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NFL Team Owners don’t Care about Winning (or, the Case of Colin Kaepernick and the Texans)

Collusion against Kaepernick?

Let’s face it: NFL team owners don’t care about the quality of their product anymore! With guaranteed money from shared revenue and a huge television contract, why care anymore?

It’s this simple: Risk avoidance is the NFL’s primary mode of operation. If NFL team owners must take a risk to make the quality of play better but face even the slightest reduction in profits, they won’t. They have become lazy. Teams are trending more and more toward an 8-8 record, while exceptionalism is discouraged and even frowned upon!

This obsession with risk avoidance also the reason why commissioner/NFL team owners’ lackey Roger Goodell releases statement after statement staking a position of no position. During his press conference following owner meetings last week, Goodell deflected when asked a concrete question about what the NFL plans to do if an owner punishes players for kneeling or sitting during the national anthem. (Emphasis ours.)

We just had two days of conversations with our owners, of which this was a fair amount of the conversation. And I think our clubs all see this the same way, that we want our players to stand, were going to continue to encourage them to stand, and were going to continue to work on these issues in the community. I can’t deal with hypotheticals right now. Well deal with those issues if they come up. But for us, right now, that’s our focus.

So Goodell spent two days at a meeting talking about hypotheticals? The NFL action is feeding the chaos and is making things far worse. Meanwhile, the case of Colin Kaepernick and allegations of collusion will get very ugly if the NFL keeps trying to blow everybody off with their B.S. answers to one very real questions. Does Kaepernick have a case against NFL team owners?

Texans pass on a suitable replacement

When asked this week after the Texans lost Deshaun Watson for the season if they were considering Colin Kaepernick as a replacement, Houston head coach Bill O’Brien explained that while the former 49ers quarterback is a “good football player,” he “hasn’t played football in a while.”

On Tuesday, the Texans pretty much shut the door on the Kaepernick talk by signing Josh Johnson, who has never proven himself to be an NFL quarterback and also “hasn’t played football in a while.” At least not real live NFL football: Johnson last played in an NFL game was 2013!

So … Josh Johnson is a better fit for the Texans? Come on! No true football fan can agree with this. If you’re a Texans fan and would choose Johnson over Kaepernick, you obviously don’t want your team to win! What’s even worse is the fact that the Texans organization is willing to kiss the 2017 season goodbye.

One more question which might, in Goodell’s words be called “hypothetical”: If Kaepernick is just looking for attention, why isn’t he all over the television getting that attention? CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, etc., don’t want the ratings a Kaeprnick appearance would bring?

Will Kaep win his case against NFL team owners?

I wish he would, but the NFL is a massive corporation and corporations usually don’t lose in court. Regardless, I believe there was no collusion against Kaepernick because NFL owners don’t care enough to collude on anything! I think that it’s just easier for all these teams to ignore Kaepernick until he goes away.

The saddest part in all this is that teams like the Texans would have a better chance at winning games if they took a chance on Kaepernick. Unfortunately no team has and probably no team ever will.

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