Darrelle Revis was the first true shutdown corner I ever saw. Some people claim he’s overrated, but the numbers and his play say differently. He wiped wide receivers out and marooned them on Revis Island for years. The only player I remember who could beat prime Revis with some consistency was Randy Moss, and he’s one of the five best wide receivers of all-time.

Players like Patrick Peterson, Richard Sherman, and now Jalen Ramsey have been associated with the term “shutdown corner” in recent years. And they have been the top-notch guys in the league, but none of them have gotten to where Revis was. It’s a different era now, but to me, no one is close to Revis. His fundamentals and ability to diagnose routes and stay with receivers was just uncanny, and he wasn’t as fast or athletic as some of the guys in the league now.

During his 11-year career, Revis made seven Pro Bowls and was a four-time First Team All-Pro. The four years he didn’t make the Pro Bowl were his rookie season, 2012 when he only played in two games, and the last two seasons of his career when he wasn’t the same player as he’d been during his prime. He only has 29 career interceptions, which isn’t much, but that’s not surprising since teams were so afraid to even throw at him. Often they didn’t, which is why he doesn’t have more interceptions. Just look at 2010 when he was a First Team All-Pro but had zero interceptions.

While he will be forever remembered as a New York Jet, and one of the best players to ever wear the team’s uniform, but he won a Super Bowl with the New England Patriots during his one season with the team. That was the 2014 NFL season and the last time Revis was an All-Pro. To be fair, the Jets are partly to blame for Revis leaving in the first place. After his ACL tear two games into 2012 the Jets chose to not bet on him recovering. Revis signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for a year, made the Pro Bowl, and then joined the Patriots.

So his first departure from New York was on the team, the second time was on him. In 2015 he rejoined the Jets, made another Pro Bowl, but then played horribly in 2016. He was so bad that no one blamed the Jets from moving on, Revis just didn’t have the speed and athleticism to play at the level he’d been at in the past. Revis went on to play in five games with the Kansas City Chiefs in 2017.

Hard feelings aside, Revis will retire as a Jet, presumably by signing a one-day contract, in the coming week. It’s good to see that the two sides are willing to come together and celebrate the retirement of the greatest corner of his generation and the best defender in Jets history.