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Predicting the Super Bowl LIII Matchup- Fan Poll


Who will win the Super Bowl? That can be a million-dollar question literally for some gamblers out there. Here we’re not all into that, this is for the fun of talking about the most complex and thought-provoking questions in sports. Predicting the Super Bowl winner is a lucrative and impressive feat though but predicting the Super Bowl matchup is much tougher.

There are a lot of teams that are in the running for the next Lombardi, but only two will get the chance to take the field with America watching and have the chance to compete for the title. Today, ten fans and I will try to predict just who will survive the initial rounds of the postseason and make it to Atlanta for Super Bowl LIII.

Fan Responses

“What do you think this year’s Super Bowl matchup will be?”

“I believe this year’s Super Bowl will be between the Packers and Patriots cause they both have the top two QB’s in the league who make miracles happen and I don’t see the Jags or anyone with a complete team beat the patriots cause the Jags QB situation isn’t as good but I believe the Patriots will be there normal selves and make it to the Super Bowl and win in my opinion but the Packers will be close.”–@JJHumphrey12

“I’d probably go Saints vs. Jags. Both teams improved significantly this off-season and I think they can win their respective conferences.” –@M_Formo

“To be honest, I have no clue. But if I had to take my best guess I’d go with Jaguars vs Eagles. The AFC is sort of weak and the Jaguars are young and looking to redeem themselves. And the Eagles haven’t gotten worse and their division is pretty easy. But the playoffs will be tough. Would’ve said the Packers but I have no idea how Rodgers is right now.”–@Federico8888

“Patriots out of the AFC and the NFC is tough because of how competitive it is but I think the Eagles have a really good shot of going back.”–@brianspolarich 

“I’d have to say Eagles-Patriots again is a good bet. Also in the NFC the Saints could be a dangerous team I just don’t think anyone can match the Patriots in the AFC.”–justinwagner2498

“I’m going to go with Packers and Steelers. They are both overdue to play in the Super Bowl, and frankly I’m really sick of seeing the Patriots in there.”–@LordBeckler 

“Vikings vs Pats.”–@Tbegane

“I’ll answer your question with a question. Has there ever been repeat Super Bowl matchups in back to back years?” Yes, when the Cowboys played the Bills in Super Bowls XXVII and XXVIII. “I think that may happen for the second time this year…But if that doesn’t happen I like the losers from last year’s conference championship games, Jacksonville and Minnesota.”–@matthewdufner

“Giants vs Steelers I’m going to go against my previous statement of saying the Steelers are going to win because the Giants win this one 27-23.”–@GillRyan11

“NFC is looking like it’s going to be very competitive this year with the Eagles, Vikings, Saints, etc. Although, I think if Kirk Cousins can make it work with Thielen and Diggs then Minnesota has a serious shot at it. I’m sick of the Patriots always representing the AFC, but I think the Steelers will be the team if they can stay healthy. The Jags may be ready this year, but they don’t have the playoff experience the Steelers do.”-@AndrewFerdenzi

Final Tally

Packers vs. Steelers: 1

Packers vs. Patriots: 1

Eagles vs. Patriots: 3

Giants vs. Steelers: 1

Vikings vs. Steelers: 1

Vikings vs. Patriots: 1

Eagles vs. Jaguars: 1

Saints vs. Jaguars: 1

This was by far the most diverse number of responses we’ve ever had on a fan poll. The only matchup to receive multiple votes was the Eagles vs. Patriots, with three, in a rematch of last year’s Super Bowl. I wrote out the other chosen matchups above because it would be too long and tedious to write out each one and explain them down here.

It’s worth noting that the Packers, Jaguars, and Eagles all actually appeared in two unique matchups. The Steelers and Patriots set the bar in this category, appearing in three separate unique matchups. But the Patriots still won the day, receiving five votes between the three unique matchups they were both picked for.

Multiple people mentioned they were sick of seeing the Patriots in the Super Bowl. Frankly, I agree. The Patriots have appeared in eight Super Bowls since Tom Brady became the team’s starting quarterback. Since Brady’s Patriots first debuted in Super Bowl XXXVI there have been 17 Super Bowls (counting XXXVI). That means the Patriots have appeared in nearly half of the Super Bowls since Brady’s second season in the NFL, which was when he became a starter and won XXXVI.

The level of competition in the NFC was also discussed several times. While people seemed to approach the AFC with a more cut-and-dried approach, they had difficulty deciding on which team they’d pick to represent the NFC. A lot of people actually chose to mention multiple NFC teams in their responses. Perhaps that’s why five different NFC teams were represented in the final selections as opposed to three for the AFC.

My Pick

If you’ve made it this far down the article, thanks! Since there wasn’t a tie my pick doesn’t serve a huge purpose but I’ll explain it always. Like everyone else I recognize that the NFC poses a far harder decision than the AFC. Realistically, the Steelers, Patriots, and Jaguars are head and shoulders above the rest of the AFC in pedigree and/or talent. But in the NFC the Saints, Vikings, Eagles, Packers, and Rams are all legitimate teams with Super Bowl hopes. It’s a hard decision to make, and one that I’m not entirely confident in. I’ll have to go with the Vikings and Jaguars.

The Eagles are obviously the favorite in the NFC but the chances of a Super Bowl champion returning to the big game the following year are low unless you’ve got Brady and Bill Belichick. But those two won’t be there either as I predict that the young Jaguars will surpass the aging Patriots and simply outgun the Steelers in a similar fashion to last year’s playoff matchup between the two teams.

I went with the Vikings because they seem like the second most complete team in the NFC and they’ve already developed team chemistry at most positions. The Saints with their strong sophomore class of players and the Rams with their big free agent class are also strong contenders but are less unified and well-rounded. The Packers have Aaron Rodgers but he’s coming off of and injury and their defense is full of holes.

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