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The NFL has a quarterback problem. Sure, there’s a top tier of quarterbacks that show up and perform every week, but as much as a third of the teams in the league lack true starting quarterbacks. Injuries have exaggerated the issue this season and led to the pile of horrendous teams sitting at the bottom of the standings.

This week, we’ll look at both the MVP candidate, cornerstones of the league and the journeymen that were given starting positions. If this is the first time you’ve come across this series, take a look back at past weeks so you can notice the trends that have developed this season.

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1. Russell Wilson 23/33 295 yards, two touchdowns, 31 rushing yards, one rushing touchdown

Last week’s ranking: 1

The Seattle Seahawks may have barely beaten the Cleveland Browns, but Wilson was still playing like the league MVP. He completed 69.7% of his pass attempts and posted a 117.6 passer rating. Wilson has not thrown an interception this season.

2. Tom Brady 31/41 334 yards, one interception, two rushing touchdowns, one fumble lost

Last week’s ranking: 2

Against the abysmal New York Giants secondary, Brady completed 75.61% of his pass attempts. While he didn’t pass for a touchdown, he snuck in two scores of the ground. Brady’s single season-high for rushing touchdowns is four. He already has three this season.

3. Deshaun Watson 30/42 280 yards, one touchdown, two interceptions, 42 rushing yards, two rushing touchdowns

Last week’s ranking: 4

If not for Will Fuller dropping at least two potential touchdown catches, Watson’s numbers would look better and the Texans would have won by a larger margin. As it is, Houston has won four of its last five games and Watson is entering the MVP conversation.

4. Patrick Mahomes 19/35 273 yards, three touchdowns, one interception, one fumble lost

Last week’s ranking: 3

After starting 4-0, the Kansas City Chiefs have lost two games straight. Against the Houston Texans, Mahomes wasn’t able to use his mobility to its fullest extent. He only completed 54.29% of his pass attempts and has three consecutive games with a sub-100 passer rating.

5. Aaron Rodgers 24/39 283 yards, two touchdowns, one interception

Last week’s ranking: 6

While he hasn’t been performing at an MVP level, Rodgers has the Green Bay Packers sitting at 5-1. The interception he threw Monday night against the Detroit Lions wasn’t his fault. A perfectly placed pass bounced off of the receiver’s face mask and right to a defensive back.

6. Derek Carr BYE WEEK

Last week’s ranking: 5

Even after a dramatic offseason, Carr has the Oakland Raiders sitting at 3-2. Considering the pieces he’s working with, Carr isn’t getting enough credit for getting Oakland to this point. His numbers may not be flashy, but Carr is getting results.

7. Carson Wentz 26/40 306 yards, two touchdowns, one interception

Last week’s ranking: 7

For the first time since Week 1, Wentz completed more than 60% of his passes, connecting on 65% of his attempts against the Minnesota Vikings. Philadelphia’s defense couldn’t stop the Vikings and the Eagles were put in a permanent hole during the game.

8. Matt Ryan 30/36 356 yards, four touchdowns

Last week’s ranking: 12

Only the Atlanta Falcons could have a quarterback complete 83.33% of his pass attempts and post a 144.9 passer rating and somehow lose the game. Atlanta’s lack of defense over the past two weeks has been stunning. Not even Ryan can cover for the fatal flaw.

9. Jacoby Brissett BYE WEEK

Last week’s ranking: 10

The Indianapolis Colts are coming off of 19-13 upset win against the Chiefs. At 3-2, Indianapolis’ playoff hopes are alive and well. While Brissett isn’t going to measure up to Andrew Luck, he’s playing like a true NFL starter.

10. Dak Prescott 28/40 277 yards, one rushing touchdown

Last week’s ranking: 8

After starting 3-0, the Dallas Cowboys have dropped three games straight. During that time, Prescott has two passing touchdowns and four interceptions. After looking like a new quarterback at the start of the season, Prescott has slipped back into mediocrity.

