The Grueling Truth - Where Legends Speak / What We Learned from the Bengals Monday Night Debacle (Hint, this is all Mike Brown’s fault)

What We Learned from the Bengals Monday Night Debacle (Hint, this is all Mike Brown’s fault)

It's embarrassing
Jun 13, 2017; Cincinnati, OH, USA; Cincinnati Bengals owner Mike Brown watches as his team runs drills during minicamp at Paul Brown Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

1) Mike Brown sucks and he is the Bengals real problem

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If you are a Bengals fan you already know this one! But the fact that Brown and his daughter Katie are the worst owners in the NFL is part of the reason why they could not get an adult to coach this football team. Instead, we get a young guy who I admit is probably a badass at Madden 20 coaching this team.

Opie Taylor has never been a head coach and rarely a coordinator, and never a successful coordinator, but yet he is taking on both roles now with the Bengals. For the most part, these coaches are young and inexperienced and you have to blame the McVay effect here. Since Opie knew McVay and coached with him he is supposed to be the next big thing. However the lack of effort on this team points to problems with the head coach. The identity of the head coach is taken on by the team and Opie Taylor does not seem to be a hard-nosed guy by any means.

2) Player evaluation

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The offensive line is atrocious and that is putting it mildly. They actually kept Bobby Hart who has been a failure everywhere he has been. They also resigned Andre Smith who should be a professional eater, not a professional football player.

This year’s draft gave us Michael Jordan who is soft as butter. You really have to wonder why anybody after seeing his film at Ohio State would think he could play in the NFL. He doesn’t hit people, he catches them… well, let me clarify, he tries to catch them! Billy Price was the first-round pick last year and he has been a colossal failure so far. You see a pattern here? All former Ohio State guys, that’s what happens when you look at Mel Kiper’s big board to draft your players instead of having a big enough team of scouts to go out and evaluate players. Everybody laughed when they drafted Drew Sample. You might ask who is Drew Sample because he hasn’t played yet. I figured they saw him on TV at the same time they saw John Ross, so they took him.

3) Defense! What is defense?

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Defense is about heart, effort, determination and want-to–all things this group doesn’t have! They play an NFL game with just two linebackers. They make no in-game adjustments and while they have talented defensive lineman, the linebackers, for the most part, are undisciplined and look like chickens running around with their heads cut off. Gap responsibility and pursuit angles do not look like they are even being taught. Safety Shawn Williams is always out of position and don’t even get me started on Dre Kirkpatrick, who seems to be just hanging around collecting a paycheck.

4) Intensity? Huh?!

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Since the days of Sam Wyche have we seen a Bengals coach do more than look like a deer in the headlights? Marvin Lewis smirked and Opie Taylor looks like he is waiting for mom to call him in for dinner. Just once while getting embarrassed I would love to see a Bengals coach get fed up and lose it. Just one damn time! Act like you care!

5) Opie Taylor needs three or four years to change the culture

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Really? This is the NFL. Remember what Jerry Glanville used to say? That stands for Not For Long! This is not the University of Toledo where you need 3-5 years to turn things around, this is pro football! As a Bengals fan, I have waited since 1988 for a team to be proud of. You have to wonder what the 1988 guys that cared, that gave everything on the field, guys like Reggie Williams, Joe Kelly, Anthony Munoz, etc… think when they watch these half-assed efforts. Those guys always made the city proud and while they didn’t win a Super Bowl, you knew every time you bought a ticket they would give this city everything. Where has the pride gone? I will tell you, it has been sucked dry by Mike Brown, Katie Blackburn, and the entire Brown family.

6) Can this season be saved?

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NO, it can’t! This is just another lost season where you just have to pray that Andy Dalton and Ryan Finley can survive behind maybe the worst offensive line that has ever been assembled. I know a lot of season ticket holders think they are great fans by continuing to shell out their hard-earned money for this crap, but when are you going to realize that you are just giving money to Mike Brown and he is the only reason this team sucks? Blame Andy Dalton all you want but mark my words, Andy Dalton will win a playoff game before the Bengals ever do because he will be gone when this year is over and then we can sacrifice Ryan Finley to the Gods of Football, and next year at this time Bengals fans will be screaming to bench him for the new backup. By the way, whatever happened to the great A.J. McCarron?

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