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Do You Consider CS: GO a Sport?

Is it a sport?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) is a multi-player first-person shooting game released in 2012. Capitalizing on the success of Counter-Strike, it quickly gained global traction. Nowadays, it is considered one of the most popular esports, putting it along the ranks of League of Legends, Mobile Legends, and PUBG, among others.


While it is technically considered esports, would you consider it a sport? This is an interesting debate subject among gamers and sports enthusiasts. In this short article, we will try to shed some light on this argument. Read on and we’ll share what we feel, and after, you can decide on your own!


What is Esports?

In the past, gaming is often associated with an image of a person sulking in a chair or couch with food and drinks, playing all day. Today, while such is still true, gaming has evolved a lot, and proof of this is the growth of esports.


According to The Washington Post, esports refers to “the competitive wing of multiplayer gaming.” It is a competitive and organized video gaming. Players are from different teams and leagues. These players are followed by millions of fans over the world. Through streaming sites like Twitch, esports gain a larger following.


The beginnings of esports as a huge industry started in South Korea in the early 2000s. the country was largely hit by a financial crisis. To mitigate impacts of the situation, the government invested in significantly improving internet and telecommunications. Here, esports became popular and tournaments started.


What is Sport?

Meanwhile, a sport is a competitive activity, either played by an individual or team. The goal is to improve physical capabilities and skills while also entertaining an audience. It is often associated with the likes of basketball, football, rugby, baseball, and boxing, among others.


To be considered a sport, certain elements should be present. For instance, there should be competition and rules of play. The primary goal is victory. More so, victory is largely determined by physical ability and strategy. However, the most important is probably the concept of physical exertion. Traditionally, sports are viewed as more exciting the more physical it gets.


So, is CS: GO a Sport?

From CS: GO ranks to in-game inventories, there are many things that make the game competitive. However, is that enough to make CS: GO a sport? It’s now time to answer the subject of this article.


There are many things that make it comparable to a traditional sport. Among others, one of the most obvious would be its global following. CS: GO has professional teams that are followed by their fans all over the world. These players are icons in themselves. Fans watch their games live either in the venue or through streaming services.


More so, the competitive nature of CS: GO is another thing that makes it worth considering a sport. Players battle it out in the online arena for the title. Millions of dollars are at stake. Like in basketball or football, championship games excite its followers. Although, the fan-base is currently too little compared to that of conventional sports.


To add, players in CS: GO undergo the same pressure as traditional athletes. With the huge amount of prize money that is on the line, CS: GO players are under a lot of pressure to prove their worth. Additionally, this is necessary so that they can amass worldwide fans. This pressure often translates to performance, with the effect being positive or negative depending on how the players handle pressure. It is through pressure that CS: GO players become better.


Another thing that makes CS: GO similar to sports is the training necessary. The best CS: GO players were not born overnight. This is in the same way that Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali, Roger Federer, LeBron James, and other famous sports personalities were not born but created. Even in esports, the participants need to invest in hours of training. It does not involve running and other strenuous physical activities, but the mental training requirements are very much similar to sports. It is unfair to say that CS: GO players are not training as hard as traditional athletes. They exert the same passion and dedication in their training programs.


The concept of teamwork is another reason why CS: GO must be considered a sport. While the players are in their individual chairs, they are acting as a team. Much like how basketball and football players operate, it is important to have a clear communication with the other people. You need to map out a strategy. You should be aware of the intentions of the opponent and the plan of the team to take them down.


Gambling is also present in CS: GO, and this is also why it is safe to put it along the ranks of other sports. People wager on the winning teams and individuals. There are also odds, which will help you make well-informed bets. The same strategy that you use in sports betting is applicable when you wager in CS: GO.


The biggest argument against considering CS: GO a sport is the apparent lack of physical exertion in the way it is played. This is because sports are often associated with physical activity. This argument, however, is dumbfounded. Let’s take for instance the case of chess. It is played sitting down, but it is considered a sport. The same thing holds true in the case of CS: GO. Several tests have been conducted in the past proving that there is physical exertion in esports like CS: GO, and that is already a good reason for it to qualify as a sport. After all, there is no definition on how much physical exertion is necessary to be considered a sport.


Final Verdict

So, is CS: GO a sport? If you will ask us, YES, CS: GO must be considered a sport. It may not be as physical as a traditional sport, but it is equally competitive and exciting. No wonder, many of today’s esports tournaments are driving fans in droves with the prize money reaching millions of dollars. It may be far from the popularity of basketball, football, and other sports, but CS: GO and other esports are undeniably catching up!

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