11. Jimmy Garoppolo 24/33 243 yards, one interception, one rushing touchdown, one fumble lost

Last week’s ranking: 15

While he completed 72.73% of his pass attempts, Garoppolo still turned the ball over twice. If his team wasn’t leading the NFC West at 5-0, I’d be more critical of Garoppolo’s average performances. However, he’s doing enough to win consistently at this point.

12. Kyler Murray 27/37 340 yards, three touchdowns, 32 rushing yards

Last week’s ranking: 17

The Arizona Cardinals have now won back to back games. Murray put together his best game as a pro, completing 72.97% of his pass attempts and posted a 128.2 passer rating. This is already the third 300-yard passing game of Murray’s young career.

13. Lamar Jackson 21/33 236 yards, 152 rushing yards, one rushing touchdown

Last week’s ranking: 19

After throwing five interceptions in the last two weeks, Jackson took to the ground and turned in a better performance against the woeful Cincinnati Bengals. Jackson may need to embrace his ability as a running quarterback moving forward to supplement his questionable passing ability.

14. Andy Dalton 21/39 235 yards, one interception

Last week’s ranking: 13

The Red Rifle can only take so much blame for Cincinnati’s shortcomings. The Bengals have not been able to run the ball this season and two of Dalton’s top three wide receivers are injured. Against the Ravens, it’s just impressive that the game was close.

15. Kirk Cousins 22/29 333 yards, four touchdowns, one interception

Last week’s ranking: 20

After a lot of criticism, Cousins has turned in his two best performances of 2019 in the last two weeks. Cousins completed 75.86% of his pass attempts against the Philadelphia Eagles and posted a 138.4 passer rating. The Vikings are comfortably sitting at 4-2.

16. Sam Darnold 23/32 338 yards, two touchdowns, one interception

Last week’s ranking: Unranked (DNP)

In his first game back from mononucleosis, Darnold transformed the Jets. He uplifted the team, completing 71.88% of his pass attempts and posting a 113.8 passer rating. New York upset Dallas and got their first win of the season.

17. Matthew Stafford 18/32 265 yards

Last week’s ranking: 9

Detroit’s two losses have come by a combined five points. Every game the team has played has been close, but that shows the team’s flaws. Stafford is having a bounce-back season, but the Lions don’t have the talent or discipline to finish games right now.

18. Philip Rivers 26/44 320 yards, two touchdowns, two interceptions, one fumble lost

Last week’s ranking: 18

At one point, the Los Angeles Chargers were in the conversation as a Super Bowl team this offseason. That’s blown up nicely in the first six weeks of the season. After losing to Denver last week, the Chargers fell to 2-4 against the Pittsburgh Steelers and their third-string quarterback.

19. Teddy Bridgewater 24/36 240 yards, one touchdown

Last week’s ranking: 22

While Bridgewater failed to replicate his outstanding Week 5 performance, he and New Orleans’ offense did just enough to beat the Jaguars. Bridgewater is now 4-0 as a starter this season, putting the Saints in excellent positioning for when Drew Brees returns.

20. Kyle Allen 20/32 227 yards, two touchdowns

Last week’s ranking: 24

The former undrafted quarterback completed 62.5% of his pass attempts against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in London. Allen posted a 104.6 passer rating and extended his unbeaten streak to five games dating back to last season.

21. Gardner Minshew II 14/29 163 yards, one interception

Last week’s ranking: 16

The Jacksonville Jaguars have been in games this season. Three of their four losses have been by seven points or less. Minshew has kept them in games. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to do anything against the superior New Orleans Saints defense.

22. Jared Goff 13/24 78 yards, one fumble lost

Last week’s ranking: 14

I’m not sure exactly what the Rams were doing on Sunday. The team had a combined 46 rushing and passing attempts. In comparison, San Francisco had 74. Without Todd Gurley on the field, the Rams lost their third straight game after starting 3-0.

