Athletes and vaping!

Confirmed Facts

Recently, the US Centers for Disease Control reported nearly 1,500 cases of lung injury caused by a vaping device. Thus, this precedent caused a public outcry. The Centers for Disease Control reports on the initiation of monitoring, evaluation, management, and appropriate action on the causes, treatment, and consequences of the disease. Geographically, these cases happened all over America. In addition, there are 26 deaths from the disease in 21 states.

Marginalization of Vaping

The word “marginalization” may sound too much, but if you look at the history of vaping devices, they were really perceived as ‘good guys’ at first, that is, completely safe for society. Of course, very soon, people realized that nicotine use might not be completely safe, but vaping devices were still considered a healthier alternative to smoking.

However, according to the US Centers for Disease Control, this logic was also wrong. Although the best e-cigarettes were considered safer, they were not and still are not. Therefore, finding out the truth and understanding whether e-cigarettes and other vaping devices are really safe for our health and how much they can harm your health and the health of others.

According to a report by the US Centers for Disease Control, about two dozen people died from the use of vaping devices, and for people who faced serious threats to their own health, the number went into the thousands. However, people continue to use the best e-cigarette, vaping mode, and hookah around the world. So, let’s see what the pros and cons it has.

Harmful Components of Vaping

The US Centers for Disease Control claims that their data show that illicit products for vaping, which include addictive drugs like THC, cause most illnesses. THC, in fact, is only one of the hundreds of marijuana components. However, this one is psychoactive and highly addictive. This is usually separated from CBD, which has another name – medical marijuana.

Nevertheless, not only those who like THC consumption get harm from various vaping activities. It was proved that both common and the best e-cig for nicotine might negatively affect the vaper’s health. The studies conducted within a couple of recent years show that nicotine, being highly addictive, might cause changes and impairments in the teen brain forms synapses.

As a result of such changes, an adolescent might face difficulties with attention control, mood swings, impulse leaps, and learning complications. Parents of these children can also face strong behavior deviations from their children. Usually, such situations become a tough challenge for the whole family because, as neither side knows how to deal with it, they both stimulate conflicts.

Generally, both nicotine and THC and other vaping substances do certain harm to our bodies and mental health no matter where we are small children, senior citizens, teenagers, or adults. Many studies have proven this, including those that involved athletes – people who regularly do sports and whose bodies react to changes quicker than others do.

Athletes and Vaping

If one asks a coach if his mentee consume illicit substances, they will definitely return a negative. Partially, because that is true, many people in sports avoid consuming such substances because their working life depends on the body’s abilities, and even the slightest irritations can bring bad consequences. Partially, there is a chance that coaches simply do not know everything about their athletes.

The majority of coaches try to guide an athlete in a way he or she would never want to try these activities. If they find out an athlete (no matter the age) is smoking, vaping, drinking, or taking drugs, the coach cannot turn a blind eye. Moreover, he or she needs to report on this issue because this can change the result of a competition, deteriorate an athlete’s health, and involve the teams in trouble.

Even though numerous studies are already underway, it is still difficult to name a certain number of vaping athletes. Moreover, if you want to name specific areas of their sports activities or other detailed information, it is impossible to find such data. The reason for the lack of data is that vaping, as such, has become popular relatively recently.

Indeed, 20 years ago, the concept of vaping did not exist at all. Today we are impressed by the variety of choices of vaping devices, their functionality, possible changes in equipment, etc. Athletes, like any other person, regardless of their level of training and professional level, are tempted by bad habits, and vaping is one of them.

Studies show that people who play sports are less likely to smoke or vape. However, this statement does not indicate that there are none. The researchers also noted that adolescent vaping among athletes is more common in those who participate in team sports. A teenager is more likely to start vaping or smoking if he plays football rather than tennis.

This can all be explained by human psychology. Teenagers are highly rebellious, but sometimes they are afraid to go against the rules alone. Having a team that will support you (like a basketball team) makes it easier to start vaping than being the solo guitar player. In addition, the teen sees this as a help to get to a better position on the stage of recognition.

Major Athletic Health Effects

Along with lung disease, there comes heart disease and the other ‘popular’ diseases that come after using the best e-cigs. However, if we refer to athletes only, it is important to remember that they face an additional package of problems.

Vascular Effects. The existing research shows that the risk of impeding an athlete’s performance exists if you get engaged in vaping. The blood flow and blood vessels are negatively affected during each of your vaping activities. The thing is that nicotine is a vasoconstrictor itself, and the way of consumption means nothing.

In addition, nicotine can increase oxidative stress and impair flow-mediated dilation, which is a marker of blood vessel health. Last but never least is the fact that vapor contains loads of chemicals, and among them, not only nicotine is damaging.

Wound Healing. Both smokers and vapers have a great risk of impairment of wound healing. The thing is that nicotine facilitates that. When it comes to athletes, they are a category of people with a higher risk of getting damaged. That is why they need a good sleeping pattern and balanced nutrition.

Nicotine impairs the work of the immune system, and the wounds obtained in the course of training or during the competition would not be healed soon. This might even ruin one’s career. It is quite important in sport to be there constantly without long breaks. Having a long rehabilitation period might exclude you from the play.

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