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6 Surprising Testosterone Boosting Foods That Actually Work

Boost testosterone naturally!

In men, testosterone is the hormone that plays a big role in the development of the reproductive tissues like the prostate, the testis as well as in the promotion of secondary sexual characteristics. These are characteristics such as growth of hair in the body, increase in muscle mass among other male characteristics. Probably most people know testosterone as the hormone that helps men in their sexual drive. However, this hormone is responsible for the development of all the characteristics that differentiate men from women, literally speaking. You can learn more by visiting the USA Inquirer website.

Sometimes some men may have low levels of testosterone and they may want to boost this hormone. Testosterone boosters can either be supplements or even foods. These are cheaper and healthier as opposed to testosterone injections. Any kind of healthy testosterone booster will help men to increase their muscle mass, have better libido, lose fat, and generally have more energy.

In this article, we shall discuss some testosterone boosting foods that one can take and be sure they work. Here are 6 such foods:

  1.   Tuna

This type of fish is a very good source of vitamin D and has been linked to the production of testosterone and ensures longer life to the users. You will also love the fact that tuna is heart-friendly and is low in calories. One daily serving of tuna will provide your vitamin D needs. For those who are not fans of tuna, they can as well consume any other kind of fish that is rich in vitamin D such as sardine and salmon. You may also choose to consume fish oil as it is good in increasing the quality of sperms and testosterone levels.

  1.   Low-fat milk

Low-fat milk is healthy for your body and also a source of Vitamin D and calcium. Milk consumption is a good way to strengthen your bones and it also keeps testosterone levels in check. When buying milk, choose one that is fortified with vitamin D and is low in fats. You may also choose the skim versions since they have the same nutrients just like whole milk.

  1.   Extra-virgin olive oil

This is a common staple for the Mediterranean diets. The use of extra virgin olive oil has many benefits to the health of men. Other than increasing the levels of testosterone production, this oil helps in reducing the risks of heart conditions and cancer. The oil is rich in vitamin E and monounsaturated fats. It also helps in male reproductive health and boosting of serum testosterone in adult men. The use of this oil is also known to increase luteinizing hormone which is good in stimulating testosterone production in the testes.

  1.     Leafy green vegetables

One of the good things with leafy green vegetables is that they are readily available and can be taken with most food servings. These are vegetables such as kales, swiss chard, spinach, and many others. They are rich in magnesium, a mineral that is known to increase the levels of testosterone in the body. Studies carried out showed that taking magnesium supplements prompts an increase in testosterone levels in participants who had a sedentary life. Active participants had a greater production of testosterone with the usage of magnesium. You can also get magnesium from other food sources such as nuts and seeds, whole grains, beans and lentils, and so on.

  1.   Porridge Oats

This is an excellent source of vitamin B which is also a key ingredient for the production of the testosterone hormone. There are many types of vitamin B that are good for testosterone production. Vitamin B6 is one of these vitamin B types that is known to help in the production of testosterone in men. It is known to suppress the production of estrogen and thereby helps increase the production of testosterone. Porridge oats are good for the supply of vitamin B in the body. As such, you can take this porridge to help boost the testosterone levels in the body. There are other foods that you can take to increase the intake of vitamin B in your body. Such are foods like chicken, oysters, clam, liver, and kidney among others.

  1.   Ginger

People use ginger mostly for medicinal value as well as for its culinary purposes. It is now a well-known fact that ginger also helps improve fertility in men. Research done in 2012 indicated that a daily intake of supplements of ginger did increase the levels of testosterone by 17.7% in some 75 men who had fertility problems. It is now known that ginger intake is a good way to improve sperm health.

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