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The Grueling Truth - Where Legends Speak / Sam’s 2019 NFL mock draft version 3.0

Sam’s 2019 NFL mock draft version 3.0

Mock Draft!
Publish Date: 04/23/2019
Fact checked by: Mike Goodpaster

The 2019 NFL Draft looks like it will be one of the most exciting in recent history. With time winding down till the first selection, this is my final mock draft. Note that I did not include trades, but there are several teams in the top ten that are definitely looking to move back and pick up extra selections.

Pick #1- Arizona Cardinals- Kyler Murray QB

Previous Pick in 2.0: Same

Previous Pick in 1.0: Same

While people are getting less and less sure that Murray will go first overall, I’m just going to stick with the early rumors that he’s Arizona’s guy.

Pick #2- San Francisco 49ers- Nick Bosa EDGE

Previous Pick in 2.0: Nick Bosa EDGE

Previous Pick in 1.0: Quinnen Williams DT

While I think Williams will be a better fit for the 49ers if the team still hopes that Solomon Thomas, a defensive end they drafted third overall in 2017, will turn into a reliable starter, it would be very easy just to replace the struggling third-year player with Bosa.

Pick #3- New York Jets- Josh Allen EDGE

Previous Pick in 2.0: Quinnen Williams DT

Previous Pick in 1.0: Nick Bosa EDGE

The Jets have tried and failed to land permanent mainstays along the interior in the past. At this point, it might just be easier for the team to draft a classic EDGE rusher.

Pick #4- Oakland Raiders- Quinnen Williams DT

Previous Pick in 2.0: Josh Allen EDGE

Previous Pick in 1.0: Josh Allen EDGE

The Raiders defense was terrible at getting after the quarterback last year and while they don’t absolutely need a defensive tackle, Williams is clearly the best player left on the board. Oakland could try to trade back if they’d rather have an EDGE rusher.

Pick #5- Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Devin White LB

Previous Pick in 2.0: Devin White LB

Previous Pick in 1.0: Rashan Gary EDGE

The Buccaneers need to replace Kwon Alexander in the middle of the defense. It would be great to continue building the defensive line, but the linebacker position is a more prominent need. This spot might be a little high for White, but the Buccaneers seem enamored with him.

Pick #6- New York Giants- Dwayne Haskins QB

Previous Pick in 2.0: Same

Previous Pick in 1.0: Same

The Giants have a lot of options with the sixth pick, but Eli Manning’s days of winning with the team seem to be done. The rebuild is underway in New York. I will say that there have been rumors that the Giants actually like Daniel Jones more, which would make sense if they plan to trade back, because drafting Jones with the sixth pick would be a fairly large reach.

Pick #7- Jacksonville Jaguars- Jawaan Taylor OT

Previous Pick in 2.0: T.J. Hockenson TE

Previous Pick in 1.0: Noah Fant TE

Somehow the Jaguars are still having trouble along their offensive line. Taylor is the top rated offensive tackle in this class, so while the team needs offensive weapons, they might prioritize the offensive line.

Pick #8- Detroit Lions- Montez Sweat EDGE

Previous Pick in 2.0: Same

Previous Pick in 1.0: Same

Again, the Lions already have Trey Flowers and Romeo Okwara, who recorded 7.5 sacks last season, but Sweat seems like he’d be a hard player to pass up on. Detroit might take a tight end here if they’re not sold on Sweat.

Pick #9- Buffalo Bills- Ed Oliver DT

Previous Pick in 2.0: Ed Oliver DT

Previous Pick in 1.0: Jawaan Taylor OT

Oliver is by far the best remaining player in the draft at this point. After Pro Bowl defensive tackle, Kyle Williams retired following the 2018 season, the Bills need a replacement.

Pick #10- Denver Broncos- Drew Lock QB

Previous Pick in 2.0: Drew Lock QB

Previous Pick in 1.0: Devin White LB

With White no longer available, John Elway decides to take another shot at drafting the team’s quarterback of the future. I do think Lock will be a successful NFL quarterback, but I don’t think he’s the top player on the Broncos draft board.

Pick #11- Cincinnati Bengals- Devin Bush LB

Previous Pick in 2.0: Devin Bush LB

Previous Pick in 1.0: Andre Dillard OT

The Bengals have an underrated defensive line and some young players in the secondary, but the linebacker corps needs some attention, especially now that Vontaze Burfict is gone for good.

Pick #12- Green Bay Packers- T.J. Hockenson TE

Previous Pick in 2.0: Noah Fant TE

Previous Pick in 1.0: Jonah Williams OL

Marcedes Lewis was a nonfactor in the offense last year and Jimmy Graham had the worst year of his career since 2015. With Graham under contract through 2020, Hockenson is his eventual replacement.

