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The Potential Benefits of CBD Oil for Pets

Dogs and CBD!

The CBD world is at its peak because of the benefits it provides to consumers. Experts are currently testing cannabis products on pets and are now reporting significant changes.


During the entirety of this read, you will learn the benefits of CBD oil for pets. And as well as its recommended dosage and how to find the right products. Let’s get to it.


CBD and the Benefits It Provides to Pets


CBD, also called cannabidiol, is derived from the buds of a hemp plant. Research has taught us that it is safe and healthy for consumption, regardless of where it comes from. Studies have shown that individuals who consume CBD oil are experiencing great results. It provides therapeutic benefits and maintains the overall health of its user.


As of presently, studies are being carried out on the effect of cannabis oil on pets. Some of the research has yielded positive results. It has proven that CBD is particularly beneficial for pets. How so? It improves skin conditions and helps relieves chronic pain, seizures, anxieties, and stress.


Experts have suggested that it can even be more beneficial to pets than humans. It has helped in combating depression, indigestion, glaucoma, insomnia, and lots more in humans. And because cannabis interacts in the system of animals and humans in the same way, scientists are now trying to deduce if it can also benefit pets in the methods mentioned above.


As you’re reading this article, more research is being conducted to determine CBD oil’s full potential in pets’ lives.


Below are some of the uses for pets:


  • Manage symptoms of stress and anxiety
  • Relieve chronic inflammation
  • Manage symptoms of epileptic seizures
  • Improve skin conditions
  • Manage insomnia
  • Treat glaucoma
  • Mange symptom of after treatment of cancer, especially in dogs


Prescribing the Right Dosage to your Pets


To get the best out of cannabidiol oil, you have to follow the right dosage. So, it would help if you administered the proper dosage to your pets. Most CBD oil providers have the recommended dosage on their websites.


You should ensure to check the websites of your provider to find out the recommended dosage. You can also get this information in the packaging and labels of the product.


If you aren’t sure of the recommended dosage, ask a veterinarian. If a vet prescribes cannabis oil to you, they will undoubtedly tell you the amount you need to give your animal companion daily.


You should start administering it in small doses. If you do not notice notable changes when using small amounts, then you up it.


Do not forget that the amount of CBD in the droplet depends on the concentration in the bottle. It varies based on the product and the brand. For example, you might have 30ml of oil, and it contains 150milligram of the compound. one millimeter of oil will be 50 milligrams of CBD.


So, when you’re prescribing 25mg of cannabis oil to your cats and dogs, use half a millimeter of solution.


Choosing Quality CBD Oil for your Pets


When it comes to giving your pets cannabis oil, there a few things you should know to provide a quality compound.


Several companies provide cannabis oil, but only a few offer quality ones. Make sure your provider has paper works proving that their product is tested and trusted. The paperwork should come from a third-party laboratory to establish authenticity.


You should also check online reviews of your provider. It will enable you to deduce if they deliver on their promises. The link here has some of the safest products for dogs and cats in the market, and you want to check them out.


Out of experience, I would say the best CBD oil is “full-spectrum oil.” It is more beneficial than the CBD isolate oil. Full-spectrum contains beneficial cannabinoids that blend well with CBD to provide maximum benefits.


Most vets would prescribe the full spectrum oil for domestic animal rather than the isolate.


It would help if you equally remembered that your products should state the amount of THC in them. Experts have noted that the recommended level of THC in a safe CBD product is 0.03%. So, make sure to check your products’ packages and labels for the THC level before making any purchase.


The best providers of cannabidiol compounds ensure they get their supplies from organic farms. These farms use superior techniques and instruments to derive the concentration from the plant. They make use of carbon dioxide during their extraction process.


Carbon dioxide ensures that the concentration is free from heavy chemicals and toxins that can destroy its quality.




  • Quality is highly essential! Ask for a third-party lab result on your product.
  • The full spectrum is better than the isolate.
  • Make sure your packaging states the recommended level of THC in it.
  • Check the website of the provider to find out how they run their business.


The Safety of CBD for Pets


For those wanting to know if cannabidiol is safe for animals, out of the experience, I would say yes. Numerous studies have proven that it is safe and healthy for pets. The only side effect that can occur is drowsiness, which will only arise when misused. You can check this website to learn more about how best to use cannabis safely.



Final Note



As stated earlier, experts have proven that cannabidiol is safe for consumption. It has minimal THC to cause troubling effects for your furry friends. Cannabidiol derived from a hemp plant is deemed legal, and so both you and your pet can consume the compound.

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