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Should You Choose Between Sports and Education 

Should you choose?


Nowadays, numerous people tend to believe that it is impossible to balance education and sports; therefore, there are various debates based on the importance of these terms. On the one hand, some individuals state that it is essential to take appropriate measures in order to get a degree and build a successful career. For instance, median weekly earnings for workers without a high-school diploma are approximately five hundred dollars, whereas Americans with a high-school diploma earn almost seven hundred dollars weekly. Therefore, supporters of the idea that education is more important than sports use this information as their proof. Also, these individuals state that sports take a huge amount of time that could be spent for the education, although there are such custom college essay writing services as EssayShark that can help balance education and sports. On the other hand, other individuals tend to believe that sports can help them stay healthy and build a successful career as well. Recently the US has faced such a significant problem as an increased percentage of the population who struggles from obesity. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, in 2016, approximately forty percent of adults and nineteen percent of American youth were considered to be obese. Thus, the supporters of the idea that sports are more important than education highlight that the lack of physical activity is the primary reason that causes mental and physical health problems. Opinions of both groups of people can be considered reasonable; that is why it is crucial to be able to balance education and sports.

  1. There is a significant connection between sports and educational achievements

First of all, it would be essential to note that sports should not be replaced by education because educational achievements depend on the physical activity of the individual. For example, in one of the studies, John Ratey analyzed MRI scans of the brains of sedentary people who have suddenly improved their fitness levels. The results of this study demonstrated increased volume in the hippocampus and frontal and temporal lobes that are responsible for cognitive functioning, memory, and learning. Simultaneously, certain high-achieving countries such as South Korea and Finland do not have athletics in schools; that is why it is the reason why some people tend to believe that sports do not have an impact on the intellect. However, these people do not consider the fact that numerous poor African countries do not have athletics in schools either. Thus, education and sports should be balanced in order to improve educational achievements and stay fit.

  1. Balancing education and sports improves organizational skills

There is no doubt that the combination of education and sports is a difficult task that requires a considerable amount of time and resources. At the same time, balancing these elements improves the ability of individuals to prioritize and plan. People learn how to spend their time rationally; therefore, they become more responsible for making their decisions.

  1. The combination of education and sports prevents the development of mental health issues

Nowadays bullying and cyberbullying have got a vast widespread in the whole world. For instance, based on the information from the National Center for Educational Statistics, in 2015, approximately twenty percent of students reported about bullying. In addition, a massive number of individuals do not share this information with their families or friends; that is why this percentage is predicted to be at least two times higher. In turn, bullying can cause depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and suicide. Some of the most significant reasons for bullying and cyberbullying are a low intellectual level and physical appearance of individuals, including obesity. This, in order to prevent some cases of bullying, individuals should take care of their body as well as their intellectual development. If the person develops from different perspectives, the possibility of development of mental health issues decreases.

  1. Combination of sports and education improves leadership skills and the process of socialization

The successful career of any individual requires developed leadership skills and a high intellectual level. Education in college can be considered an effective possibility to gain an appropriate amount of knowledge in a particular area of practice. At the same time, sports are an effective possibility to improve leadership skills with the help of team building and a common goal. Usually, such people understand the importance of teamwork and trust; they know how to deal with adversity and conflict. In addition, it would be essential to note that such individuals know how to think strategically and shift course when necessary. Thus, sports provide the possibility to obtain these skills and use them in the workplace in the future.

Education and sports are interrelated terms that have an essential impact on the development of individuals. It is significant to take appropriate measures in order to balance them and improve the quality of life in the future. This combination is a great possibility to improve organizational and leadership skills and prevent the development of physical and mental health issues.

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