Rod’s Week and Sports

Rod's week and sports!
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I can’t really think about my week without feeling the pain of the Browns loss in Oakland. The game had a lot of excitement and shows the promise of Baker Mayfield and the young stars on this offense. I know a loss is still a loss and Hue keeps losing. The thing is, the Browns have been in every game this season. I’ll admit, I was upset at the loss. It felt like a robbery. I could have let it ruin my life for a few days, but I didn’t. The Browns were never going to make the Super Bowl this season. The team has to develop and learn how to close games.

Life goes on.

If you think the Browns have been competitive, you should join me for a ride into the office. Everyone in the country thinks they live by the worst drivers in the world. I’m no different. I drive 30 plus miles one way to work on the north side of Cincinnati most days. I’m thankful for my survival each and every day. People drive like it’s a sport. In the stretch that I drive, people don’t like to let anyone merge in front of them. You get stuck in a lane for miles if you aren’t careful. You’ll also get run off the road when you try to merge onto the highway unless you watch yourself.

Having a blended family isn’t always easy. My daughter lives on her own and my son lives with his mom while going to college. Saturday morning, my son and I went to a car show together. We saw some great cars, had some great conversation and enjoyed our time together. It’s an over-used expression that “they grow up fast,” yet they really do. You never stop being a parent, but eventually, your kids grow into their own lives. You have to appreciate the time you have with them under your roof, even when they’re a pain in the butt. Like I said, blended family life isn’t necessarily easy, but it has its advantages. Having my son call me wanting to do something is special, just like teaching my step-sons to drive and shave has been. I call them step-sons for clarification only.

I’ll be in Cleveland for the Browns game Sunday. I’m excited about that. I haven’t seen many games in person. I’ll be watching this one with my older brother. It should be a lot of fun. We grew up going to more Indians games together than Browns games. Cleveland sports have always been in my family’s blood. Call it a curse. You know what I mean.

I’m still trying to understand the concept of playing two separate play-in games in the National League Tuesday when all four teams were making the playoffs. You would think there would be a tie-breaker in place, like their head-to-head record. If you don’t like that idea, how about playing at a neutral site? Why does one team get a home game when two teams are tied after 162 games? I’m aware that a lot of people like these one-game playoffs. I think one game after 162 is fairly arbitrary. Any baseball fan knows that any team can beat another in one game. That’s why they play a five or seven-game series in the playoffs.

The Cavs start preseason action tonight. It should be interesting to watch this team. I really hope they have a respectable season. Speaking of basketball, what is the etiquette involved with shooting at the wastebasket in the men’s room with your used paper towel? I have to say, I only do it when no one else is around. Maybe that’s because I don’t want to miss in front of someone. It’s not like I miss very often. Just wondering.

Here’s hoping the Indians kick off the playoffs with a great series, the Browns get their second win and the drivers are better where you live.

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