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The Grueling Truth - Where Legends Speak / 9 Grueling Truth’s we learned during week 15 of the 2021 NFL season

9 Grueling Truth’s we learned during week 15 of the 2021 NFL season

What did we learn?
December 19, 2021: Indianapolis Colts running back Jonathan Taylor 28 runs with the ball for a touchdown during NFL, American Football Herren, USA football game action between the New England Patriots and the Indianapolis Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana. Indianapolis defeated New England 27-17. /CSM. USA - ZUMAc04_ 20211218_zaf_c04_189 Copyright: xJohnxMersitsx

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1) It doesn’t get any worse than watching Fangio vs Taylor

Why do I say this? Because both coaches play not to lose the game, and Sunday was no different. The big thing here is that Zac Taylor has many weapons on offense and is a big-time Quarterback, but he refuses to turn the offense loose. Ja’marr Chase is now a non-factor because he is a stationary target off the line, and motioning would create all kinds of mismatch problems for defenses. These coaches should be on the hot seat for the coaching they display every weekend.

2) The Steelers are like Jason from Friday the 13th

The Steelers will not go away! Every time you think it’s over for them, they jump up and win a game they have no business winning. The Titans were up 13-3, and the Steelers were on life support, and then all of a sudden, the Titans couldn’t hold on to the ball, and before you know it, Jason, I mean the Steelers are back in the race. Do I think the Steelers will win the AFC North? No, but I keep thinking they will lose and have their season ended, and they keep finding ways to win.

3) The 49ers could make a darkhorse Super Bowl run

San Francisco was efficient and explosive, springing six rushes of 10 yards or more and five pass plays of 20 yards or more. Jimmy Garoppolo completed 18 of 23 passes for 235 yards without a turnover, leading to 397 yards of total offense. The defense was suffocating, and the Niners are built for the playoffs to run the ball and play physical defense. Jimmy G. is one of the most underrated quarterbacks in the NFL, and people need to stop sleeping on him!

4) John Harbaugh made the right call this time

I think he should have taken the tie and gone to overtime against the Steelers, but on Sunday, he made the right decision to go for two points and the win. What’s the difference between the two games? That’s easy, Aaron Rodgers! If the Packers win the toss, Rodgers gets the ball, and the Ravens may have never gotten a shot with the ball, so take your shot! I think Harbaugh is one of the best coaches in the NFL, but this season has seen him make more mistakes than possibly his entire career. The decision to go for it was right, but the play call fell way short of right.

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5) The Cowboys defense looks Super Bowl worthy, but the offense, not so much

This year, Micah Parsons is the best rookie in the NFL, and the Cowboys are causing turnovers at an alarming rate; the question has to be, what’s wrong with the offense? Even with all of the turnovers the defense gives, the Cowboys offense continues to struggle. The question is, can they right the ship and my response to that is a resounding no! The Cowboys will win the NFC East, but their time will be short-lived in the playoffs.

6) The Ravens at this moment are better with Tyler Huntley

Huntley almost brought the Ravens back to win in Cleveland after Lamar Jackson was hurt last Sunday, and yesterday he tore up a Packers defense that is ranked in the top ten. Huntley is playing much better than Jackson has been, and you have to wonder, with a huge matchup in Cincinnati next weekend, will Harbaugh start Jackson if he’s healthy? I know it sounds crazy, but Huntley looks like the real deal.

7) No, the Cardinals aren’t in trouble, at least not yet

Remember this it’s the NFL, and the adage on any Sunday is true. Kyler Murray was back, but it takes a while to get reacclimated, so I will right this off as Murray was rusty. The defense, on the other hand, got lit up by Detroit! The following two games are against the Colts and Cowboys, so I think we will know the truth about the Cardinals after these next two games. Remember last year they were flying high until mid-season, and the wheels fell off. Could it happen again? We will soon find out!

8) The New York Jets have the right coach

Right now, the talent in New York is not as good as the scheme, but that will change over the next two years. The Jets offense was fun to watch in the first half, but lack of talent bit them in the ass in the second half.

9) The Colts are going to win the AFC South

The Titans have slowly imploded without Derrick Henry, and at the same time, Jonathan Taylor has become what Derrick Henry was, the MVP of the league. The real question is, are the Colts a Super Bowl contender? I would lean towards no right now, but if Carson Wentz can raise the level he is playing at another notch, the answer quickly becomes yes.

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