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Browns Fans Down Under Help Make Haters Irrelevant

The Browns are global
Image courtesy of Browns Fans Down Under

I am always eager to see how long it takes to reach the turning point of an NFL team’s season. By turning point, I mean when the media and fair weather ‘fans’ turn on a team. Typically, that point would still be several weeks out; however, the over-achievers in the national sports media have kicked the Cleveland Browns to the curb after a narrow loss to the defending NFC Champion Los Angeles Rams. Tsk tsk, geniuses. Don’t you know that Baker and company will only grow more determined as you heap disrespect on them?

In a world full of negativity, sometimes it is refreshing to hear something good or see something uplifting. Meeting international Browns fans on Twitter has proven to be both good and uplifting for me.

To be honest, I sincerely admire long-distance fans. The time differences alone would be enough to send some folks running. However, these fans persevere, go without sleep, and occasionally receive disrespect from those around them all in the name of loving the Cleveland Browns.

Aside from being impressed, I was also curious about being a long-distance fan. I’ve never lived much more than an hour away from Cleveland. So, as a public service to genuine Browns fans, I have decided to share a little positivity. Let the national media and the fragile fake fans go straight to hell. We didn’t need them in the past, and we don’t need them now. Not when we have serious and sincere fans repping our team around the world.

Please enjoy this brief interview with the Browns Fans Down Under (Browns Backers Australia) @BrownsDownUnder.

This group of Browns fans answer the call of “DAWG CHECK” as the largest chapter of Browns Backers Worldwide in Australia, as well as the largest chapter in the Southern Hemisphere. Additionally, the group is the third-largest Browns Backers organization outside of the United States.

Because of the time difference, a Sunday game that airs at 1:00 pm in Cleveland airs at 3:00 am Monday morning in Sydney. Their passion and commitment to the team are apparent on their website, Twitter (@BrownsDownUnder,) and Facebook Group.


1. How long have you been a Browns fan, and how did you become a fan?

I became a Browns fan after the 2016 season. A couple of my family members are long-time Jets and Buccaneers fans. I enjoyed watching games but wanted to follow a team that was more me, I wanted a team with a massive history, a great fan base and had a bit of an underdog status who I could support as they rise up rankings.
The Browns were the perfect fit!


2. Do you have any connection to the city of Cleveland, aside from being a fan of the Browns?

I don’t have any connection to Cleveland itself and have never been there either. It is my dream to get there, so I can tailgate and sit in the Dawg Pound with my Browns Family.


3. I can’t imagine being so far away from my team, how do you maintain the closeness many fans take for granted?

I have attached a link to a blog that I wrote around what it’s like to support the Browns in Australia, that should say it all for this question.

Also, for the start of the 2018 season, I started the Browns Fans Down Under Chapter of the Browns Backers Worldwide, which helps maintain closeness. The chapter has grown to now be the 3rd largest chapter outside of the USA with 110 Browns Members.


4. What is the reaction from your friends and neighbours when you mention that you love the Cleveland Browns?

In Australia there aren’t too many people who regularly follow the NFL, so I usually get 1 of 2 reactions:
1st, If people know the NFL, they are usually Cowboys, Pats, Packers fans, so they usually laugh about me being a Browns Fan.
2nd is that people are really interested in the story of the Browns and then usually they start following the Browns also.


5. Who is your all-time favourite player for the Browns and why?

Joe Thomas is awesome and is a great guy. But as I’m only a couple of seasons in as a Browns fan, I feel I can also say, Baker Mayfield. That moment he entered the field against the Jets in 2018 was a huge moment that I think we will all look back on as a defining moment on the Browns charge towards a Super Bowl.


So, Browns fans, as you can see, we will be just fine without the hype from national media personalities. Take a minute and give these good people a follow, a like, or share their website. Remember, We Bark Together!

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