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The Grueling Truth - Where Legends Speak / Re-drafting the talent heavy 2010 NFL Draft

Re-drafting the talent heavy 2010 NFL Draft

Publish Date: 11/07/2018
Fact checked by: Mike Goodpaster

The 2010 Draft was loaded with Pro Bowlers and All-Pros. Talent wise it was an incredible haul that produced many mainstays in the league that have been stars for the better part of a decade now. However, every team didn’t get the player they wanted and some of their draft picks turned into busts.

In this re-draft, which follows the rules I’ve used in my past articles, we’ll redistribute the immense wealth of talent unloaded in the 2010 draft.

St. Louis Rams Pick # 1

Original Pick- Sam Bradford QB

New Pick – Rob Gronkowski TE (Drafted 42nd Overall by Patriots)

Billy Bajema started eight games for the Rams back in 2010. It’s safe to say Gronkowski would’ve been a huge upgrade. Some people believe Gronk is the greatest tight end of all-time and considering the limited air weapons that were available to Sam Bradford, Gronk should’ve been taken first overall.

Detroit Lions Pick # 2

Original Pick- Ndamukong Suh DT

New Pick – Earl Thomas S (Drafted 14th Overall by Seahawks)

Suh had some great years in Detroit and might warrant a re-draft, but the Lions didn’t manage to accomplish much when Suh was there. Maybe things would be different if they picked the future Hall of Fame safety, Thomas. The former X-factor in the Legion of Boom has the best career resume of any active safety in the league.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Pick # 3

Original Pick- Gerald McCoy DT

New Pick – Antonio Brown WR (Drafted 195th Overall by Steelers)

Brown was the steal of steals in the 2010 draft. The future Hall of Fame wide receiver may be having a down year in 2018, but he’s already had half a dozen Pro Bowl seasons and regularly has to beat double and even triple teams. He’d do wonders for Tampa’s lackluster receiver corps.

Washington Redskins Pick # 4

Original Pick- Trent Williams OT

New Pick – Ndamukong Suh DT (Drafted 2nd Overall by Lions)

Getting Suh all the way down at four is a steal for the Redskins. Adding him to the interior of the defensive line only talent to a defense that already had Brian Orakpo, DeAngelo Hall, and London Fletcher. It’s hard to say if Suh will make the Hall of Fame when he retires. He definitely has the talent, but has he produced enough?

Kansas City Chiefs Pick # 5

Original Pick- Eric Berry S

New Pick – Eric Berry S (Drafted 5th Overall by Chiefs)

Injuries have robbed Berry of many of his best potential seasons, but the Chiefs wouldn’t have anyone else here. When Berry is healthy he’s a Hall of Fame level player and will walk into Canton one day.

Seattle Seahawks Pick # 6

Original Pick- Russell Okung OT

New Pick – Trent Williams OT (Drafted 4th Overall by Redskins)

Okung was a great selection who developed into a Pro Bowl left tackle, but Williams has been to the last six Pro Bowls and is clearly the superior player. Frankly Williams is a pure mauling force of nature.

Cleveland Browns Pick # 7

Original Pick- Joe Haden CB

New Pick – Sam Bradford QB (Drafted 1st Overall by Rams)

Colt McCoy led the Browns in passing in 2010. He threw nine interceptions to six touchdowns and averaged less than 200 yards per game. Despite his injury history, Bradford has still been better than any quarterback the team has had since 2010 up until Baker Mayfield, who the jury is still out on.

Oakland Raiders Pick # 8

Original Pick- Rolando McClain LB

New Pick – NaVorro Bowman LB (Drafted 91st Overall by 49ers)

McClain’s story will always be about what could have been had he stayed out of trouble off of the field. Bowman had a lot of issues with injuries, but he was also a four-time First Team All-Pro. He was a rare talent that the Raiders would be crazy to pass up.

Buffalo Bills Pick # 9

Original Pick- C.J. Spiller RB

New Pick – Russell Okung OT (Drafted 6th Overall by Seahawks)

In 2010 Demetress Bell was the Bills starting left tackle. He entered the league in 2009 and was out of it by 2013. On the other hand, Okung has been to two Pro Bowls during his career including one just last season. Stability at the left tackle position is essential in the NFL and the 2010 Bills needed as much stability as possible.

