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Staying Healthy While At University

Staying healthy at College!

Does the word college ring a bell? Perhaps freedom, no rules, and “You Only Live Once” slogan. Well, whatever it means to you, the choices you make in your campus life are important and progressive in life after school. University is the time students stay away from their families. This juvenile freedom can be exciting to some and full of hiccups as well. 

Invigorated by the fact that you can do as you please, like lose stray animals, it is easy to slip into hours of movie nights, game nights, clubbing or daily fast foods. These are all choices that could be harmful if sustained for long periods of time. The juggle of fun, exciting social life, classwork, tests, and deadlines can be hard to handle. Students hardly have time to think or take care of themselves, let alone think of food choices or even exercising. 

However, have you ever considered the fact that by exercising and staying healthy, you may not only be fit but also improve your grades? You know what they say, a healthy body equals a healthy mind. Apart from that, you will get to meet super cool friends at the pool, in the tennis court or while jogging early in the morning.

Staying healthy while at University might not be on your to-do list but, without good health doing your usual activities as writing essay will be impossible. Taking care of yourself should be your first priority. Staying healthy while at university can be easy and fit into your busy schedule, even if you’re on a tight budget.  “You can check out this easy-to-mix 7-in-1 greens powder formula – a scoop each day gives you more energy, better focus and concentration, reduced anxiety, sleep, health, and immune function. Therefore, to stay healthy while at university, students should consider what they eat, what they drink, their sleeping habits, when to exercise and embracing healthy habits. 


  • Food choices


University might not be the perfect place you’d expect students to be excited about cooking. However, this should not be leeway for students to make unhealthy food choices. For instance, instead of taking fast foods such as french fries or frozen pizza, why not try fruit salad or veggies that are easily available and affordable. However, the problem could be, when to eat healthy foods. Especially when students are tangled in late-night studies right before a test, it is quick and easy to prefer fast foods. Some even go hungry for long hours or skip meals. Choosing healthy foods should be a silent unwritten rule at the back of every student’s mind. It is of the essence for students to understand that not all tasty foods are healthy.


  • Drinks


Pro-Papers experts stress that keeping yourself hydrated ensures the optimal functioning of the body. This is important for students, flushing out toxins in their body and energizing the mind. To be precise, drinks in this context refers to water. Similar to the apple saying, 2 liters a day keeps the doctor away. Students should have strong preferences for fruit juices, soup, and stew to sugary beverages or alcoholic drinks with detrimental effects.


  • Exercise


Universities are high-level institutions with learned citizens. They are aware that exercising is important for maintaining a healthy body. However, they still choose not to do it, intentionally or otherwise. Most students apparently don’t have time to jog, join a sports team or go to the gym. However, this is shameful. Exercising is as simple as applying makeup or hanging out with friends, a day should not end without exercising. It can be a simple choice, like not taking the elevator or driving on your way from school. One can choose to walk, cycle to school or use the stairs for a change. Exercising can be fun as well, you can organize hiking or mountain climbing with your friends every two weeks or every month. 


  • Embracing Healthy Habits


Universities can groom you positively if you are disciplined and focused on what you want. However, some students lose this said focus, they are swayed and enticed into vices like drinking alcohol, using harmful drugs and smoking. To stay healthy at University, it would be important to choose friends that impact life positively to avoid lifetime regrets and addictions that eventually lead to disease or death. Likewise, personal grooming like showering and cleaning your room is necessary for staying healthy for students at university.

In conclusion, staying healthy is very important. There may be multiple reasons university students find it hard to lead a healthy lifestyle ranging from cost to convenience. Even with health awareness campaigns on exercising, good diet choices, drinking water, having enough sleep and embracing healthy habits, obesity cases among the youth in our universities are still on the rise. University cafes under directives of university administrators could be instructed to prepare healthy foods at a cheap price to overcome barriers of cost, thereby improving the health of students.

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