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The New England Patriots: Cheaters or victims of envy?

The New England Patriots: Cheaters or victims of envy?
New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, left, smiles on the sideline with head coach Bill Belichick as time winds down in an NFL football game against the Miami Dolphins Sunday, Dec. 14, 2014, in Foxborough, Mass. The Patriots won 41-13. (AP Photo/Steven Senne)

The most annoying thing about the NFL playoffs are those who hate the New England Patriots for having the best coach and best quarterback in the NFL.

I know they cheat: That’s the only way they can win.

Patriots haters are so sad and clueless that it’s pathetic! I wake up on Sunday morning and see all the posts about the Steelers getting awaken at 3am by a fire alarm; naturally, almost every Facebook post I see tells how the Patriots were cheating again.

Please, people, grow up. Just because your team is not as good as the Patriots does not mean that they are cheating. What it means is that New England has a better head coach, QB than your team has.

Now let’s look at these “cheating” allegations…

First, every team in the NFL has scouts match the plays they’re drawing up to the signals; everyone knew it, but no one was ever *fined* for it. All the Patriots did was find a more surefire way to do what the rest were already doing. Coaches like Jimmy Johnson and John Madden admitted to stealing signs, but nobody calls them cheaters.

Let us look at the allegations that the Patriots videotaped a Rams practice before they pulled off one of the greatest upsets in Super Bowl history. The grueling truth is that no proof it was ever even done exists.

Following the accusation, NFL investigators immediately looked into the case and found that indeed the Patriots video staff was at the Louisiana Superdome that day, but the video equipment had neither battery packs nor a power supply.  A Patriots employee who was with Matt Walsh, the man who made the allegations, at the walkthrough quoted Walsh as saying, “We should have taped that.”

Walsh told Goodell that there was “never a tape of the Rams’ walkthrough before Super Bowl XXXVI. During the NFL investigation, Walsh admitted that nobody asked him to tape it and that Walsh was not aware of anyone else who had.”

So with no proof, why do the NFL and fans still like to act like this happened? The NFL mainly loves parity, and the league powers tend to come down harder on dominant teams who ruin their parity.

This is so stupid and asinine that I can’t even believe people still bring it up.

Number one, all evidence the NFL had was purely circumstantial; two, the ideal gas law proved that the deflated balls were at a naturally-gotten pressure due to the weather. Number three — and most damning of all for the NFL — was the use of a company called Exponent whose scientific claims were used to prove the NFL’s case. This is a company that has been brought on in other cases to prove that secondhand smoke and asbestos are safe!

M.I.T. professor John Leonard has posted a video which, in 15 minutes, will convince you that this is nothing but a witch hunt by the NFL against Tom Brady. And here it is:

Video: MIT Professor Debunks Deflategate

MIT Professor Debunks Deflategate

Why fans hate the Patriots, Belichick, Brady, etc.
This is very easy to figure out: The Patriots are better than your team. Therefore, they must be cheating, don’t they? Well,no they don’t!

My team is the Cincinnati Bengals, and I wish they had a competent front office; I don’t blame this on the Patriots, I blame this on Cincinnati Bengals owner Mike Brown. No doubt after this loss to the Patriots, Steelers fans will blame a midnight alarm on the Patriots and explain how the Patriots somehow got the flu bug into the Steelers’ locker room.

Remember this: Even if Steelers players were waking up at 3am, they didn’t play the game until after 6 pm — we can be pretty sure they got enough sleep.

My conclusion
As always, people are fooled by big shiny trinkets. If fans cared as much about the welfare and care of retired players as they did about deflated footballs, the NFL would have done more about that problem.

Everybody needs to realize that the NFL is a big corporation that has so much money in media outlets like ESPN, ABC, NBC, NFL Network, etc., that they control the narrative of everything that goes on in the league.

An example: I watched on television last week while these talking heads claimed that Dean Spanos had done everything he could to keep the Chargers in San Diego! Spanos is spending over $600 million in relocation costs but was only willing to put $245 million into the stadium he wanted to build in San Diego.

Wake up, people! You should wish your team was run like the Patriots instead of thinking they must be cheating.

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