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4 Things That Chiropractors Help Treat That You May Not Have Known About

4 Things Chiropractors heal!

Back pain is one common reason many people go to see a chiropractor. However, there are other kinds of problems that a chiropractic physician can help treat. The treatment offered is drug-free, non-surgical, and natural as it relies on your body’s inner ability to recuperate.

Any condition related to the nervous, skeletal, and muscular systems can be treated at a chiropractic clinic. You do not have to wait for the pain to kick in to see the physician. If you work long hours, especially behind a desk, play sports, are pregnant, or were involved in an accident, you need to seek chiropractic care treatment as it will help you to prevent future aches and pains. Anytime you feel unusually excessive or chronic pain affecting you, visiting a hospital may be a good idea.

Here are the four things you didn’t know about that chiropractors can help treat.


Neck Pain

The neck supports the head and aids its flexibility to turn to every direction; thus, it may cause injury and pain at times. Normal wear and tear, aging, accidents, blow to the head or body, and long hours may cause neck pain.

When you visit a chiropractic physician, expect questions such as when the pain started, what medication you use, and whether the problem spreads to other parts of the body.

The doctor will then perform some neurological and physical exams. After the diagnosis, the best chiropractors can help treat the condition using neck manipulations or adjustments and exercises. These adjustments to the neck cause reduction in stiffness and pain as well as an improvement to the neck’s ability to tilt and turn the head.

Apart from the manipulations, the physician may incorporate other treatments such as massage, mobilization, and rehabilitative exercises. The chiropractor will not perform surgery or use drugs to treat the pain. If the problem is due to organic disease or fracture, they will refer you to a respective medical doctor.



Having a headache may appear normal and maybe the least of the reasons why you may consider consulting a chiropractor. Frequent headaches should raise the alarm and warrant a visit to the doctor. Tension and migraine are some types of headaches that a chiropractic physician can help treat.

If you experience constant headaches, take pain relievers for headaches, pain getting worse, and if the patterns of pain change, the signs indicate it is time to book an appointment with a chiropractor. Chiropractic care will involve soft tissue therapy, manual therapy, rehabilitation, acupuncture, and lifestyle changes.


Sports Injuries

Failing to attend a tournament due to pain on the knee, a sprained ankle, or lower back pain can be devastating. Stretching your ligaments too far can cause strains and sprains in your joints, especially in the ankles and wrists. You may experience a runner’s knee, the tenderness on the kneecap as you run, swollen muscles, dislocations, fractures, and shin splints. 

Lower back pain may occur to athletes and swimmers. Footballers, golfers, and cyclists may experience spine, neck, and head injuries. Sports injuries are common. Mostly, they get ignored if one gets hurt. A massage on the injured part or a pain reliever takes the pain away.

Consulting a chiropractor if you are in sports can help in two ways. If you have injuries, the physician will use adjustments to heal you, reduce inflammation, and offer pain relief. Secondly, they can provide prevention to future injuries by ensuring proper spine alignment.


Knee Pain

As you are taking your morning jog or run, stinging pain on the knee can bring you to a halt. You do not have to be exercising to feel this kind of problem; it can also occur as you take the stairs or bend. Your first thought would be that it is due to wear and tear, but you could be wrong.

Carrying excess weight, osteoarthritis, or injury could be the cause of the pain. It is only through a proper evaluation and examination by a physician to help diagnose the real reason. Using prescription drugs or getting a cortisone shot may not be a long-term solution to the pain.

If you have chronic or nagging knee pain, it is advisable to see a chiropractor. The specialist will help treat the problem using spinal alignments, knee and hip manipulation, correcting posture, and complementary treatments.

Most people suffer in silence for assuming the pain they have is normal. You do not have to endure the problem when there is help at hand. Seeing a chiropractor could be the answer to the pain you have been experiencing lately or for a long time.

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