Jacksonville Jaguars Pick # 10

Original Pick- Tyson Alualu DT

New Pick – Geno Atkins DT (Drafted 120th Overall by Bengals)

Atkins is better than the tenth player in this draft, he just fell this far because of team needs. If the Jaguars were looking for a defensive anchor in the center of the line Atkins would’ve been the best choice of the remaining players. He’s great against the run and the pass.

San Francisco 49ers Pick # 11

Original Pick- Anthony Davis OT

New Pick – Maurkice Pouncey C (Drafted 18th Overall by Steelers)

Davis wasn’t a bad pick but he didn’t exactly work out for the 49ers. The team’s center in 2010 was David Baas, and he left the 49ers after the season. Pouncey would’ve been a great replacement for Baas, especially considering the Florida product has been to six Pro Bowls through eight complete years so far.

San Diego Chargers Pick # 12

Original Pick- Ryan Matthews RB

New Pick – Kam Chancellor S (Drafted 133rd Overall by Seahawks)

Matthews had a few good seasons with the Chargers but not enough to warrant a first round pick. The idea of putting Chancellor next to Eric Weddle would be a defense coordinator’s dream. The Chargers didn’t have a terrific strong safety anyways, so taking Chancellor would fill a need and form a dominant defensive backfield.

Philadelphia Eagles Pick # 13

Original Pick- Brandon Graham DE

New Pick – Gerald McCoy DT (Drafted 3rd Overall by Buccaneers)

Graham was a good pick and has developed into a solid player but McCoy is just better. He has been more consistent and impactful than Graham. On top of that the Eagles would need new defensive tackles soon after this draft so why not just get a great one a little early?

Seattle Seahawks Pick # 14

Original Pick- Earl Thomas S

New Pick – Devin McCourty CB (Drafted 27th Overall by Patriots)

There was no way Thomas would ever fall this far but McCourty is still available. The Seahawks secondary needed a remodeling back in 2010, that means both at the safety and cornerback spots. Luckily McCourty can play both positions at a Pro Bowl level.

New York Giants Pick # 15

Original Pick- Jason Pierre-Paul DE

New Pick – Mike Iupati OG (Drafted 17th Overall by 49ers)

Pierre-Paul has been resurgent this year with the Buccaneers, but the Giants can’t do that pick again. It was a great pick and Pierre-Paul was magnificent but things ended to chaotically. Instead the Giants take the stabilizing Pro Bowler Iupati to fill the soon to be vacant left guard spot.

Tennessee Titans Pick # 16

Original Pick- Derrick Morgan DE

New Pick – Everson Griffen DE (Drafted 100th Overall by Vikings)

It’s tempting to go with Jason Pierre-Paul in this spot, especially considering it took Griffen four seasons to become a full-time starter and how he’s missed a good part of this season. However, he has 43.5 sacks in the last four seasons and is a great emotional leader when on the field. If the Titans were going to go with a defensive end there are a lot of other directions they could’ve gone in other than Morgan.

San Francisco 49ers Pick # 17

Original Pick- Mike Iupati OG

New Pick – Demaryius Thomas WR (Drafted 22nd Overall by Broncos)

The 2010 49ers offense was rich with weapons including Frank Gore, Michael Crabtree, and Vernon Davis. Just imagine throwing Thomas in there and then having John Harbaugh arriving in 2011. That offense would be borderline unstoppable.

Pittsburgh Steelers Pick # 18

Original Pick- Maurkice Pouncey C

New Pick – Joe Haden CB (Drafted 7th Overall by Browns)

When was the last time the Steelers had a Pro Bowl cornerback? Pittsburgh is more renowned for its linebackers, but Haden offered them a top five cornerback, at least for a couple of seasons. Haden has found his way to Pittsburgh anyways, but it would’ve been better if he joined the team back in 2010.

