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Do Not Believe the Noise about Joe Burrow, He Will Be a Bengal

Bank on it

As a Bengals fan, it is getting very old to hear the talking heads like Colin Cowherd spew crap every day about how Joe Burrow should force the Bengals to not draft him. By looking at Cowherd it is easy to ascertain that he has probably never played football in his entire life. Where was Cowherd last year when the Cardinals were getting ready to draft Kyler Murray number one, or the year before that when Baker Mayfield was drafted number one by the Browns? He said nothing. Does anybody really believe Cleveland or Arizona are better franchises than the Bengals?

I know I rip the Bengals ownership on here but let’s face it, there are a lot of organizations that have been less successful than the Bengals over the last decade. What would be a better fit for Burrow, Miami? Detroit? Tampa Bay? Jacksonville? These are some of the organizations that he could possibly end up at if the Bengals don’t draft him. Heck, maybe he could go to Washington with Daniel Snyder!

In the last 11 seasons the Bengals have made the playoffs 6 times, you know how many teams have made it more than that? In the AFC during those 11 years the Patriots, Chiefs, and Ravens, that is it! I know the Bengals have not won a playoff game but they are in the playoffs more than all but three teams. Sure Mike Brown is a moron, but it seems a lot of morons own NFL teams. At least they are morons when it comes to owning an NFL franchise.

Remember this, any place Burrow goes will be in bad shape, that’s why they are drafting as high as they are. Why are the NFL talking heads doing this? Simple, it’s a downtime and they need something to talk about to get people’s attention, that’s it! The other reason may be more sinister. Maybe since ESPN and all these other media outlets get their orders from the NFL maybe they are trying to stir enough crap up so Burrow does decide he doesn’t want to be a Bengal. I would guess the Bengals being one of the better teams is not good for the NFL’s ratings.

If you are a Bengals fan just sit back and relax and hope for once Mike Brown does the right thing. I know that’s hard to trust but I think he will. Let Cowherd and those types run their mouths and remember most of the time they don’t even believe the things they say. Again, they do it for the ratings.

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