The Grueling Truth - Where Legends Speak / Cole Beasley in trouble for not following the NFL and Government Narrative on Vaccines

Cole Beasley in trouble for not following the NFL and Government Narrative on Vaccines

Is Cole Beasley a hero?

Cole Beasley tweeted comments that now have it seems the entire world turning on him. Beasley made his thoughts on Vaccines and playing in the NFL known a couple of days ago and his comments are as follows.

“Everyone — Hi, I’m Cole Beasley and I’m not vaccinated! I will be outside doing what I do. I’ll be out in the public. If your scared of me then steer clear, or get vaccinated. Point. Blank. Period. I may die of covid, but I’d rather die actually living. I have family members whose days are numbered. If they want to come see me and stay at my house then they are coming regardless of protocol. I don’t play for the money anymore. My family has been taken care of. Fine me if you want. My way of living and my values are more important to me than a dollar. I love my teammates and enjoy playing ball because all the outside bs goes out the window in these moments. I just want to win the Super Bowl and enjoy these relationships that will be created along the way.

“I’m not going to take meds for a leg that isn’t broken. I’d rather take my chances with Covid and build up my immunity that way. Eat better. Drink water. Exercise and do what I think is necessary to be a healthy individual. That is MY CHOICE based on MY experiences and what I think is best. I’ll play for free this year to live life how I’ve lived it from day one. If I’m forced into retirement, so be it. I’ve enjoyed the times I’ve had. I’ll get to live freely with my wife, kids, and extended family forever. We’d get to enjoy the times that we missed from the sacrifices we’ve had to make just so I could play this wonderful game. So either way, it’s a win/win.

“That’s where I stand. Thank you to everyone who has been supportive throughout this process. A lot of other NFL players hold my position as well but aren’t in the right place in their careers to be so outspoken. I feel for you and I’m hoping I’m doing my part to represent you guys well.”

Beasley seems to be saying that he’ll defy the NFL’s rules regarding unvaccinated players, even if he’s repeatedly fined for it. Even if he ultimately has to give up his full $4.7 million salary over it. I for the record think this is great! Beasley tears down the NFLPA and he should because they have been nothing but a joke for years and if you don’t believe me just go ask the players dying from CTE and ALS and see what their families have to say about the NFLPA. The Government narrative is that we have to stop COVID by getting vaccinated and supposedly over 65 percent of the population is vaccinated, so with everybody that wants to be vaccinated having the ability to get it for free, well then why do people that don’t want the vaccine to have to be punished for it? If they make somebody else sick isn’t that on the unvaccinated person that got sick?

Now people who don’t accept the narrative about vaccines are considered Trump supporters! Maybe a lot are but I am not taking a vaccine and I do not support Trump or Biden, I think the history of our Government shows that trusting Government can get you killed, ask the Indians(Genocide) or African-Americans(Slavery), go do some research on the Tuskegee experiment or Camp Lejune water being poisoned. For me, Trump started operation Warp Speed that’s enough for me not to trust it.

I also do not trust the government which is in bed with big pharma! Read the link on big pharma and you will learn that since 1980 that Big Pharma averages spending 233 million dollars to lobby in D.C. Does it not concern people that big pharma is the one that profits the most off of a vaccine that is still experimental?

The NFL always follows a narrative and that narrative falls in line with the United States government. The NFL is a big corporation but until just recently as a league they had 501 C-3  status and weren’t even taxed. You read the right the NFL was considered a non-profit business until 2015!

The NFL gave up tax-free status voluntarily because it made many things public that the NFL did not want people to know about, like the Commissioner’s salary, it’s not like congress removed it.

So basically if kids and adults see that their favorite NFL players are vaccinated maybe those people will get their jabs also. But it seems that is not the case for Cole Beasley and now he is being destroyed on social media because he is not a sheep following the crowd! No, Beasley is a grown man who would like to be left alone and to live free. If Beasley is not vaccinated why is it any of your business? If you are mad at Beasley I am sure that you have bowed down to the altar and taken your shot like a good little slave, right? So how is Beasley endangering innocent people? Because all of the smart people have gotten their shot, right?

Beasley followed protocol last year because really we did not know how serious this man-made virus was but now we are told it’s under control, at least that’s the way it sounds with the 300 million shots in arms rhetoric coming from the Biden administration. So let the Mike Florio’s of the world rip apart Cole Beasley, but remember this if Florio goes against the NFL narrative he will no longer have a job.

In the end, how can we mandate someone to put anything in their body that they don’t want, we can’t, and we shouldn’t. Cole Beasley is right and while he will be destroyed for it just like Colin Kaepernick was and just like that case we someday will look back and say Cole was right. The Idiocracy continues on in the good ole USA!!!

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