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Can Increase In Testosterone Help in Losing Weight?

Losing weight and testosterone!

Testosterone might be such a one-stop weight loss remedy that most men are looking for. A recent study found that obese individuals who received testosterone shots lost an average of 35 pounds on hormone replacement therapy- though doctors are divided on the materiality of these results.

Some advocates have it that testosterone may aid in fat loss. This hormone causes specific male symptoms. It influences muscle growth in both sexes. In this study, adult males were prescribed testosterone shots due to their low hormone levels.

Fortunately, according to this study, testosterone treatment was not associated with an increased risk of prostate cancer. However, it’s too early to state that hormone is a golden weight-loss bullet. More substantial studies are needed.  

Most men are loaded with testosterone. Still, others suffer from the defect that seems to leave more susceptible to accumulating excessive fat. Optimizing the testosterone may raise the energy levels, which leads to increased physical performance and weight loss.

Testosterone & Weight Loss

For healthy men, testosterone can be an excellent perk for fat loss, besides just weight loss. As you can probably imagine, this is very important for elderly seniors. That’s why testosterone boosters are recommended for men over 40.

Testosterone enhances muscle growth, which increases insulin sensitivity, managing metabolic health, and provides all sorts of other essential benefits.

Obesity and low testosterone levels create a vicious cycle. Obesity causes disruption of testosterone production, and low testosterone contributes to insulin resistance, exacerbates the accumulation of more fat.

It also hinders the metabolic ability to handle carbs, meaning any carb consumed will shuttle off directly to adipose/fat tissues.

Low testosterone levels are also linked with other concerns of metabolic syndrome. Shedding of weight does promote testosterone levels, but only if you can get out of the vicious cycle first.

In other words, healthy testosterone levels are essential for achieving and securing healthy weight and healthy body fat percentage. See, you may be thin but still unhealthy in metabolism.

The actual goal is not only a partial reading on the scale but an exceptional balance of fat and muscle. Therefore, it is a turn of fate that “dieting” in the normal sense of the word is among the worst things you can do to your testosterone levels.

Deficiency May Encourage Weight Gain

Testosterone supports muscle growth, and at the same time, inhibits fat gain. Consequently, some men with testosterone deficiency gain fat rather easily compared to their healthy counterparts.

Muscles burn more calories than adipose tissues. Therefore, there is a risk that people with muscle loss will overeat and accumulate more calories as fat.

Researchers suggest that muscle loss is the leading cause of weight gain in men. Es balance (obesity) also suppresses testosterone levels.

Pro Tip: Lower testosterone levels affect muscle mass and calorie expenditure. As such, deficiency may encourage weight gain over time.

Low T-Levels are Associated with Obesity

Obese men are said to have 30 percent lower testosterone levels compared to those with normal weight

Research also shows that more than 70 percent of perversely obese men experience male hypogonadism or testosterone deficiency. This is a symptom of abnormally low levels of testosterone hormone. The condition can be reversed with weight loss.

Scientists do not sufficiently know why these hormones are lower in obese males. However, most studies suggest the following approaches:

Belly fat contains a high content of the enzyme aromatase. This converts testosterone into estrogen. It explains why men with erectile dysfunction have higher estrogen levels than those with average weight.

Estrogen and high aromatase action lower gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GHR) production. GHR deficiency lowers luteinizing hormone levels, which ultimately reduces testosterone production. In simple terms, high belly fat tends to suppress testosterone levels.

Pro Tip: Men suffering from obesity are associated with lower levels of this hormone than those with normal hormones. Many research shows that excess belly fat lowers these levels.

Do Supplements Help in Weight Loss?

The general term “testosterone supplements” describes three things: synthetic anabolic steroids, testosterone boosters, and testosterone replacement therapy.

Synthetic Anabolic Steroids

Testosterone-based illicit steroids are widely known as anabolic steroids. The term also refers to testosterone. Some bodybuilders abuse synthetic steroids to boost testosterone levels. Besides promoting normal growth, some men tend to go beyond normal. Abuse of anabolic steroids is unlawful among many countries, including the United State. That’s why use legal steroids that are made from natural ingredients to be safe. 

Healthy males with normal testosterone levels are advised to abstain from anabolic steroids in any form as long-term abuse can lead to various side effects, including sexual dysfunction, liver problems, aggressive behaviour, and heart condition .

Researchers have reported that all these adverse effects apply not only to testosterone but also to the synthetic derivatives. Testosterone plays a significant role in the treatment of various medical conditions.

For example, it is validly prescribed to optimize testosterone levels in deficient males, also known as testosterone replacement therapy.

Legitimate testosterone replacement therapy aids weight loss in obese men, while abuse of anabolic steroids is not a recommended weight loss strategy.

Excess muscle can be challenging to maintain for long periods of time because unused muscles become fat over time.

Pro Tip: Some bodybuilders abuse testosterone and other illicit forms of supplements. Chronic abuse can cause severe health conditions.

Bottom Line

Acceptable testosterone levels are an indication of good health. These hormones help maintain muscle mass, raise the amount of calories you burn, and motivate you to remain physically active.

All these aspects are linked with reduced risk of weight gain and obesity. In case you’re suspecting a defect, speak to your doctor for a routine blood test.

The doctor may recommend a testosterone replacement therapy, which is probably the most effective means to normalize your levels. You can try to improve your level naturally by taking a testosterone booster like belly fat, along with strength training, quality sleep or equine. 


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