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Bengals Fans Quit Giving your Money to Mike Brown

Stop giving Mike Brown your money!


Charges: Assault and felony vandalism, drug possession, disorderly conduct, public intoxication, resisting arrest
Number Of Arrests: At least 9!

Adam Jones was asked a question he didn’t like Monday afternoon, and he yelled at a reporter, big deal you might say. The question was about his January arrest and was just asking if he wanted to make a statement to Bengals fans and the organization. In all reality, it was a softball question for Jones to then tee up and thank the organization for having his back. But of course, Jones took the opportunity given to him and blew it up. It is what he has done since arriving in Cincinnati; there is this feeling that Pac-Man has turned his life around since getting to Cincinnati and it’s just NOT true!

After a bunch of arrests early in his career, Adam Jones has settled into a nice, little kick returner, and an excellent cornerback for the Cincinnati Bengals. The bulk of his criminal exploits happened in strip clubs before he ever got to Cincinnati, right? First, he was charged with assault and felony vandalism in 2005. Then, he violated the probation stemming from the charge. On another occasion, he spat in a woman’s face while intoxicated and was charged with disorderly conduct in ’06. Pacman followed that up by “making it rain” in a Vegas strip club which led to a shoot-out that left a man paralyzed because Jones wanted to take his money back, He was ordered to pay $12.4 million to victims of that shooting that he precipitated in 2007. The NFL suspended him for a year. But wait there’s more. Jones got into a fight with his bodyguards because he was drunk, and received another year-long suspension. But let’s not ignore the reality. So Mike Brown let’s stop ignoring reality, Here is a man who has been accused of assaulting at least two women and spitting on another. That is before he got to Cincinnati! Number one why would you risk bringing him on board to the team in the first place?

Since then he came to Cincinnati and seemed to be turning his life and career around. But in all reality, he hasn’t changed. Since arriving in Cincinnati in 2010 Jones has started a fight with a bodyguard that December, Jones was then arrested the following offseason and arrested again the one after that. So in 2013, what did the Bengals do? I will tell you what they did they gave him a three-year contract extension! Then guess what? He was arrested again! Granted, Jones only was cited for disorderly conduct in that last one. He was the passenger in the car that time. Let’s face it Jones is an addict, he has had so many problems with alcohol there is nothing else to call him except an addict. What do addicts never do? They don’t take responsibility for their actions, and that’s what Jones continually does, and the Bengals allow him each time to get away with it.

Since Mike Brown has taken over control of the Bengals organization in 1991 they have been known for two things. Number one giving players second and third chances to turn their lives around. Number two they are known for not winning even one single playoff game in that time period, Hell the Browns and Lions have won playoff games more recently! You think Mike Brown ever considered that the two things he is known for might just go hand and hand? The Bengals are an undisciplined team that plays with no character and when stuff gets tight they fold. Adam Jones is an undisciplined player who falls apart when things get tough. So maybe, in the end, Brown keeps Jones around because Jones is what the Bengals have become, they are made for each other! Nothing in Cincinnati will ever change as long as Mike Brown is alive and if you are a fan, you can scream and holler and say you are switching teams, just be sure while you are doing it that you know Mike Brown could care less what you think.

In closing remember this everytime you buy something with Bengals on it you are supporting a man that has destroyed a once proud franchise and has made them the laughing stock of the league. Remember tax-payer money purchased him that beautiful new stadium that he has basically paid no money for. If you as a fan are really pissed please stop giving him your money! I stopped three years ago, I will always watch and be a fan, but he will not get another dime from me! I would rather watch the game on my 60-inch high definition T.V. and not be price gouged at the stadium for food and drinks.

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