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Sunday’s game was a complete disaster on both sides of the football but all you can do is keep moving forward to the next game. Going back to yesterday’s debacle, there needs to improvement in all areas if the team wants to be competitive, they are still young but lots of growing pains. After a loss like this, there is lots of overreaction where it’s only the first game of the season but there is no tanking in any sports organization. I can recall when the Browns had terrible season, they didn’t tank on purpose and fought hard every week till the final buzzer, even when the Dolphins had the infamous 1-15 season, they kept being competitive week in and week out. The Dolphins shouldn’t give away this whole season to an over-hype QB coming out of college who may not even be successful cause sometimes you can have a successful career in college football but won’t be the same where you are in the NFL.

Now onto the next opponent where they will be back at home against the New England Patriots. The Patriots open up as a 14.5 favorite but as the old saying goes: You never count out the Dolphins when the play the Patriots at home. Patriots fans came come in with overconfidence, but I would never underestimate the Dolphins playing them in Miami (Brady’s record in Miami is 7-10). If Ryan Tannehill and Jay Cutler can beat Tom Brady in Miami then I think Ryan Fitzpatrick can do it (Last time Fitzpatrick beat Tom Brady was in 2015 when he was QB for the Jets in MetLife Stadium) but we need improve and the Dolphins will have a chip on their shoulder entering Week 2.

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