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If You’re a Real Bengals Fan, Stop Going to Games and Buying Merchandise Until the Entire Coaching Staff is Fired

Mike Brown has no clue!

A couple of weeks ago, the New York Giants were humiliated so badly that the GM and head coach were fired after the game. In Cincinnati, the Bengals were humiliated 33-7 by the Chicago Bears and can you guess what will happen? Absolutely nothing!
The Bengals laid down and played with no heart and no emotion. The sad thing is that they have played most of the last two years this way and it is acceptable under owner/GM Mike Brown. Nothing will happen until the season is over and that is because Mike Brown really doesn’t care. One home game remains against the Detroit Lions so why worry, right? At the end of the season, Mike Brown will fire him and all of Cincinnati will rejoice, then everything will be OK, right? NO, IT WON’T! Here’s why.

They won’t get rid of the entire coaching staff

The only way to fix the Bengals is to get rid of the entire staff, not just Lewis. Guys like offensive line coach never have their jobs on the line; they are grandfathered in, so to speak, by owner Mike Brown. So no matter what happens, the assistant coaches here will never have to really worry about their jobs if they are one of Mike Brown’s boys.

Plus, the staff that is here is completely bengalized, meaning they know they have no chance to ever win anything, so good enough to get by is fine here in good ole Cincinnati. The problem is what is good enough to get by in Cincinnati? Who knows? I think it means that Mikey Brown really likes you and, if he does, you are safe.

This is allowed nowhere in professional sports except for Cincinnati and it shouldn’t be.

Why does Lewis have to go?

Number one, his teams have always been undisciplined; even A.J. Green has become a problem. Green got in a fight that he started in Jacksonville and in today’s Bears game, he obviously didn’t really care. Of course, nobody seemed to care today. On Monday night, the Bengals got almost 200 penalty yards? How does that happen? I will say coaching because the Bengals are consistently one of the most penalized teams in all of football.

First round pick John Ross has been relegated to the bench basically from what I am told by some people within the organization comes down to the fact that Lewis did’t want to pick Ross. Come on if a player spits in a nurse’s face, Lewis won’t say anything, but he called John Ross out a few weeks ago in what was a completely classless move on his part. This is what Lewis said about Ross: “He had a play last week we weren’t very thrilled with … For Andy against that coverage to throw him that football he should understand how the QB feels about him. He expects him to be where he needs to be. He let his teammates down. He let me down.”

Now, Marvin Lewis has been letting fans down for years with stupid replay challenges and poor clock management, but hey, I guess that’s OK, right?

A real Bengals fan should support the team no matter what, right?

NOOOOOOOOO! That is not right. When the team refuses to even try, why should a fan pay at least $50 to go to a game and freeze his ass off? And top of that, you get screwed over for parking which will cost you on average $30 and then, while watching the Bengals, the only way would be to be drunk and it costs $9 for a freaking beer! Go to the team shop and drop well over $100 on a jersey. If you do all of this on a Sunday, you are not a true fan – you, my friend, are a freaking idiot!

Here is another thing that drives me nuts: if the Bengals score a TD against the Lions to go up 7-0 at the start of the next home game and the guy next to you starts chanting WHO DEY please point him out so he can be removed from the stadium. It’s obvious who dey is when you are 5-9 and “who dey” is damn near everybody you played! Please, drunken Bengals fans, quit making yourself stupid with that stupid chant!

Nothing changes until Mike Brown is no longer making decisions

With that being said, maybe don’t buy tickets, don’t go to games, don’t buy merchandise. I know what some will say: If you don’t go when they are bad, then you’re not a real Bengals fan! I have been a fan since birth in 1968, but I have grown up and realize spending a few thousand dollars a year on any professional sports team is idiotic, but to do it on a team that doesn’t even give the appearance of trying to win is beyond stupid.

So my contention is this: from here on out, if you go to a game or buy merchandise, then you support Mike Brown and are a moron. If, on the other hand, you abstain until an attempt to truly win a Super Bowl is made, then you are really a real Bengals fan. Please choose wisely!

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