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Best Young Quarterback in the NFL – Fan Poll

Who is the best young quarterback in the NFL right now?

If you could have one active player for the next ten years, who would you take? This is the base question when trying to figure out who the brightest young stars are in any sport. Today I’ve narrowed the criteria down a little, focusing solely on the NFL’s most important position, quarterbacks. To get a better idea of who NFL fans would choose I surveyed ten and recorded their responses. I also asked that they give reasons for their selections. This is what I got back.

Fan Responses

If you could have one active quarterback for the next ten years, who would you take?

Carson Wentz because he is a large QB who has a big arm, mobility, accuracy and awareness. He’s also a QB who will take lead of the huddle, and he is very good at making plays happen.” –@JJHumphrey12

“I’d say Carson Wentz because of his playmaking ability. He’s already proven himself at such a young age it’s gonna be exciting to see what he can do the next 10 years. His ability to extend plays outside of the pocket and mobility is also very impressive.” –@brianspolarich 

“I think I’d have to go with Russell Wilson. At this point he’s had some years in the league and definitely makes some better decisions. Plus he is able to extend plays like no one else can.” –@Federico8888

“Probably Russell Wilson. I want to say Wentz but he’s only had 2 seasons under his belt. Wilson’s a proven dual threat QB and pretty much carried the Seahawks offense last season. Led the league in TD’s last year. All around a great franchise QB.” –@M_Formo

“I would most likely pick Carson Wentz because of the early success he’s shown. He clearly can be a top 5 QB in the league when healthy and is a difference maker.” –justinwagner2498

“Wentz did just tear his ACL though so I’m gonna have to go with Dak because he has probably the best o-line in the NFL, he’s very young, and he’s got a good receiving core so he’s going to grow really fast.” –@LordBeckler 

“I would pick Lamar Jackson. He is an incredible athlete who can run and throw the ball at an elite level, which can turn any play into a huge one. I think he’s also going to outwork most of his competition because of the doubt he experienced throughout the drafting process. I believe he has the talent to become a superstar in the league and should be a fun player to watch develop throughout the years.” –@Tbegane

“Come on Teets you know this answer…Wentz of course.” – @matthewdufner

“You know I wanna say Aaron Rodgers so bad, but he’s already 34 and I can’t see him playing past 41/42. So I’d pick Russell Wilson cause he’s only 29 and when he’s healthy he plays great and knows how to run an offense, and I feel like he’ll play into his early 40’s so you get more than 10 years out of him.” –@vandoldi

“I’d pick Russell Wilson. He has shown he is reliable and durable. And can get the job done when he needs too.” –@GillRyan11

Final Tally

That brings the total tally to four for Wentz and Wilson, one for Jackson, and one for Dak Prescott. While I did think Wentz and Wilson would dominate the votes, I didn’t think they would tie. Honestly I expected Wentz to win by a few votes, but Wilson got the respect he deserves for his recent work with the Seattle Seahawks and tied for first. The Prescott and Jackson selections were also surprises. I thought some other quarterbacks, who I’ll mention in a minute, were also worthy of being selected but they weren’t.

If Wentz wasn’t coming off of an ACL injury then I would’ve picked him here in a heartbeat, but I’m also going to side with Wilson, who hasn’t missed a start in his NFL career. Availability is the best ability any quarterback can have. Counting my vote as the tiebreaker, Wilson is the winner of the poll.

Other Candidates

Other young quarterbacks who deserve consideration but weren’t picked include Jared Goff, Deshaun Watson, Marcus Mariota, Mitchell Trubisky, and Jameis Winston. I supposed you could include any of the other rookies from this year’s draft and Patrick Mahomes as well, but that extends the list a lot.

Who knows, I’m sure someone out there is willing to bet Tom Brady will play to 51 and still be great. Out of these runner-ups, Goff and a healthy Watson are head and shoulders above the rest in terms of projected potential down the line.

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