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Is it possible to be a professional sports player while studying at college?

Is it Possible?


A typical college student has to deal with many struggles, from time management, studying, part-time working, social life to finding enough time for a healthy meal and a good night sleep. Now, imagine having to focus on a career as a professional athlete while doing all of the activities mentioned above. No other students have to balance their lives as much as student-athletes have to. Alongside the classes, studying and the exams, a student-athlete has to partake in extracurricular activities, like exercising, practicing, attending competitions, games, and tournaments. As much as people tend to undervalue the professional student-athletes, being a student-athlete is extremely hard and commendable. Those students have to fight on two fronts and keep winning on both.


So, it is no wonder that people ask themselves if it’s really possible to be a student and a professional athlete. Moreover, if it is possible, how is that the case and is it really worth it? Well, the short answer is yes, and for the longer answer, keep on reading. But, before we continue, make sure to hop over to a capstone project writing service, in case you need some essay or project writing help.


Setting goals


The success of being a professional athlete lies in time management and setting goals. Both are equally important, but setting goals are more motivating and inspiring, which increases the success rate in the long run. Just as different sports revolve around different targets and goals, so does the life of a professional student-athlete. These students use goal setting to increase their competitiveness, both in the class or on the football field, for example, and to make both of the tasks as natural to their routine as possible. To juggle between being a student and being an athlete means to find a balance and comfort in the fact that hard work will take you one step closer to the ultimate goal. That is what makes it possible for student-athletes to be successful on both fronts.




To accomplish the goal they’ve set, professional student-athletes need to have their lives planned out thoroughly. There are only 24 hours in a day, and they need to make every hour count. As mentioned above, time management and setting goals are essential to the life of a student-athlete, but planning also needs to join the equation. Such a lifestyle enables these students, or athletes to gain and keep control over their daily activities and routine while having time to rest, get some sleep and enjoy time with friends and family. This also allows them to prepare mentally and physically for their tight and busy schedule as well as any obstacles they may encounter during the day.


Healthy diet


Since college is known for having students develop unhealthy eating habits, staying healthy is extremely hard, especially for professional student-athletes. They cannot afford to skip on meals or eat ramen noodles seven days in a row. For them, to stay on top in both, class and gym, it takes a lot of planning and great effort in balancing out a healthy diet. Not to mention that athletes have to stay in shape, so eating healthy and staying away from the college cafeteria is crucial for student-athletes. Sometimes, it is not easy for them to keep all their meals healthy, but by preparing lunch and dinner in advance, sharing meals with the team members or visiting the local and cheap grocery store is one way for them to stay in shape, healthy but also to save money.


The sense of belonging


One of the main arguments of why it is possible to be a student and a professional athlete is the sense of belonging these students have. They are a part of the college community, as well as their sports teams, which brings the feeling of happiness, fulfillment and overall sense of belonging as a kind of reward for their hard work. Maybe these students don’t have a lot of time to socialize, but the connections they build with their fellow college students and team members will last for life; especially when it comes to the teammates. These people understand and share the same struggle, so they are not just a community, but also a source of mental support. That is what helps professional athletes stay strong in class and the field respectively.


The rewards


In the long run, student-athletes, whether professional or not, are usually more disciplined and exceptional when it comes to time management, following plans and setting life-long goals. They are more likely to stay productive, work hard and strive for success than a typical student does. Professional student-athletes are also more likely to stay in shape, even after the graduation or the end of the career, and healthy as well; there are lower risks of heart and other diseases, for example. These students, or athletes, also develop a strong sense of community and what it means to have loyal and good relationships and friendships, and are less likely to develop depression. The benefits and rewards of being a professional student-athlete are endless. Not only is it possible to balance between studying and sports, but it is almost desired for every student to experience.

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