The XFL got off to a great start, but so did the Alliance league and then it dropped off the face of the earth. I think this could be different though because the quality of play was much better than Alliance and most everything social media-wise has been positive. Let us now take a look at where the teams rank headed into week 2.

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8) Tampa Bay Vipers

The Vipers were a huge disappointment. Aaron Murray was terrible but it wasn’t all his fault, as his offensive line was just as bad if not worse. I would have really liked to have seen Quinton Flowers come in to start the second half. At least with his mobility the Vipers may have had a chance.

7) Seattle Dragons 

I did not expect much coming in from the Dragons, but they surprised me for a half and then gave me what I expected in the second.

6) Los Angeles Wildcats

The Wildcats had to play without their expected starting quarterback Josh Johnson and they didn’t play badly, but the Houston Roughnecks were just better. Will Josh Johnson coming back save the day? I have no idea but the Wildcats have some pieces to work with.

5) Dallas Renegades

Much like Los Angeles, the Renegades had to play without starting quarterback Landry Jones, and just like L.A., it did not turn out well. The Renegades will end up being a good team when Jones returns, which should be next week. For the Renegades, next week is huge. In a 10-week season starting out 0-2 could be tough.

4) St. Louis Battlehawks

Quarterback Jordan Ta’amu can beat you with his legs. The question is can he do it with his arm? The win over Dallas looked like more of an offensive struggle than a defensive slug-fest. With that being said, they did get the win and Ta’amu has potential.

3) New York Guardians

The only question I have with the Guardians would be was the defense that good or was Aaron Murray that bad? I think Aaron Murray was that bad but the Guardians have legitimate talent on the defensive side of the ball and a quarterback in Matt McGloin who can get things done.

2) D.C. Defenders

The Defenders are well-coached with Pep Hamilton and Cardale Jones is a great athlete and a solid quarterback. The Defenders fans were great and they look like they will have one of the best home-field advantages in the league. This will be an exciting team to follow all season long. They look like a real contender.

1) Houston Roughnecks

Even in the XFL you need a quarterback to win and the best quarterback after week 1 is hands down P.J. Walker. Plus, the skill position players are very good and with June Jones at the helm, look for the offensive explosion to continue.