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9 Grueling Truth’s from Super Bowl 53

The Grueling Truth about Super Bowl 53!

1) It’s not how you start, its how you finish

The Patriots started 1-2, they survived a Miracle in Miami, they gambled on Josh Gordon and lost. But, even with all of that in the end, the Patriots were the best team in all of football yet again.

2) Let’s not crown Sean McVay just yet

McVay is a great offensive mind. In the fact, he can game plan with the best of them, but if you look back at the Rams losses you will see a pattern develop. That pattern is that if the original game plan is not working his in-game adjustments leave a lot to be desired. Tony Romo thought it was brilliant how he waited to break the huddle until 15 seconds were left on the clock because Belichick could not talk to his defense. My opinion of this is that by doing that he slowed his own team down and couldn’t really get his offense in sync. The same thing happened to the Falcons two years ago when they had a 25-point lead but consistently continued to snap the ball with 15 and even 20 seconds left on the play clock in the 4th quarter, leading to a devastating loss. Last year, on the other hand, Eagles coach Doug Pederson played to win and didn’t let Belichick get in his head and he won.

3) Brady, Gronk, and Edelman will eventually get you

In the 4th quarter, they did just that! Brady did not have a great game but he engineered a touchdown drive like he always does to win the game and Edelman and Gronk were his main threats. The Rams defense deserved better than this.

4) Wade Phillips is a great defensive coach

The Rams defense played as well as they could have but came up, in the end, a little short because of a lack of offensive support. Phillips defense constantly left Tom Brady flustered but the Rams could never grab a lead to help the defense out. The adjustments in game Phillips made were brilliant. Make no mistake about it, Coach Phillips will go down in history just like his Father Bum as a brilliant and innovative defensive mind.

5) Stephon Gilmore will go down as an all-time great DB

Gilmore went from struggling at the start of his career to being the best cornerback the Patriots have had the last two years. He is not exactly Mike Haynes yet but it looks like he is getting there.

6) The Patriots are no stranger to 0-0 first quarters

The Super Bowl has had five 0-0 first quarters since 2001 and the Patriots have been involved in all of them.

7) The NFL is not a big deal in Los Angeles

The hated Patriots had more fans in Atlanta than the Rams did. Let’s face it, Los Angeles is a Lakers and Dodgers town first and the lack of traveling Californians seems to prove that.

8) Belichick and Brady are the GOATS whether you like it or not

I know they cheat, the games are fixed for them! Please, if you are one of those people sit down and be quiet, you are making yourself look like a fool.

9) This was not a horrible game

If 54-51 is a great game why can’t 13-3 be at least an okay game? A lot of fans don’t realize that there are defenses on the field and we saw two legendary defensive coaches in Wade Phillips and Bill Belichick match wits, and I thought it was a fascinating game if you understand football. 54-51 features no defense and 13-3 features no offense? Maybe, just maybe the Rams and Patriots were so good the offenses could not establish any rhythm at all.

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