Atlanta Falcons Pick # 19

Original Pick- Sean Weatherspoon LB

New Pick – Jason Pierre-Paul DE (Drafted 15th Overall by Giants)

Weatherspoon was a good player he just never stayed healthy so he won’t be re-drafted here. At the time the Falcons had All-Pro John Abraham at defensive end but Kroy Biermann was the other starter. Imagine teaming Pierre-Paul up with Abraham. That would be one if not the best pass rushing duo in football. Through eight and a half seasons Pierre-Paul has 66.5 sacks including eight in 2018. Welcome back JPP.

Houston Texans Pick # 20

Original Pick- Kareem Jackson CB

New Pick – Reshad Jones S (Drafted 163rd Overall by Dolphins)

Jackson was another sold selection. He’s still a starting cornerback for the Texans in 2018 but he never developed into a Pro Bowl player. Jones on the other hand is one of the best safeties in the league and the Texans needed safety help. After the 2010 season the team had to replace both of their starting safeties, neither of which were as good as Jones.

Cincinnati Bengals Pick # 21

Original Pick- Jermaine Gresham TE

New Pick – Jimmy Graham TE (Drafted 95th Overall by Saints)

If the Bengals were going to draft a tight end then they should’ve taken Graham. The 6-7 former basketball player has had four seasons with over 900 receiving yards and also has four seasons with double digit touchdowns. Talk about adding a new weapon to your offense. The five-time Pro Bowler is just as good as a wide receiver and then some, especially in the redzone.

Denver Broncos Pick # 22

Original Pick- Demaryius Thomas WR

New Pick – Dez Bryant WR (Drafted 24th Overall by Cowboys)

The Broncos weren’t wrong to take a shot on a receiver, they had just lost Brandon Marshall after the 2009 season after all. Unfortunately, Thomas has already been taken and that means Bryant is the best receiver left on the board. He might not have the career longevity of the other two receivers that will be taken later in this re-draft, but he had a much higher ceiling.

Green Bay Packers Pick # 23

Original Pick- Bryan Bulaga OT

New Pick – Bryan Bulaga OT (Drafted 23rd Overall by Packers)

There are better players left on the board but it’s hard to find consistent offensive tackles who can serve a team for close to a decade. Despite missing most of last season and 2013, Bulaga has consistently defended Aaron Rodgers over the years and solidifies a position of need for the 2010 Packers.

Dallas Cowboys Pick # 24

Original Pick- Dez Bryant WR

New Pick – Emmanuel Sanders WR (Drafted 82nd Overall by Steelers)

2010 was Miles Austin’s last year as a Pro Bowl wide receiver and it was Roy Williams’ last season with the team. Enter Sanders, he doesn’t have the All-Pro potential that Bryant did and doesn’t produce as many touchdowns, but he looks like he’s on his way to a fourth career 1,000 receiving yard season. Don’t underestimate how lethal of a weapon he can be.

Denver Broncos Pick # 25

Original Pick- Tim Tebow QB

New Pick – Linval Joseph DT (Drafted 46th Overall by Giants)

I honestly loved Tebow Time but I’m thinking more long-term with this draft pick. Joseph rounds out a class of four Pro Bowl defensive tackles. The Broncos didn’t have Terrance Knighton or Malik Jackson yet and frankly Joseph is better than both of them anyways. While he can get sacks, he’s more known for his run-stuffing ability.

Arizona Cardinals Pick # 26

Original Pick- Dan Williams DT

New Pick – Sean Lee LB (Drafted 55th Overall by Cowboys)

At this point Lee is the best defensive player left on the board. He is infamous for his inability to stay healthy, but also for being one of the most impactful linebackers in the game. The former All-Pro would fit in nicely alongside fellow rookie linebacker Daryl Washington, who the Cardinals drafted later on.

New England Patriots Pick # 27

Original Pick- Devin McCourty CB

New Pick – Carlos Dunlap DE (Drafted 54th Overall by Bengals)

Of course the Patriots would retake McCourty if they could but that’s not an option at this point. Back in 2010 the most sacks any player on the Patriots had was 5.5. Dunlap has recorded more sacks in a season than that in all but one of his years in the league. The two-time Pro Bowler already has seven sacks in 2018 putting his career total at 71.5.

