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The 8 Biggest What if’s in NFL history

What if?
NEW YORK - APRIL 18: First round draft pick Peyton Manning #18 of the Indianapolis colts poses for this photo with his family and the owner of the Colts Jim Irsay far left for the Media after Peyton was drafted by the Colts during the NFL Draft April 18, 1998 at the Theatre at MSG in the Manhattan borough of New York City. (Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images)

The NFL, heck, almost every NFL game, no matter the score, has a handful of plays every game that if you change just one of them, you could change the winner. On a historical level, a few things stick out that could have changed the NFL as we know it! That’s one of the great things about betting on NFL games it will make your heart race and give you the feeling that you are in the game, and if you do want to be in the game, check out this site to get all of the best possible deals and promotions and bonuses click here!


1) What if Peyton Manning did not end up as an Indianapolis Colt?

The Colts were somewhat a laughing stock in the NFL and had been since the late 70s as the Irsay family had run it into the ground. In 1984 they moved to Indianapolis in the dead of night, sneaking out of Baltimore. The Colts could not get a new stadium in Baltimore, so they moved to Indianapolis, which offered a brand new state of the art stadium called the Hoosier dome. By the time we got to the end of the 1990s, the Colts were a mess attendance not good, and the Irsay’s were not going to get a new stadium deal. Los Angeles needed a team, and the Colts looked like a perfect place to relocate! But then that all changed as the Colts with the number one draft pick selected, Peyton Manning and that changed everything! In just his second season, Manning took the Colts to the playoffs, and from there, the face of the NFL was Peyton manning. If Ryan Leaf had been the choice, I truly believed that the Colts would have been relocated.

2) What if John Elway had become a Baltimore Colt?

The top two on this list kind of go hand in hand as the 1983 drafting of John Elway could have saved the Colts franchise. The Colts were last relevant in 1977 when quarterback Bert Jones had led them to a third straight playoff appearance. Injuries would destroy the rest of Jones career. In the 1983 draft, the Colts had a chance to grab a game-changer in the first round. Unfortunately, John Elway refused to play for the Colts and the rest, as they say, is history! Elway was a legend in Denver, and just a year later, the Colts were in Indianapolis. Would Elway play in Baltimore have kept the Colts there? I think this situation turns out with a move to Indianapolis either way, as Robert Irsay had burnt so many bridges a new stadium deal would have been doubtful. But, still, you have to wonder if the addition of Elway would have excited people enough to change Baltimore city leaders minds?

3) What if Greg Cook never gets injured?

Cook was drafted in 1969 by the Cincinnati Bengals and had a fantastic first four games for the Bengals until injuries ended his career. He played most of the 1969 season hurt and was still named the rookie of the year. The thing that makes this interesting is that Bill Walsh called Cook maybe the greatest quarterback he had ever been around. If Cook never gets injured, a lot of things may have changed in NFL history. In 1970 with no Cook at quarterback, the Bengals started Virgil Carter, who had a much weaker arm than Cook. Carter became the quarterback in Cincinnati, led Walsh to perfect the west coast offense, which didn’t need the arm-strength of the Greg Cook led offense. Now the Bengals made the playoffs in 1970, 73, and 75, do those playoff games end up any different with a talent like Cook at quarterback? Who knows, but all of the things that could have turned out differently with Cook at quarterback are mind-numbing to think about.

4) What if Bill Walsh is named Bengals head coach in 1976?

Paul brown retired after leading the Bengals to the playoffs in 1975, and he had a choice to make as his replacement. The options were his long-time assistant Bill Johnson or his offensive coordinator Bill Walsh. He picked Johnson, and the rest is history, and it’s not good history for the Bengals. Johnson would be fired a little over two years later, and Walsh would win 3 Super Bowls, and two of those wins came at the expense of Paul Brown and the Cincinnati Bengals. I think it’s safe to say that if Walsh had been hired in 1976, the 49ers dynasty probably never existed, and it’s possible a dynasty in Cincinnati would have been highly likely.

5) What if the 49ers had drafted Aaron Rodgers?

Rodgers wanted to stay out west and become a 49er; the Niners had other ideas as they passed on Rodgers and instead picked Alex Smith. Smith was a solid quarterback, but Rodgers has ended up being a hall of fame. I think it’s safe to assume if Rodgers gets drafted by the 49ers, he may have at least one or two more Super Bowl rings with the Niners. Rodgers being drafted by the 49ers would have also dramatically changed the fate of Colin Kaepernick, who would have never been a 49er if Rodgers was there. You can look through the NFL news every day. I find things that could have changed the way things have gone with just one minor tweak.

6) What if the Chargers go with Brees instead of Rivers?

Sure both were great quarterbacks, but Rivers is a borderline hall of fame, and Brees is a first-ballot Hall of Famer. It’s tough to imagine the Chargers not winning a Super Bowl if Brees had stayed. The Chargers had some loaded teams that always came up a little short in the playoffs. I think it’s safe to say that the Chargers would have won at least one Super Bowl with Brees at the helm. Plus, I will also add if Brees stays and wins a Super Bowl or two, then maybe the Chargers would still be in San Diego, where they belong.

7) What if Ernie Davis doesn’t tragically die?

Davis was drafted in 1961 to pair up with the legendary Jim Brown in the browns backfield. Tragically before that pairing could happen, Davis passed away from Leukemia. Now the first what if in this one would be how good would Davis have been? The second question would be, would Jim brown played a few more years if Davis had been in the same backfield to help Brown carry the load.

8) What if Nick Saban and the Dolphins had signed Drew Brees in 2005?

Nick Saban wanted Drew Brees, but of course, the dysfunctional Dolphins front office made a low-ball offer to Brees while the saints signed Brees. This could have changed football at the college and NFL levels. Maybe if Saban gets Brees, he never leaves Miami; perhaps the big rivalry in the NFL would have been Saban vs Belichick, which would mean no Alabama dynasty, among many things that could have happened had the Dolphins signed Brees.


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