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What should you give your dog – hemp oil or CBD oil?

Which should I give my dog?

If you have been exploring natural supplements to boost your dog’s health then you’ve likely stumbled upon CBD oil and hemp oil. Both CBD and hemp oil have excellent medicinal properties that can offer a wide range of benefits to your pup. These days CBD and hemp oil are all the craze in the wellness industry. However, most people are confused about the differences between the two. 


In this article, we will explore the differences between the two natural substances and which one is next for your pet. You can further investigate this site to learn more about the differences between hemp and CBD.


Hemp and CBD Oil – What Are the Differences?


Often, hemp oil and CBD oil are terms that are used interchangeably. However, there is a noticeable difference between isolates and distillates. It’s common knowledge that CBD oil is derived from hemp. How do they differ from each other?


The main difference between CBD oil and hemp oil is that CBD oil is created from the leaves, stalks, and the flowers that are from the hemp plant. Extractors work hard to pull as much CBD as possible from these plants so it can be purified for further use. Cannabinoid oil is commonly used for medicinal purposes.


Hemp oil is derived from hemp seeds. The cannabis plant is also a variety of hemp plant. This type of hemp plant has a higher THC content level usually of 0.4 percent or higher. The CBD oil that is derived from the hemp plant contains less than 0.3 percent of THC. Generally, hemp oil for dogs is usually made up of 100% hemp seed oil whereas CBD oil is diluted with a carrier oil. Hemp seed oil is typically used as a protein supplement for food because it has properties that are good for the skin, hair, and nails.


The best way to determine whether a product is hemp oil or CBD oil is to take a close look at the ingredients listed on the product. Of the word’s hemp. or hemp seed oil isn’t listed anywhere on the packaging it’s safe to assume that it is CBD oil. Most CBD oil products on the market use the following terms: cannabis oil, cannabis Sativa seed oil.


Which Is Better for Your Dog- CBD Oil or Hemp Oil?


It can be difficult to decide whether CBD oil or hemp oil is best for your pet. That largely depends on what you are looking to get out of a supplement. Although CBD doesn’t have any of the psychoactive components of marijuana it does provide a range of health benefits that include: pain relief, reduces anxiety, decreases seizures and so much more. Organic full spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD is filled with terpenes which not only gives CBD its aromas but according to researchers, it contains additional health benefits.


Hemp oil which is produced from hemp seeds is filled with an abundance of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. Countless studies have shown that Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids can have positive effects on your furry friend’s health. These are essential fatty acids that provide the following benefits:


  • Boosts the immune system
  • Supports heart and kidney health
  • Helps control anxiety, depression, and hyperactivity


Is Hemp Safe for Your Dog?


If you’ve just started exploring the works. of hemp oil, you might be wondering if it is safe to use. Hemp is completely safe for your dog as long as you are using a THC free product or one that contains 0.3 percent THC or less. Hemp or CBD oil is a great alternative for anti-anxiety medication or painkillers which are accompanied by side effects that can be harmful to your dog health. The great thing about hemp oil and CBD oil is that it is non-toxic. Taking too much of these products will only lead to drowsiness or mild stomach irritation. On the other hand, overdosing on tramadol or Xanax can be fatal.


What Should I Give My Dog?  CBD Oil or Hemp Seed Oil?


If you’re looking to alleviate symptoms that your dog has been subjected to due to underlying health conditions then you should opt for an organic CBD oil concentrate. CBD oil is a safer alternative to traditional medicine and it has been effective at managing all kinds of health conditions. 


Hemp seed oil when added to your pet’s diet can also be of great benefit. Hemp seed oil can be implemented in your dog’s health care regimen to ensure that they are consuming all of their nutrients. You can use both products to ensure the health and overall well-being of your pet.

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