Pick #13- Miami Dolphins- Rashan Gary EDGE

Previous Pick in 2.0: Rashan Gary EDGE

Previous Pick in 1.0: Clelin Ferrell EDGE

It’s the same position but players have been bumped back a few spots thanks to shifts in the top 12 selections. If Gary falls to 13, which is a possibility, the Dolphins will happily take him. It should be noted though that Gary has some of the highest boom or bust potential in this draft.

Pick #14- Atlanta Falcons- Christian Wilkins DT

Previous Pick in 2.0: Jawaan Taylor OT

Previous Pick in 1.0: Ed Oliver DT

It seems like Atlanta might trade up to try and get Ed Oliver, but this is a no trades mock, so they’ll be staying put. At 14, Wilkins will be the best remaining defensive tackle.

Pick #15- Washington Redskins- Daniel Jones QB

Previous Pick in 2.0: Marquise Brown WR

Previous Pick in 1.0: Drew Lock QB

This is a total Redskins move. I know they have Case Keenum, but he’ll only be around for a year and I really wouldn’t bet on Alex Smith playing at a Pro Bowl level again, if he ever plays again at all.

Pick #16- Carolina Panthers- Jonah Williams OL

Previous Pick in 2.0: Jonah Williams OL

Previous Pick in 1.0: Devin Bush LB

Williams has emphasized he wants to play tackle, but he has said he’ll kick inside if that’s what NFL teams want. Either way, the Panthers need someone capable of protecting Cam Newton and Williams will certainly do that, no matter what position he plays.

Pick #17- New York Giants (from Cleveland Browns)- Clelin Ferrell EDGE 

Previous Pick in 2.0: Clelin Ferrell EDGE

Previous Pick in 1.0: Christian Wilkins DT

Ferrell fits the Giants defensive scheme better than Wilkins and will give them a true EDGE threat. The Giants had the second-fewest sacks in the league in 2018, so they need the help. Also, do you remember how good the defensive lines were on the last two Giants Super Bowl teams? They need to get back to more of that.

Pick #18- Minnesota Vikings- Andre Dillard OT

Previous Pick in 2.0: Andre Dillard OT

Previous Pick in 1.0: Cody Ford OT

The Vikings are probably hoping this is Jonah Williams, but he’s not going to fall that far. The Vikings have had a bed o-line going all the way back to the Adrian Peterson years. It’s about time that changed.

Pick #19- Tennessee Titans- Brian Burns EDGE

Previous Pick in 2.0: Christian Wilkins DT

Previous Pick in 1.0: D.K. Metcalf WR

The Titans need to strengthen their defensive front. It doesn’t matter if that means drafting a defensive tackle, defensive end, or outside linebacker, the team needs help. Burns is an up and down prospect who could be a big time hit in Tennessee.

Pick #20- Pittsburgh Steelers- Greedy Williams CB

Previous Pick in 2.0: Same

Previous Pick in 1.0: Same

I think I’ve fallen in love with this pick too much, but Williams is my favorite corner in this draft, and he seems like the perfect guy to help Pittsburgh get over taking Artie Burns a few years ago.

Pick #21- Seattle Seahawks- Marquise Brown WR

Previous Pick in 2.0: Cody Ford OT

Previous Pick in 1.0: Dexter Lawrence DT

I’ll admit, I’m not in love with this selection. The Seahawks probably should go offensive line here, but I have a gut feeling they won’t. With Doug Baldwin aging and Russell Wilson in constant need of more weapons, Brown could really help out the Seahawks offense.

Pick #22- Baltimore Ravens- D.K. Metcalf WR

Previous Pick in 2.0: D.K. Metcalf WR

Previous Pick in 1.0: Marquise Brown WR

With Brown not available, Metcalf is the best remaining receiver. The Ravens need to surround Lamar Jackson with as many weapons as possible. Metcalf is another player with major boom or bust potential. The Ravens might even avoid him and choose to address other needs if this scenario plays out.

Pick #23- Houston Texans- Cody Ford OT

Previous Pick in 2.0: Dalton Risner OT

Previous Pick in 1.0: Byron Murphy CB

Deshaun Watson needs help. This selection could either be Ford or Dalton Risner, because both of those guys are good enough to replace either of the Texans current tackles and provide the young quarterback with immediate relief. The Texans will also likely look at the available corners.