Miami Dolphins Pick # 28

Original Pick- Jared Odrick DT

New Pick – Golden Tate WR (Drafted 60th Overall by Seahawks)

In 2009 the Dolphins best receiver was Davone Bess. The team was in dire need of offensive weapons and they were lucky enough to add Brandon Marshall in the offseason. The combination of Marshall and Tate would really be an incredible duo for the Dolphins and would go a long way to making up for the rest of the scrappy offense.

New York Jets Pick # 29

Original Pick- Kyle Wilson CB

New Pick – T.J. Ward S (Drafted 38th Overall by Browns)

The Jets secondary was in need of a boost going into 2010 but cornerback wasn’t the right position to draft at. The safety position was a lot thinner and less talented. Although Ward is no longer in the league he did make two Pro Bowls and had numerous other successful seasons during his eight year career.

Detroit Lions Pick # 30

Original Pick- Jahvid Best RB

New Pick – LeGarrette Blount RB (Undrafted)

Best lasted just three seasons in the league and never came anywhere near fulfilling the Lions expectations. Blount on the other hand went undrafted and then surpassed all expectations. He’s run for over a thousand yards twice and has 54 career rushing touchdowns, including an astonishing 18 from back in 2016.

Indianapolis Colts Pick # 31

Original Pick- Jerry Hughes DE

New Pick – Jerry Hughes DE (Drafted 31st Overall by Colts)

Hughes wasn’t a bad pick the Colts were just impatient. In three years with the Colts Hughes recorded five sacks. In his first two seasons with the Bills he recorded 20. High numbers have fallen off since those initial two seasons in Buffalo, but Hughes is still worth re-drafting.

New Orleans Saints Pick # 32

Original Pick- Patrick Robinson CB

New Pick – Jermaine Gresham TE (Drafted 21st Overall by Bengals)

2010 was the year the Saints added Jimmy Graham, but he’s obviously not falling that far in this re-draft. The Saints best tight end in 2010 was Jeremy Shockey but he left following the season in free agency. Gresham’s career seems to be winding down now but he was a lot more effective in his early years when he made two Pro Bowls.

Best Remaining: Zane Beadles OL, Alejandro Villanueva OT, Chris Ivory RB, Ryan Matthews RB, Eric Decker WR, Victor Cruz WR, Brandon Graham DE, Daryl Washington LB, Jason Worilds LB, Junior Galette LB, Alterraun Verner CB, Kareem Jackson CB, Sam Shields CB, Darian Stewart S, Morgan Burnett S

If there’s a legacy to the 2010 draft, it would be all the great players that were selected after the first round or weren’t selected at all. Also, the class was the best for defensive tackles in recent memory, producing up to three future Hall of Famers in Geno Atkins, Gerald McCoy, and Ndamukong Suh. The safety pool was also fairly stacked and was led by future Hall of Famers Earl Thomas and Eric Berry.

Some major pass catchers were introduced into the league as well, including: Rob Gronkowski, Antonio Brown, Jimmy Graham, Demaryius Thomas, Emmanuel Sanders, Golden Tate, and Jermaine Gresham.

The Seahawks clearly won the 2010 draft, nabbing Russell Okung and Thomas in the first round and then adding Tate and Kam Chancellor in later rounds. Some teams can’t land that many talented players in four years! The Bengals and Steelers also did well, drafting three Pro Bowlers a piece.

Note that I found it the hardest to determine where the players in picks two through four should go. Based on skill and talent Brown should have gone second but the Lions already had Calvin Johnson. Then I thought about the Lions taking Suh again but that didn’t produce much the first time around, Suh was great in Detroit but the team didn’t prosper. So Thomas went at two. I really wanted to put Suh at three because the Buccaneers were already looking for a defensive tackle, but Brown’s talent was to great and the Buccaneers receiver depth to shabby. Also, for scheme reasons, Suh’s fit in Washington would be iffy.

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