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Top 6 Low Impact Competitive Sports

Low Impact Competitive Sports!

Even as children, most of us have been taught about the benefits that exercise, outdoor activities, and keeping fit can offer both our mental and physical health. Unfortunately, as we age and reach new milestones in our lives, it is not uncommon for people to find it a little more challenging to engage in sports for a wide variety of reasons. Are you someone who thinks that taking up a new competitive sport isn’t as beneficial when you’ve got some years on you? Well, we’re here to tell you that that couldn’t be further from the truth! In today’s article, we have a look at 6 low-impact competitive sports that you will be able to enjoy regardless of your age, so read on to find out more!


1) Table Tennis


Table tennis is an incredibly popular sport amongst people of all ages. One of the benefits of table tennis when you’re slightly older however is that this sport can offer you a myriad of benefits without being too harsh on your body. Table tennis is considered a low-impact competitive sport and is gentle on the joints, making it the perfect sport for anyone who has had a history of back, knee or ankle problems. You’ll also be surprised at how many calories table tennis burns even if it doesn’t involve you running around a field. Aside from the fun and competitive aspect of the game, it is also a great way to keep your reflexes and mind sharp — something that is incredibly important as we humans age. So what are you waiting for? Find your nearest table tennis table and get cracking! 


2) Lawn Bowling


Lawn bowling is one of those games that you can partake in your backyard, front yard, or local park. This popular competitive sport is a favorite of many due to its low impact and lighthearted nature. Lawn bowling is a great way to improve your coordination and an overall therapeutic sport that can improve fitness, health, and confidence. All you need is to gather a bunch of your friends and head to your local bowling club to enjoy an evening of friendly competition, good food, and even better company. 


3) 18 Holes


Another incredibly popular sport that is gentle on the body is golf. Golf is considered a low impact sport as it causes minimal stress to joints and muscles, making it the perfect option to play throughout old age. A big part of any sport, especially golf, is being competitive. Even though golf is seen as just a game to many, it can also be the perfect opportunity to put your competitive hat on and engage in some friendly rivalry with friends and family. Golf is also a great way to maintain mental alertness, physical fitness and reduce your risk of heart disease. Grab your clubs and head to your nearest driving range or golf course for some fun in the sun!  


4) Sail Your Worries Away


Although sailing is a sport, many automatically assume it is simply a leisure activity. The truth is, it’s a bit of both. The sport of sailing is one of the few extremely low impact sports that also has a competitive edge to it. If you’re like most of us, you probably don’t own a yacht, but fret not. Many sailing clubs offer yachts for rent that you can use for both leisure and competitions. Some of the benefits of sailing include improved hand-eye coordination and motor skills, increased flexibility and better balance. For a whole list of events and competitions that you can enter, click here


5) Swimming 


Swimming is probably one of the most beneficial sports or activities that anyone can take part in. Thanks to the buoyancy of water that counteracts the force of gravity, swimming is one of the best low impact sports that is suitable for people of all shapes, sizes and ages. Over 60% of your body’s muscular system is put to work during a swimming session, all without putting an ounce of pressure on your joints. Many swimming clubs also host classes and competitions that you can enter if you’re up for a challenge, offering you a social experience that also benefits your mental and physical health at the same time. 


6) Ballroom Dancing


Last but not least, there was no way we were going to leave dancing out of this article. Ballroom dancing, in particular, is an incredibly fun sport that you can enjoy with friends, family, and peers. Ballroom dancing offers you a great workout whilst at the same time being incredibly gentle on your body. Dancing is a great way to reduce stress levels, increase coordination and improve on your flexibility. Most dance studios and workshops host ballroom dancing competitions at least once a month, so be sure to join a class to refresh your skills before you go for gold! 




And there you have it — the top 6 low-impact competitive sports that you can enjoy at any age. Engaging in sports and a little friendly competition doesn’t have to come at the expense of your comfort or health, and we hope that this article has inspired you to head out and perhaps take up a new hobby sometime soon!

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