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Inside The Mind of Tom Brady

The mind of Brady!
TAMPA, FLORIDA - AUGUST 14: Tom Brady #12 of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers warms up on the sideline during the second quarter against the Cincinnati Bengals during a preseason game at Raymond James Stadium on August 14, 2021 in Tampa, Florida. (Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images)

The age-old debate, who is the greatest QB of all time.  Answers often include names such as Tom Brady, Joe Montana, Peyton Manning, etc. Of course, because it’s by definition an opinion, there can never truly be a definitively factual answer. Still, in the end, the mindset of the majority of sports fans is that Brady is the ultimate QB.  

This debate has been raging for a long time.  Many people, athletes, and sports networks, including this one, have tried to find the answer to who the greatest QB ever is.  The debate generally comes down to TB #12 super bowl rings, and then other people will say there is more to it than super bowls, and they would be correct.  In fact, if it were truly about super bowls, only that would mean Eli Manning is better than Dan Marino.  There is no need to explain why that is absurd.  What everyone gets caught on is raw talent.  I agree with others when it comes to the fact that Tom Brady is not the most talented or athletic QB of all time, and winning isn’t the only important category.

All that being said, Tom Brady is the goat, but not because he has the rings; it’s because of the reason he has the rings, his mind.  See, Tom Brady is talented, but there are others historically and even currently in the NFL more talented than him.  However, Brady’s mind is much more capable than his body.  The more you watch Brady, how he runs his football career and who he has around him, you begin to see the genius of his strategy.  He has his opponents in checkmate before the chess game even starts, and that’s why he wins.  Let’s give some examples.

Most people know the first and most obvious about Tom Brady’s pay cuts and contract restructuring.  Unlike many players today who take massive contracts, Brady cares more about winning than money.  Because football is so team orientated, you need good players in many positions.  This, of course, means you need the money and cap space for all those players.  By taking pay cuts, Brady has allowed his team to spread out the money between more players.  The result is teams he has played with have been able to get money in more places.  If more players learned from his example, they could build better teams.  Sometimes this has more to do with how the contract is structured rather than just the amount of money, yet if more players learned from the lesson of Brady, winning could be easier to achieve.

The second showing of this is Tom Brady’s move to Tampa.  Again the constant of Brady is his desire to win.  He knows Belichick is smart; he knows the Patriots will be back, but not in time to finish his career with another ring or two.  Therefore, he had to go somewhere else.  There were plenty of options but let’s analyze why he went to Tampa.  When looking at Tampa, the first thing to notice is the Bucs had received weapons New England didn’t.  You need receiving weapons as a QB, and the Bucs had a couple of stars in the receiving position.  

Another factor to consider is the Bugs have a great front seven.  If anybody has learned defense wins championships, Tom remembers both giant’s super bowls. In fact, a former super bowl winning giant played on Tampa’s front seven this last year.  Knowing what kind of a defense it takes, Brady learned and made sure he had that kind of defense to have his back. In addition, the offensive line was an improved situation than that of New England, and if you remember Brady’s last 2-3 years with the Patriots, he was getting hit more and more, and as an older player, he couldn’t afford that.  He also knew wherever he went, he could get players to come with him, which was another positive for Tom.

All that being said, Colin Cowherd said Brady saw that he was the missing piece to the team’s success, and I largely agree with him.  When you look at Tampa before Tom Brady showed up, they had a solid top seven, great wide receivers, but we’re lacking success in large part due to Jameis Winston being a turnover machine.  In his final year with the team, Winston had 30 turnovers.  This consistently put the defense in difficult positions, making it much harder to have a good impact on the game.  Brady knew he was more efficient than Winston and would improve the offense as a whole.  By having fewer turnovers, he would also put the defense in an improved position more often and increase their performance by default.

    Thus all these combined meant Brady knew with bringing himself and others to Tampa; They would turn into a super bowl contender overnight.  He most certainly considered other options, but he found the best possible strategy to ensure victory and an even greater legacy through analysis.

    The truth is without the right team; anybody can lose. For example, Tom Brady threw three interceptions during the NFC championship game against Green Bay, yet they still won.  Tom Brady knew in advance that Tampa’s defense was good enough to make up for mistakes, and it did during that game.

It’s the strategy of Brady that turns into rings, and that’s why he’s the goat, not because he is the most talented, but because he isn’t the most talented.  Each step is fine-tuned to what his ultimate goal is, the super bowl.  He has earned respect through the way he has weaved his way into the super bowl after super bowl with the power of the mind; that’s the mind of Brady.

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