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Are Voxx Socks, Insoles, Patches Just for Athletes? 

Voxx socks and inserts

Are Voxx socks, insoles, patches just for athletes? 

Voxxlife Human Performance Technology (HPT) instantly improves and up-regulates a user’s neurological function – producing an improvement of 31% in lateral stability, dynamic stability and balance – while likewise contributing increases in strength, energy, velocity of force, and range of motion (ALL) in about 7 seconds.   Voxxlife optimizes a user’s neurology, fixes neurological dysregulation, and reboots the many networks (pain, anxiety, default mode etc) within the user’s brain. 

Thus, while HPT is great for Athletes, it is likewise great for anyone who wants to stay well and live life to the fullest, including:

  • General Population – HPT enhances wellness and anti-aging.
  • Seniors – HPT reduces your likelihood of falling by 8x.
  • Athletes– HPT is a legal competitive advantage that’s good for you.
  • Executive or Entrepreneur– HPT will help you/your staff be at your best, reduce workplace falls, health costs and lost person-days.
  • Serious Recreational Athlete – HPT can help you record a personal best in your favorite 5k, golf/tennis tournament (and defy age norms).
  • Retired Person – HPT can help you enjoy the fruits of your hard work and work through your bucket list.

Are all the insoles the same?

There are two (2) main categories of HPT Insoles: 

  • Athletic which are designed to fit into running shoes.
  • Flat which are designed to fit into street shoes (but are also often used by athletes in skates, cleats, and other sports-related footwear.

There is also a wide selection of choices in both male and female sizes – for both the insoles and socks.  

All Voxxlife Products use the same “neurological algorithm” – embedded in the insoles/forearm patches, and woven into the socks:  

  • The instant Voxxlife Socks, Insoles or Patches interact with the Peripheral Nervous System (PNS), the HPT Pattern triggers a very specific and precise sequence and pattern of Neuro-Receptor Activation in Dermatomes on balls of feet and other PNS Receptors.   
  • This Neuro-Receptor Activation, in turn, causes the Brain Stem and Central Nervous System (CNS) to up-regulate the Somatic Nervous System (SoNS) and the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS).  
  • Collectively these systems control skeletal muscle contractions and automatic regulation of smooth muscles, cardiac muscle, glands and adipose tissue.  

Thus by triggering the PNS receptors, Voxxlife instantaneously initiates a domino-like-effect that directly impacts the Vestibular System; Balance; Spatial Orientation; Proprioception (touch and position sense); Respiratory Control; Motor Control; Posture; Heart Rate Regulation; Skeletal Muscle Control; Flight or Fight; Reaction Time, and Pain Regulation.

Do the socks help with arthritis? 

Voxxlife has a Private Group testimonials page on Facebook with over 46,000 entries.  There are many pertaining to arthritis.  

Click here to see a study of the benefits of HPT in lessening foot pain associated with Diabetic Neuropathy.  

Will they make me faster?

Like any tool, individual results vary according to the current circumstance and underlying potential of the user.  

That said, HPT contributes multiple systemic improvements across a wide range of performance factors that logically will, in turn, benefit speed and/or other performance measures.  These include:

  • Increased energy;
  • Building muscle;
  • Better exercise performance;
  • Pain relief;
  • Enhanced endurance/recovery;
  • Improved physical mobility/quality of life;
  • Improved velocity of force;
  • More power;
  • Improved balance and stability;
  • More range of motion, 
  • More eccentric force. 

These logically will, in turn, lead to improvements in performance and speed.  Please Click here to see the results of a Study conducted at the California Sport Institute  

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