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Sam McGinnis’ Top 10 QB Rankings after Week 13

Sam McGinnis' top-ten NFL quarterbacks

Here are Sam McGinnis’ top ten NFL quarterbacks after Week 13. Make sure to check out other quarterback power rankings by Sam Teets and Mike Goodpaster.

1. Patrick Mahomes (68.3 CMP%, 3,815 yards, 31TD, 2INT, 113.8 rating)

This is obvious, Mahomes has been outstanding all year and is deserving of the MVP award by far.  The thing that stands out most is the TD to INT ratio as it is around 15 to 1.  The only team he has thrown interceptions against have been the Oakland Raiders.  If Patrick can keep this level of play up and win more Super Bowls he will one day be considered the greatest QB to have ever played the position.

2. Aaron Rodgers(68.9 CMP%, 3,395 yards, 36TD, 4INT, 118.5 rating)

Very close behind Mahomes we find Aaron Rodgers who has now returned to top 5 qb form.  Rodgers could still win the MVP but as of now Mahomes has him.  Only throwing for 4INT’s this season is impressive.  One thing to note is the only big difference between Mahomes and Rodgers is Aaron has had one bad game this year, against the Bucs.  Patrick hasn’t had a bad game the whole year to this point but these two are incredibly close.

3. Russell Wilson (70 CMP%, 3,479 yards, 32TD, 11INT, 107.6 rating)

Despite the fact that Russell is here there is actually some concern.  The second half of the season really hasn’t been great for Wilson, most recently losing to the Giants.  He definitely has had several bad or at the very least not great games against the Cardinals, Bills, Rams and Giants.  His CMP% being at 70 is outstanding though so he does deserve some serious credit for that and for all that he has done for the team this season.

4. Deshaun Watson (68.8 CMP%, 3,542 yards, 24TD, 6INT, 110 rating) 

Why is Watson here?  Simple, his play has been fantastic.  On a side note he hasn’t had much help either.  His defense early in the year wasn’t very good though they have turned it around more recently.  He hasn’t had a lot of really much of any poor games statistically and this is not something even Russell Wilson can say.  This is quite a feat for having so little to work with. Unfortunately for Deshaun he is stuck on the Texans but hopefully for his sake they will be able to get some good pieces in the future.

5. Josh Allen (69.9 CMP%, 3,403 yards, 26TD, 8INT, 105.9 rating)

As odd as this may sound, Josh Allen is the best qb from the 2018 draft class.  Remember, this included Oklahoma star Baker Mayfield along with Josh Rosen, Sam Darnold and the former MVP Lamar Jackson.  So in spite of not being seen as the number one guy in the draft Allen has turned it around and helped the Bills reach 9-3.  He should be the Bills starter for years to come.

6. Ryan Tannehill (64.9 CMP%, 2,997 yards, 26TD, 5INT, 106.5 rating)

Ryan throughout his games has yet to throw a multi interception game, has a TD-INT of over 5-1 and has helped lead the Titans to an 8-4 record.  He is not looking bad at all.  He is truly defying the thought that last year was a one year wonder for him.  He has revived his career on a team where he has Derrick Henry to help him out.  He has the potential to help lead the Titans to a Super Bowl if they do it right.  Whether this year or not that is a possibility.

7. Derek Carr (68.1 CMP%, 3,027 yards, 22TD, 5INT, 104.1 rating)

Can we please stop undereating this guy.  Here are some stats you may be interested in hearing.  Derek Carr threw 3TDs against the Saints and Jets once a piece and the Chiefs twice.  He also has had a completion percentage above 70 in 6 of his 12 games.  This Raiders team has been a little inconsistent though.  Carr in my mind ought to be respected and I put him at #7 here.

8. Ben Roethlisberger (66.9 CMP%, 3,105 yards, 27TD, 7INT, 97.2 rating)

After battling injuries and Steelers fans getting to see the glory of Mason Rudolph, Ben has proved he can still play at a high level in the NFL.  He has helped his team reach a near perfect 11-1 record which includes wins against the Ravens twice and Titans once.  I will say their schedule to this point has been pretty pathetic and some of the bigger challenges are to come.  However you cannot deny Big Ben has performed quite well to this spot in the season.

9. Kirk Cousins (67.7 CMP%, 3,073 yards, 26TD, 12INT, 103.9 rating)

For a guy who is made fun of all the time he is playing pretty well.  Even with this, keep in mind Kirk has thrown more interceptions than anyone else on this list.  However, he has only thrown two INT’s since his 5th game against the Falcons in which he threw three of them.  Cousins has had rough times and good times this season.  To make the playoffs would be exceedingly difficult as the Vikings basically have to win out to do so and even then they may not make it. 

10. Tom Brady (64.8 CMP%, 3,300 yards, 28TD, 11INT, 95.1 rating)

Tom Brady is still a good qb, anybody that thinks otherwise just isn’t seeing reality or is just straight up lying.  Now this doesn’t mean he is a top 5 qb because he isn’t that either but we are at the point at which you have to realize he is good but not outstanding.  I know it’s Tom Brady but that is the truth of the citation.  He has thrown more interceptions than he has all of last year so far this year yet is on pace for most completions in a season of his career.  He’s just throwing the ball more.  So 10th place is pretty deserving.

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