Source: MSU Athletics

5) Anfernee Jennings, ILB/OLB, Alabama

A new injury in 2017 kind of stunted the growth of his career. He is a great downhill football player and great when he is blitzing. He is also solid against the run game, but I think his lateral movement could hamper him in coverage in the NFL. He will be a quality player for a long time in the NFL. Jennings can be a solid pick as long as he goes third round or lower.

4) Jordyn Brooks, ILB, Texas Tech

I think Brooks is more of a Will linebacker and playing in the middle would be a problem in the NFL because he does not shed blockers very well. Brooks is a great downhill player, but you would have to blitz him every down to keep him productive and that just won’t work against NFL competition.

3) Malik Harrison, ILB, Ohio State

Harrison is a thumper against the run and he is not a hindrance against the pass. He still needs some work on his coverage skills, but in the right situation, he could turn into a starter for somebody.

2) Joe Bachie, ILB, Michigan State

Before you say it, let me tell you that I know there is nobody else that would rank Bachie this high. But he is a tackling machine. He was banned last season for taking a banned substance, but Bachie is an experienced linebacker from a school that has produced a ton of NFL linebackers. While he may not look as good to everybody else, I see a tough, smart player that can contribute.

1) Kenneth Murray, ILB/OLB, Oklahoma

Murray is an aggressive, athletic freak who could play inside or outside. He makes mistakes sometimes because he is over-aggressive. To me he is a can’t-miss pick who is brilliant sideline to sideline and is an excellent tackler. I see no drawbacks with any team picking Murray, that is unless they do not like aggressive linebackers!