Pick #24- Oakland Raiders (from Chicago Bears)- Byron Murphy CB

Previous Pick in 2.0: Byron Murphy CB

Previous Pick in 1.0: T.J. Hockenson TE

The Raiders haven’t had a good cornerback since Nnamdi Asomugha, despite trying to pick one several times in the draft. Maybe they’ll finally get it right. While the team does have a lot of other needs as well, the cornerback position is highly crucial in the modern era and I don’t think the Raiders can afford to pass or Murphy.

Pick #25- Philadelphia Eagles- Dalton Risner OT

Previous Pick in 2.0: Dexter Lawrence DT

Previous Pick in 1.0: Josh Jacobs RB

I still don’t like making the Eagles selection, but they need to add depth along the offensive line, at linebacker, and along the interior of the defensive line. Risner is my top remaining tackle.

Pick #26- Indianapolis Colts- Deandre Baker CB

Previous Pick in 2.0: Same

Previous Pick in 1.0: Same

Pierre Desir isn’t going to save the Colts cornerback corps. They need to really invest in their secondary, and Baker could play a big role in fixing that unit. A.J. Brown might be an alternative selection here if the Colts choose to focus on the offense.

Pick #27- Oakland Raiders (from Dallas Cowboys)- Josh Jacobs RB

Previous Pick in 2.0: Nasir Adderley S

Previous Pick in 1.0: Rock Ya-Sin CB

This selection could also be Noah Fant or Johnathan Abram. Frankly, the Raiders have plenty of needs. Right now their best back is Isaiah Crowell, and that might be fine if you’re the Browns or Jets, but the Raiders shouldn’t settle at the running back position.

Pick #28- Los Angeles Chargers- Dexter Lawrence DT

Previous Pick in 2.0: Kaleb McGary OT

Previous Pick in 1.0: Dalton Risner OT

I’m not a huge fan of this selection, but it’s hard to see Lawrence falling out of the first round and the Chargers need to add depth and talent on the interior defensive line.

Pick #29- Kansas City Chiefs- Garrett Bradbury C

Previous Pick in 2.0: Same

Previous Pick in 1.0: Same

The Chiefs lost their starting center in free agency. Bradbury has been jumping up draft boards since the combine and now scouts are saying he’s good enough to be a ten-year starter.

Pick #30- Green Bay Packers (from New Orleans Saints)- A.J. Brown WR

Previous Pick in 1.0: Same

Previous Pick in 1.0: Same

The Packers need to stop wasting Aaron Rodger’s prime. Brown would pair nicely with Davante Adams and would give Rodgers a one-two punch as he had with many of his earlier teams.

Pick #31- Los Angeles Rams- Chris Lindstrom OG

Previous Pick in 2.0: Brian Burns EDGE

Previous Pick in 1.0: Jeffery Simmons DT

The Rams interior offensive line is looking shaky after the losses of two starters this offseason. While I’m tempted to put Simmons or another defensive lineman here, the Rams really should help out Jared Goff and Todd Gurley.

Pick #32- New England Patriots- Noah Fans TE

Previous Pick in 2.0: Riley Ridley WR

Previous Pick in 1.0: Jaylon Ferguson EDGE

The Patriots seem to be looking for new options for Tom Brady every year. Now that Rob Gronkowski has retired, the team will clearly focus on that position. While they did sign Austin Seferian-Jenkins, the Pats should be open to also drafting a tight end. This pick could also be almost any defensive player at corner, defensive tackle, EDGE, or safety. The Patriots will have options.

Best Remaining Offense-

Greg Little OT, Kaleb McGary OT, Irv Smith Jr. TE

Little could hear his names called on opening night if linemen get taken early and often, but that wasn’t the case in this mock, which is why McGary also fell out of the first round. Little seems more and more like a clear second round pick as time goes on. Smith Jr. just can’t jump over the two Iowa tight ends and it would be extremely rare to see three tight ends go in round one.

Best Remaining Defense-

Jerry Tillery DT, Jeffery Simmons DT, Jaylon Ferguson EDGE, Mack Wilson LB, Rock Ya-Sin CB, Johnathan Abram S, Taylor Rapp S

Tillery would be a first round selection under normal circumstances, but this year’s draft is loaded with defensive tackles. I had Simmons in the first round in my first mock, but I think that recent ACL tear will be enough to drop him to the second. Although, there is speculation that Simmons could easily still go in the first and might even be among the ten most talented players in this class. That’s just something to keep an eye on. Ferguson fell out of the first round because Brian Burns rose into it and joined an already crowded group of top EDGE rushers. Wilson is the third best linebacker in this class but he’s not close enough to the two Devins to hear his name called on the first night.

Ya-Sin is a first round level prospect, but it all depends on how many teams want corners that early on. My battle to figure out the actual skill level and draft order of the top safeties in this class continues, which is why Abram and Rapp are both listed.

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