving deep. You will surely feel more confident and comfortable with your knowledge of the game. You can research online or talk to an expert for guidance.

Assess the horses

The next important thing to do is assess the horses for obvious reasons as you will want to put your money on the right one. As a beginner, getting to know the horses can be tricky, but you can follow some facts to assess the animals. Start by checking the track record of the equines you want to consider. Look for last-time winners because they have a high probability of winning again. Rating figures can give you a fair idea, while you can confirm facts by going through the race comments online. Pay attention to the competitors in the race because they can also affect the chances of winning. Although there isn’t a formula to predict a winning horse, these parameters can help you pick one with fairly good chances.

Understand the signs of a confident horse

Thinking beyond the facts and numbers does not sound practical when you deal with money, but it can give you an extra advantage. Understanding the signs of a confident horse is vital, even as you assess the animals through wins and track records. Watch the horse closely to read its body language even outside the track. Bet on a calm and confident equine because it is likely to perform markedly better than an anxious one that often ends up expending much of its energy in the paddock. A healthy animal with strong legs and a shiny coat also scores high with the winning probability.  Watching these signs may take some time, but you can do it easily if you pay attention.


Skip choosing the favorite

Although it sounds surprising, you must steer clear of choosing the favorite even though it appears to be the best choice as a beginner. Racing has its unpredictability, and favorites only have 30% odds of coming home first. It means that you cannot deem it the safest option in horse betting, even as a first-timer. Go the extra mile with research and know your selections to find value, rather than settle for a favorite straightaway. The risk factor is always there, even with the best horses. Put it aside, and you will surely love the investigation part of picking an equine.

Get insights from the jockeys

Researching and gathering information on the sport is only the first step for a newbie as there is a lot more to do. Insights from experts who are a part of the sport get you a step ahead. Jockeys can offer an insider perspective on winners and help you put your money in the right place. They have the skill and penchant for understanding the potential of equines and can even find hidden gems for you to bet on. They also have some helpful advice that can help you for a lifetime. Find the best jockey at the track, and they will help you nail the best horse with reasonable accuracy.

Know your horse trainers

Apart from jockeys, horse trainers also provide valuable insights you can rely on. Moreover, the trainer who rears an equine is as important as the animal itself from the betting perspective. Checking the track record of the trainer is a good idea when you assess the horse. It will add to your confidence as a beginner. You can expect a trainer to have different records on different tracks, but going through them can give you a fair idea of their expertise and experience. As long as you trust the trainer, you need not worry about putting your money on the wrong equine.

Get to know the racing surfaces

Horse racing is much like tennis because it is done on different surfaces and horses often have a preference. You can expect to see the fastest speeds on dry courses, and they are apt for daintier horses. Conversely, softer turf is good for animals that hit the ground hard because it offers a better grip. When you consider a horse, pay attention to the surface and ensure that it works for the equine. The previous form on the surface is always an advantage, and the horse may perform better as it feels more comfortable running on the surface.

Getting a good start with horse race betting requires a lot more than sheer luck. You will need to invest time in research on the sport, horses, jockeys, trainers, and surfaces. Although it sounds like a lot of effort, it is worthwhile because you have better chances of winning with knowledge and understanding of the sport. Additionally, you can rely on expert tipping advice to learn the skill and win every time, as you become seasoned with the game.

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