23. Josh Allen BYE WEEK

Last week’s ranking: 21

Surprisingly, the Buffalo Bills are sitting at 4-1. While the record is impressive, three of the four wins have been by a touchdown or less. Buffalo would be able to build bigger leads if Allen wasn’t throwing more interceptions (seven) than touchdowns (five).

24. Joe Flacco 18/28 177 yards, one interception

Last week’s ranking: 23

After starting 0-4, the Denver Broncos have won their last two games. Flacco is little more than a game manager at this point, and Denver’s season is already over, but it’s always nice to get a win. However, the Broncos should be focused on the future, not next week.

25. Baker Mayfield 22/37 249 yards, one touchdown, three interceptions, 35 rushing yards, one rushing touchdown

Last week’s ranking: 27

Despite a great game by Nick Chubb, Mayfield wasn’t able to carry the Browns to victory. After a hot start, Mayfield gifted Seattle’s mediocre secondary three interceptions. Mayfield has now thrown 11 interceptions compared to just five touchdowns this season.

26. Mitchell Trubisky BYE WEEK

Last week’s ranking: Unranked (DNP)

After exiting Chicago’s Week 4 game, the Chicago Bears are hoping that Trubisky will be ready to start in Week 7. The Bears are 3-2, but they could easily be 5-0 if the offense could just support the dominant defense more.

27. Daniel Jones 15/31 161 yards, one touchdown, three interceptions

Last week’s ranking: 25

Against the best defense in the NFL, Jones looked hopeless. Surprisingly, the Giants were able to stay in the game for three quarters, but New England poured on 14 points in the fourth. Jones’ passer rating was 35.2. He has now thrown more interceptions than TDs this season.

28. Jameis Winston 30/54 400 yards, one touchdown, five interceptions, one fumble lost

Last week’s ranking: 11

After a few weeks of looking like a new and improved quarterback, Winston returned to his habits in London. He inexcusably turned the ball over six times. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have now lost two games in a row and Winston is back on the hot seat.

29. Ryan Fitzpatrick 12/18 132 yards, one touchdown

Last week’s ranking: Unranked (DNP)

After not playing since Week 3, Fitzpatrick entered the game against Washington when Josh Rosen was unable to move the ball. Fitzpatrick completed 66.66% of his pass attempts and drove the Dolphins down the field for a late touchdown.

30. Case Keenum 13/25 166 yards, two touchdowns

Last week’s ranking: Unranked (DNP)

In the battle between the winless Miami Dolphins and Washington Redskins, Washington earned their first win of the season under interim head coach Bill Callahan. Keenum, who didn’t play last week, seems to have earned his starting job back.

31. Ryan Tannehill 13/16 144 yards, one interception

Last week’s ranking: Unranked (DNP)

The long-time Dolphin finally got his shot with the Tennessee Titans. Tannehill was subbed in for the struggling Marcus Mariota against the Broncos. He completed 81.25% of his pass attempts, but Tannehill ultimately threw the game-sealing interception.

32. Marcus Mariota 7/18 63 yards, two interceptions

Last week’s ranking: 26

It finally happened. Mariota got benched. The former second overall draft pick had a horrible game against the Broncos, posting a 9.5 passer rating. 9.5! With the Titans sitting at 2-4, the team might as well stick with Tannehill.

33. Devlin Hodges 15/20 132 yards, one touchdown, one interception

Last week’s ranking: 31

It’s no surprise that the Steelers played it safe with Hodges. Eight of his completions were to running backs and one of his only deep passes was intercepted. If it wasn’t for their defense, the Steelers would have lost to the Chargers.

34. Josh Rosen 15/25 85 yards, two interceptions

Last week’s ranking: 29

Even if you’re not a football fan, you should be able to tell how bad these numbers are compared to all of the other quarterbacks on this list. It’s hard to tell how talented Rosen is on this horrible team, but he isn’t climbing out of the basement of these rankings anytime soon.