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Is This the End of Ryan Tannehill?

Has Tannehill's hourglass run out?

Nothing has been written in stone, so it’s not as easy of a question as you may think. I think if Adam Gase comes back, Tannehill will be back as well. That’s not to say, that Tannehill will be the starter in 2019. Personally, I don’t think he should be back. He is an 8-8 quarterback even in his best years before he got hurt. That final dagger he threw to Telvin Smith might have sealed his fate. Maybe it didn’t. So, how did Tannehill get to this point?

Tannehill was here longer than he should have been.  I think if Philbin wanted to get rid of Tannehill after the 2013 season, Ross should have let him. I think when the Dolphins hired Gase, Dolphins missed an opportunity to trade Tannehill and now it’s too late. He’s damaged goods. Only thing Dolphins can do at this point is give him his outright release or keep him. So, because the Dolphins have held on to him for as long as they did, their options are fewer.

He was the wrong QB to draft. I’ve already touched on this some. There are many positions you can convert to from high school that aren’t the quarterback position. But, if you plan on being a franchise QB in your professional career, I’m of the belief that you need vast experience at the position particularly at the college level. The reason for this is a quarterback has to be put in several game situations in order to develop the instinctual knowledge needed for the position.  You can switch from many different positions at the college level to the pros, given enough time. You can’t switch from one position to QB and expect that player to figure it out in the same scenario. Look, I can say a lot about why I think Tannehill was selected by the Dolphins in the 2012 draft, but at the end of the day, it just wasn’t the right pick for this organization.

Roster has been weak around him.  Tannehill was never going to take this franchise out of the gutter and he was expected to do more than he was capable of. I would say through all the takeovers; the running back position was probably the most secure even though there were a lot of different faces over the years. Philbin regime never really did anything with the defense beyond Olivier Vernon and then Gase just let him go. I would say with the exception of 2016; the offensive line has been bad. Even then, it wasn’t perfect. Tunsil and Bushrod had to learn to play guard but at least it was somewhat stable.

Mishandling of the QB position. I will never understand why when this front office has known for two years that their starting quarterback has been hurt, why they would not at least try to draft a quarterback for the future. It makes no sense to me. It was very uninspiring to me and signing Brock Osweiler to be the new backup quarterback just compounded the misery with me. Osweiler couldn’t cut it on the Cleveland Browns! That should have told you all you needed to know.

Poor coaching. Probably the biggest crime is both Philbin and Gase never catered to Tannehill’s strengths. He is the most mobile quarterback this franchise has ever seen and yet both Philbin and Gase wanted to convert him into a pocket passer. That is not who Tannehill is. I wish we had a quarterback who could do that, but we don’t.

So, here I am, clamoring for the Dolphins to take two quarterbacks in the upcoming draft because that position needs to be rebuilt from top to bottom. I think Tannehill is gone but last time I checked, Adam Gase is still the Head Coach, so who knows if it actually is true or not. I’ll believe it when I see it.

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